How to Break into a Locked Door -- 7 Simple Ways

How to Break into a Locked Door — 7 Simple Ways

Ever had your house locked from the outside? You can’t get the door to open, so did you lose your keys somewhere? It can be a nightmare if a door is locked, in any case. However, you are not required to call a locksmith each time a door locks itself. Although the expert may save you time, he will also charge a fair amount for this minor issue. So why not pick up the trick yourself? We will go over specific instructions on how to unlock a locked door in today’s post. Every type of locked door can be unlocked, including car doors and interior doors. Read more!

How to Prevent a Lockout

Make plans for the inevitable next time you end up on the wrong side of a locked door once the frustrating experience is over and you are safe inside.

How to Break into a Locked Door -- 7 Simple Ways

7 Ways to Break into a Locked Door

1. Bobby Pin

The oldest and most common method of unlocking locks is by using bobby pins. Everybody has seen the movies where the hero heroically escapes the trap with a single bobby pin. Watch how this performs first!

  • The bobby pin should first be bent at a 90-degree angle. It ought to form a straight L. Next, take one pin’s rounded rubber tip off. If the tip can already fit into the keyhole without needing to be straightened out, skip the step.
  • Afterward, insert 1 cm of the tip’s straightened end into the keyhole and bend the remaining portion against the doorknob. Take it out of the keyhole, then bend the other tip at a 30 degree angle to make a handle. The pick is ready.
  • Take a second bobby pin and bend one-third of its ends to form the tension lever. A hook will result from this. When there is tension, insert it into the lock’s bottom and turn it clockwise. During this process, place the pick in the lock’s top and feel around for the pins.
  • The majority of locks have 5 or 6 pins. Push the pick upward once you’ve felt each one until you hear it click. Thus, the pin is now open. After you hear 5 to 6 clicks, turn the door knob to open the door!

You can complete the same task with two paper clips if you don’t have any bobby pins on hand. The pick will be one paperclip, and the tension lever, the other.

2. Credit Card (Works for Door Without Keyhole)

You can use a standard plastic card to open a door if it has a straightforward lock or if there isn’t a keyhole. But make sure it’s an old debit or credit card. It could be rendered useless if the process causes enough damage to it.

Use of a gift card, loyalty card, or other hard plastic item is preferable. Laminating your credit or debit card will protect it from deterioration if you don’t have any other cards.

  • Put the card in the side so it is between the door frame and the locking side after you’ve arranged it.
  • After that, slant the card downward and place it behind the bolt. Move the card slowly in your direction as you turn the handle at the same time.

This ought to cause the card to slide between the door frame and the bolt. Therefore, the door opens automatically when you pull out the card. The door cannot be opened from the outside if it has a deadbolt, though.

How to Break into a Locked Door -- 7 Simple Ways

3. Knife

To unlock a door, a putty or butter knife works great. Simply be careful not to use a sharp knife because one slip could cause your hand harm. You must also recognize the door’s locking mechanism.

  • The knife will serve as either your torque wrench or the key if it’s a tumbler lock. Simply place the skinny blade inside the keyhole and jiggle it around until you hear the pins moving.
  • Slip the knife between the door frame and the strike plate of a lock that uses a spring-loaded mechanism. Push the knife in firmly until you can turn the latch. The door will then open with a clicking noise.

4. Flat-head Screwdriver

It is impossible to unlock a door lock with just a screwdriver. Another tool that can serve as the rake (pick) is required for this to work. You can use a paperclip or a bent bobby pin.

  • When the rake is ready, insert a flathead screwdriver into the keyhole and turn it clockwise.
  • Hold it down to keep pressure on it, and then use the pick to release the lock’s pins.
How to Break into a Locked Door -- 7 Simple Ways

5. Lock Picking Set

Tools included in lock-picking sets can be used to open any type of lock. Only those with credentials are authorized to receive these professional tools. You can use one to unlock the door lock if you have one lying around in your home or at a friend’s house.

  • Usually, you’ll need a tension wrench and a pick from the set. The tension wrench should be inserted into the keyhole and turned clockwise.
  • After that, insert the pick into the top of the keyhole and wiggle it around until the pins inside the keyhole move to make room.

6. Jimmying (Only for Car Doors)

It’s amazing how frequently we leave our car keys inside or somewhere else. A unique tool known as a slim jim can be used to unlock these locks. But because they made it possible for people to easily access other people’s cars, the law deemed them to be illegal.

An alternative is to use a coat hanger to create a similar tool. In order to make the hanger resemble a long metal tool with a hook end, start by straightening out one side of the hanger. In order to insert the hanger, first slightly pull the weather stripping.

  • As soon as it is inside, scrape the hanger around the car door until the lock is revealed.
  • Now locate the latch and secure the hanger to it. The door will open if you pull on the handle while facing the interior of the vehicle.
  • Repeat the entire process with the straight end of the hanger going in for cars with electric pushbuttons. This straight end will function as a button to lower it.

7. Remove the Doorknob

Remove the doorknob with one screwdriver if you don’t want to pick locks and just want the door to be open.

  • Simply remove any screws you discover on the doorknob and push it out. The door will open with this, but you’ll also need some after work.
  • When the objective is accomplished, you must put the doorknob back in its original position. So, when removing the screws, be sure to store them securely.

Another Undesirable Way

Don’t give up if none of the aforementioned approaches succeed; there is still one more non-expert way to solve the issue.

Stand back from the door at least as far as your shoulders.

Then, kick where the door’s locking mechanism is located with the knee of your dominant leg. Avoid applying pressure by using your shoulders or anything else. You might even dislocate your shoulders.

If the door doesn’t budge, keep on kicking it. Please be aware that choosing this as a last resort will harm the door. Call a reliable locksmith for assistance if you don’t want to do that!

Final Thoughts

Now you have know the seven ways that enable you to break into a locked door when you don’t have a key. If the situation is urgent or there is nothing else to do, then use the last method. Take care of your own safety!


How Do You Break a Door Lock Easily?

The simplest way to accomplish this is to force the shackle away from the top of the lock by inserting two fingers into the shackle loop. This will position the locking pins inside the lock so they can be quickly removed. Make sure the shackle has all of the extra slack cut out of it.

How Do You Unlock a Door If the Keys Are Inside?

Look for a tiny hole on the doorknob if you’re locked on the other side. Insert a tiny butter knife, paper clip that has been flattened, or an eyeglass screwdriver into this opening. Once you’ve pushed it as far as you can through straight, turn it or twist it until it catches a groove and the lock clicks open.

Can You Drill a Lock to Open It?

The quickest way to enter a locked barrel or cylinder if you’ve lost your key is to drill it. A power drill, a cobalt or carbide drill bit, a hammer, a punch, and a screwdriver are all tools that can be used to complete this task.

Is Lock Picking Easy?

You can quickly learn all the fundamental lock picking concepts and techniques because lock picking is simple to learn and put into practice. Despite the fact that some locks are more challenging to open than others, the majority of locks used today can be opened with the help of a basic understanding of lockpicking.

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