How to Cut Lock With Bolt Cutters in No Time

How to Cut Lock With Bolt Cutters in No Time

Want to know how to use a pair of bolt cutters to open a lock? In order to cut the lock, look for the right bolt cutters. Place the blades in the shackle of the lock and position the bolt near your waist. Hold the cutters firmly in place and squeeze the handles until the shackle is successfully severed.

About Bolt Cutters

The standard measurement for a bolt cutter, also known as a lock cutter, is 8, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches. The sizes of bolt cutters distinguish different applications. Bolt cutters have a wide range of applications, from trimming the wire on a flower pot at home or severing a lock when a key is lost, to firefighters severing iron windows and doors to save lives in the event of an accident. Festar will then guide you through using a bolt cutter and why it is necessary, step by step.

The usage of bolt cutters will vary as a result of the blade’s various lengths and sizes. Leverage increases as the bolt cutter length increases, and the blade size will increase as well. Therefore, larger sizes will be simpler to cut, and larger sizes enable them to cut objects that are thicker. However, because most buyers are unsure of the appropriate size, they end up with a bolt cutter that is too small and unable to cut through thicker materials.

Tools You Need

The proper tools must be available before you can proceed with cutting a lock with bolt cutters. You don’t need to worry because the supplies needed for the tutorial are accessible and reasonably priced. You can also ask your neighbors to lend you money.

1. Bolt Cutters

A bolt cutter is a device that eliminates a bolt by chopping off the shank. Construction, shipping, and the building and electrical trades all use it. Long-handled levers typically eliminate the need for bending, making them perfect for cutting thick steel.

Bolt cutters come in 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 sizes. The 24 inch bolt cutters required for this tutorial are. Due to the increased leverage it offers, a medium-sized bolt cutter’s long handle is perfect for cutting bolts and padlocks. You can utilize larger bolt cutters if the lock’s diameter is wide.

2. Pair of Gloves and Safety Goggles

You must put on a pair of gloves and safety goggles because you will be working with bolt cutters. To protect your hands from any unintentional cuts, we advise wearing a pair of sturdy gloves. Additionally, it can help you maintain a tight grip and keep your hands from slipping.

Wearing safety glasses will shield your eyes from any flying metal shavings that may occur as you cut. Make every effort to select safety goggles with adequate ventilation so that you can breathe easily while following the tutorial.

How to Cut Lock With Bolt Cutters in No Time

How to Cut Lock With Bolt Cutters

Step 1: Look for Appropriate Bolt Cutters That Could Cut the Lock

Put on a pair of gloves as a precaution to ensure your safety. Once finished, get ready to cut the lock with the bolt cutters. The bolt cutters should be larger the wider the diameter between the shackle is. Additionally, you’ll have more leverage if the handle is longer.

Step 2: Place the Blades in the Shackle of the Lock and Position the Bolt Cutter Near Your Waist

The shackle can be easily cut by inclining the side of the shackle. The bolt cutter can also be positioned in a comfortable location near your waist. Check that the blades are open once you’re done by simply pulling the handles apart. Place the bolt cutter on the shackle’s side.

To stop the lock from moving while you are attempting to cut it, use a vise. Simply spin the handle to tighten the vise around the lock. If the lock is free of any attachments, this is possible.

Step 3: Hold Tightly on the Grips of the Cutters and Squeeze the Handles until You Successfully Cut the Shackle

Hold the chatter firmly in your hands and apply just the right amount of pressure. To successfully cut the shackle, squeeze the handles. You can get assistance from a friend if you’re having trouble cutting the shackle. Alternatively, if the lock is made of steel that has been hardened, you can use other methods.

Locks That Cannot Be Cut With Bolt Cutters

How to Cut Lock With Bolt Cutters in No Time

Thick Lock Shackle

A thick lock requires more effort to break than a thin lock. Find a lock with a thick, sturdy shackle by comparing the thickness of the U-shaped metal loop that forms the lock. Although it’s not the only thing, thickness makes it more difficult to use bolt cutters to make the cut.

Less Exposed Shackle

Cutting through the shackle to remove the lock requires an exposed shackle for the bolt cutters to reach. To make this more challenging, many locks that are resistant to bolt cutters have a less exposed shackle. The burglar may decide to leave if he can’t quickly and easily attach the bolt cutter’s blades to the shackle. Since you need a long U shape to fit around the bike and whatever you’re securing it to, this is harder to find on bike locks. A padlock with a short or shrouded shackle is what you should look for.

Strong Steel Construction

How simple it is to cut the lock with bolt cutters depends on the material as well. The best defense against bolt cutters typically comes from steel alloys. One type of hard to cut through material is boron alloy. Many locks also use hardened steel, which can increase the lock’s resistance to bolt cutters.

ASTM Security Grades

To indicate how secure a lock is, some have an ASTM security grade. The stronger the lock, the higher the number. Any ASTM grading demonstrates a higher level of quality that satisfies those standards than locks without a grading.

U Bike Lock

If you’re locking your wheels, U locks and cable locks are probably available in the bike lock section. Although cable locks are lightweight and simple to wrap around a variety of objects, they are typically very simple to cut with bolt cutters.

U locks are less vulnerable to bolt cutters, especially if they are made of a more durable material and have a sturdy, thick design. Power tools are typically needed to cut through a U lock.


Do you like our tutorial on how to use bolt cutters to open a lock? If you forget your code or lose your key, you can use this life hack. With the aid of this, you will be able to enter your house without calling a locksmith. If you want to discover more approaches. We’ve compiled some efficient hints so you can pick a lock without using a professional tool, such as how to pick a lock with a hammer, remove a lock core without a key, and remove a door lock cylinder efficiently. If you think your friends would benefit from reading this article, please share it with them so they can learn how to cut a lock. While you are using the tutorial, you can also let us know your ideas and experiences. To comment, simply do so below.


What Kind of Bolt Cutters Do I Need to Cut a Lock?

How large of a bolt cutter should you use to cut a padlock? The bolts on the majority of common padlocks can be cut with a set of 24-inch bolt cutters that can handle metal up to 7/16-inch in diameter. Use a 36-inch bolt cutter to cut through higher-quality padlocks made of harder metal.

How Thick of a Lock Can Bolt Cutters Cut?

Chains, cables, and 3/8-inch padlocks are easily cut with a $20 bolt cutter. thick.

What Metal Can Bolt Cutters Not Cut Through?

Nearly every burglar using a bolt cutter is stopped by a heavy-duty, hexagonal-link chain of hardened steel. Links that are hexagonal, square, or trapezoidal make it difficult for bolt cutters to grasp.

Will Bolt Cutters Cut through Thick Wire?

Blades on bolt cutters are flat. These are designed to sever thick metal, such as locks, cables, and heavy wiring.

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