does lowes make keys

Does Lowes Make Keys? What’s the Price?

Your keys are the most important thing you can carry with you at all times. You’ll need a duplicate of your current key in case yours breaks or you need an extra. You might be wondering whether Lowe’s manufactures keys.

Yes, Lowe’s can create keys for your house, place of business, or vehicle. Simply bring your actual key into the shop, and they will make a copy for you. The entire procedure is quick and reasonably priced. This can be done both in-store and online by placing an advance order.

Continue reading the article to learn more about the different key types and costs available at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Make Keys in 2022?

As of the present year, Lowe’s produces keys for customers. You must bring the actual key into the store for the in-store key-cutting service that Lowe’s provides. This service is available for many different key types, including house, car, and office keys. The cost is determined by how much a new blank key costs, which is typical $5 when purchased in-person or online in advance.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about Lowe’s key-cutting service, including what kinds of keys Lowe’s makes, how much it costs, and other details.

Does All Lowe’s Stores Cut Keys?

Yes, the vast majority of Lowe’s stores cut a variety of keys on-site for customers who require them. Additionally, Lowe’s offers a discount on these services, and many different types of keys can be cut or duplicated quite quickly.

To request a key cutting, you can either go to the hardware employee counter or use a Lowe’s self-serve KeyMe kiosk. Both of these options will guide you through the process and let you securely store a digital image of the key you need to have cut.

Does Lowe’s Make House Keys?

Yes, Lowe’s does produce house keys. To that end, anyone in need of a home key can visit their neighborhood Lowe’s and make the key themselves at one of the self-service kiosks or the employee-staffed key-cutting counter.

The kiosk’s self-service key-cutting option will guide you through the simple procedure step-by-step. House and entry keys are easy to make, and the process won’t take very long whether you go to the kiosk or counter.

does lowes make keys

Does Lowe’s Make Car Keys?

While Lowe’s can create car keys that can manually open car doors, it lacks the technology necessary to replicate the sensor chips found in the majority of contemporary cars.

Furthermore, Lowe’s sells car keys with automated key fob bases that can be used to open the doors and trunk. However, to have the chip configured to work with your car, you must visit your nearby car dealership.

Does Lowe’s Make Office Keys?

Office keys are indeed produced by Lowe’s. Similar to house keys, the majority of office door-unlocking keys are simple and quick to make. You can also purchase office keys at Lowe’s KeyMe self-serve kiosks, which are spread out across the US.

Does Lowe’s Make Post Office Keys?

There are a few restrictions on the keys that Lowe’s can produce for post boxes. However, since these keys are tracked and changed by USPS, the key cannot be from a legitimate USPS post box.

The post box can be replaced at Lowe’s if USPS fails to maintain it, though.

Does Lowe’s Duplicate Keys?

Yes, Lowe’s offers in-store key duplication. Some businesses avoid making multiple copies of a customer’s keys, as opposed to simply cutting one key, but Lowe’s does this service.

However, the exception is any keys that are restricted in access, such as the ones with the “Do Not Duplicate” stamp. You may be able to use the self-service kiosk, but most staff members are instructed not to duplicate such keys.

How Much Does Getting a New Key Cost?

Surprisingly, Lowe’s charges for the majority of straightforward key duplication are at the lower end of the scale. Since most Lowe’s locations provide free key-cutting services, you typically only need to pay for blank keys used for key forging.

Most common blank keys can be counterfeited for between $1 and $5. Naturally, this excludes any unique designs or features you might want to include. For transponder keys, your cost might go up to $50 or even more, depending on the type of key and the level of sophistication.

does lowes make keys

How Long Does the Process Usually Take?

Typically, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process. Even for more complex key types, the process shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, whether you choose a self-service kiosk or a licensed locksmith.

However, if the Lowe’s store you visit is dealing with an unusually high volume of key duplication requests, you might have to wait a lot longer for your turn, lengthening the time of your visit overall.

How to Order Online?

You can pre-order your key blanks from Lowe’s and have them delivered to your house. The entire process can be managed online, though, if you already had your key copied at Lowe’s. Simply make a reference in your order to the prior duplication and supply the required details.

Are the Self-Service Kiosks Worth It?

Even though self-service key kiosks initially seem fantastic, there are a few things to think about before deciding whether you want to use them.

These machines’ limitations include the fact that not all key types are supported by them. In general, these kiosks might offer you a more practical substitute for Lowe’s locksmiths if you need to duplicate house keys from well-known manufacturers. For more complicated key types, though, you might need to go to the locksmith.

Furthermore, you will have to wait while these machines operate. It might not take long, but you won’t be able to leave your key behind and carry on with your shopping.

These self-service key kiosks do have some benefits, though. Duplicating keys is a hassle for the majority of people. These crucial kiosks can speed up the entire procedure and remove the need for social energy to be expended in it.

Since no human labor is required and customers are only charged for the cost of blank keys, these key kiosks are typically less expensive alternatives.

does lowes make keys

You will still need to go to the locksmith for the majority of programmable keys. Even though there are key kiosk representatives at a good number of Lowe’s locations, you might want to call ahead.

If you value interpersonal interaction, having your key made by a locksmith might seem more appealing. This method will also let you talk about the key duplication procedure, which is useful if you want to customize the look of your keys.

Are There Any Alternatives to Lowe’s Key Making Service?

If you have a Lowe’s store nearby, it’s a great place to shop. The issue is that not all of us are fortunate enough to have this store close by, so you might need to find a Lowe’s alternative in your area that provides essential services. These major stores below are often a good start:

  • Home Depot OR Ace Hardware It’s usually best to choose the obvious solution in this situation. You can also use Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or the majority of other hardware stores. Sometimes keys are even made by mom-and-pop stores.
  • Wal-Mart. One of the biggest big-box retailers on the planet, Walmart is a great place to start when looking for almost any service. Wal-Mart also has a key kiosk in almost every store in addition to the typical pharmacy items. The kiosks here only produce house keys, which is a drawback.
  • Locksmith Shops. Although they are difficult to come by, you can count on them to provide you with the desired keys.
  • Dealerships. The best place to get a key replacement if the key in question is for a car is typically a car dealership.
  • Local Grocery Stores. Just because it’s unusual makes this a long shot. The majority of grocery stores don’t offer essential services, but some do. This is most typical in regions where there is a high demand for hardware in a single location.

Final Thoughts

Is Lowes a key manufacturer? The answer is unambiguous yes. In light of this, there are a few considerations to make before going to the store. If you need straightforward keys duplicated, Lowe’s will do it quickly and affordably.

For keys with more intricate designs, the process will take a little longer and cost more money. Usually, getting in touch with your dealer, security firm, etc. is the best course of action for chip-enabled keys.

If you don’t have the key you need to duplicate for a particular lock, you might be able to solve the issue by purchasing a new lock from Lowe’s or rekeying a lock you recently bought.

Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s frequently has a staff member available to rekey locks. However, you still need to buy the lock from their store to “unlock” this perk.

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