What Are Keys Made Of? An Ultimate Explanation

what keys made of

The majority of door and vehicle keys are metal, as is widely known. But you might be curious about the type of metal that goes into making keys and whether it varies depending on the key. For your benefit, we will go over the components of keys in this article. Please keep reading. What Materials […]

Are Keys Magnetic?

Are Keys Magnetic?

You might be wondering if magnetic keys, magnetic key boxes, or magnetic keys work in cold weather. Are keys still magnetic in the winter? The short answer is “no”—the majority of house keys do not adhere to magnets. In contrast, “yes,” some of the metals used to create house keys are magnetic. Please keep reading […]

How To Fix A Broken Door Key?

broken key

Door locks are intricate machines with numerous tiny moving parts, and as a result, they occasionally break down. Instead of binding a length of broken metal, there are some much simpler solutions. In fact, it’s better to fix broken keys in almost every way possible than to attempt to put the pieces back together. We’ll […]

Why Won’t My Car Key Come Out? Reasons & Solutions

why won't my car key come out

You may be able to pull your key out of the ignition even if it won’t turn. Whatever you do, avoid attempting to extract the key by brute force as you might end up completely breaking it off. To get your key out, there are a few options. You can discover how to remove your key by […]

Car Keys In Washing Machine: How To Dry It?

Car Keys In Washing Machine

There are many ways to accidentally get your key fob WET, whether you dropped it in the pool, tripped over it in a puddle, or left it in the washer. What should you do if the key to your car gets washed in a washing machine? We will tell you what to do about a […]

Why Won’t My Key Unlock My Car: How To Solve It?

Why Won't My Key Unlock My Car

For the safety of their valuables and to prevent vehicle theft, the majority of car owners prefer to keep their car doors locked. The car door lock might not open even though the key turns, leaving you stranded.  Your car key turning but not unlocking the car door could be caused by a few different issues. […]

Why Won’t My Key Turn In The Ignition? 7 Ways To Fix

Key Turn In The Ignition

It’s the worst-case scenario that could possibly happen, and it always seems to occur at the wrong time. You walk out to your car and insert your key, but the ignition won’t turn. What should you do now? The simple fixes listed below can be used to fix a key that won’t turn in your […]

Are All Vending Machine Keys The Same? Certainly Not!

Vending Machine Keys

Manufacturers of vending machines construct their machines with tubular lock systems to protect the contents when the machine is unattended. By preventing direct access to the internal locking mechanism, tubular locking systems prevent traditional lock picking and key bumping. Not all the vending machine keys are the same. Vending Machine Lock It is crucial to understand […]

Can You Duplicate A Key That Says Do Not Duplicate? Yes


You can come across the phrase “do not duplicate” keys when purchasing door locks with keys. Many people could find this puzzling, particularly when it comes to replacing missing keys. In your own home, workplace, or on any other lockable property, you don’t want to get locked out. When you lose your keys, you want […]

Can You Copy A Car Key? Yes!


Losing or breaking a car key is a daunting experience. However, it is possible to copy or substitute the car key to keep away from this situation. It all relies upon the type of car mobile key, dealership, or locksmith you contact, and whether or not you have a copy key or the car identification […]

How Does Key Cutting Machine Work?


When many people think of locksmiths, they immediately suppose of key-cutting and substitute keys for the ones they’ve been unlucky sufficient to lose or damage. Key-cutting machines may also only be one small phase of the many things you’ll learn in our courses, but they’re a vital part. So, let’s start learning about them. What […]

How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock: 4 Steps


When your key breaks off in your lock with that belly-curdling snap, emotions of dread and helplessness descend over the scene. When that happens, how can you get the key out of the lock? On the internet, you’ll locate some methods that work and some that don’t.   Why Do Keys Break In Locks There […]

How To Open A Door Without a Key: 7 Methods For You


You can’t predict when you may face a scenario the place you want to enter a door, however, it can take place at any time. Whether you turn out to be locked out of your residence or can’t obtain get entry to a room, it’s necessary you recognize the proper methods to ruin a lock. Remember: Before […]

Does Home Depot Make Keys? Something You Need To Know!

Make Keys

Yes, Home Depot does make keys in-store by using their own key-cutting machines and the Minute Key Kiosk as of 2022. As long as they have that key form in store, Home Depot can cut vehicle, office, and maybe home keys. At Home Depot, cutting keys costs $1.49 per key and takes up to five […]

How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key? You Need to Know

Gas Fireplace

In practically any home, gas fireplaces offer warmth and a welcoming ambience. They produce no ash or soot to clean up and burn more efficiently than a conventional wood-burning fireplace. Some older gas fireplaces include a metal key that is placed into a keyhole to turn on the gas flow in order to start the […]

Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key? Yes!


A locksmith, it turns out, can replace conventional keys with or without the original. Furthermore, locksmiths increasingly have the skills and instruments to replace and reprogram transponder keys. When compared to your dealership, a locksmith’s services can save you up to $30 or more; however, cost may vary depending on the intricacy of the key […]

How To Do When Your Car Key Is Stuck In The Ignition?

Car Key Is Stuck

A vehicle key locked in the ignition or a car that won’t turn is a common problem that is typically simple to fix. A jammed key differs from a broken key in that the head of the key breaks off as you try to spin it. This generally entails placing a pair of needle-nose pliers […]

Can I Replace a Car Key Without Having the Original? Yes!

Car Key

It’s incredible how much we rely on our automobiles in our daily lives. Many of us would be unable to get to work without our vehicles. This is why misplacing or breaking your car key in the ignition or lock might feel like a nightmare. If you don’t have an additional key, this is very […]

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock With 6 Easy Ways

Broken Key

You’re running late for work and rushing to get everything in order. With your hands full, you rapidly enter the key into the lock on your front door and twist it – only you don’t feel any smooth movement. Instead, you hear a cracking sound and look down to see that your home key has […]