How To Do When Your Car Key Is Stuck In The Ignition?

Car Key Is Stuck

A vehicle key locked in the ignition or a car that won’t turn is a common problem that is typically simple to fix. A jammed key differs from a broken key in that the head of the key breaks off as you try to spin it. This generally entails placing a pair of needle-nose pliers […]

Can I Replace a Car Key Without Having the Original? Yes!

Car Key

It’s incredible how much we rely on our automobiles in our daily lives. Many of us would be unable to get to work without our vehicles. This is why misplacing or breaking your car key in the ignition or lock might feel like a nightmare. If you don’t have an additional key, this is very […]

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock With 6 Easy Ways

Broken Key

You’re running late for work and rushing to get everything in order. With your hands full, you rapidly enter the key into the lock on your front door and twist it – only you don’t feel any smooth movement. Instead, you hear a cracking sound and look down to see that your home key has […]