How to Bypass a Key Card Lock — Some Practical Approaches

One of the most cutting-edge and effective security measures for allowing or preventing access to a specific area is the use of key card locks. We’ll describe a key card’s operation in this article, along with a simple method for getting past a key card lock. You would be astonished at how easy things are to do.

How to Bypass a Key Card Lock -- Some Practical Approaches

The Necessary Preparation

The tool required to complete a key card door lock hack is quite easy to get at a low price (cheaper than $50). It’s a microcontroller made by Arduino. The only other requirements are some programming knowledge and detailed instructions.

Some Knowledge About Keycard

You can enter doors with electric power by using a keycard as a security token. Such a system will require you to use a key card reader that is mounted on the door and that you can use to gain access by swiping, inserting, or tapping your card.

Keycards have eliminated the need to insert a traditional key into tumbler locks in order to open doors. Every time you want to unlock a door, your reader will scan the embedded access credential, which is designed on the card’s magstripe or chip.

You will be able to enter the room as soon as the smart reader detects your special card code. This device sends a signal to your door’s electric lock to initiate the opening process because it is wired to the lock.

The time it takes to unlock a good lock system is under one second. You can accomplish this quick timing with low-cost tools and easy methods by following our tutorial on how to unlock a key card door.

Why Crack a Key Card Lock

  1. There’s a chance that the cardholder entered an incorrect or lower number of nights.
  2. It renders the card useless after the previously mentioned dates.
  3. Any malfunction could prevent the lock from being opened.
  4. Broken readers and cards are just two examples of these issues.
  5. The card’s magnetized strip could have a problem.
  6. Keeping it with magnets could make it inoperable.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Choose the Card

The use of cards to get around a lock in this situation is one of many real-life and fictional differences. The best card for the bypass must be considered. Use a card that isn’t too important because the process involves a lot of bending and wiggling.

Step 2: Pick the Lock by Credit Card

1. Your card’s edge should be slid into the space between the door frame and the lock. Make sure the deadbolt is tactile.
2. To push the lock with the aid of the card, bend it in the direction of the knob.
To ensure that the card can move the lock, wiggle it several times. When it does, simply push it with the card.
3. Make sure there is no deadbolt attached to the lock. The door must not have a deadbolt, and the lock must be angled in the direction of the person attempting to bypass it.

Step 3: Bypass Successful

One can also get Bobbypin to bypass a lock. If no card is available, the curved portion of the pin can also be used.

How to Unlock a Hotel Room’s Door Without a Card?

A hotel uses various kinds of cards for daily check-in and check-out procedures. These can be classified into Magnetic Strip cards and RFID cards (Radio Frequency ID)

You might require a budget hotel if your inn has more than 100 rooms. Work is done for you by magnetic stripe cards. It quickly reaches the point where it is NOT WORKING. On the other hand, RFID is more expensive but has a longer lifespan.

1. Card: In this situation, any card that is similar to the door key card may also be used. All you need to do is make a card and use all your force to push the door away from the door frame. The card should be inserted between the door and frame while you are pushing the door. To open the lock, shake the card.

2. Paperclip: Paper clips might be able to unlock some of the locks. To fit the type of lock, the paperclip must be bent over before being inserted into the lock. Use two paper clips and the wiggle lock method.

3. Screwdrivers: Not suitable for all locks, but suitable for some hotel lock types. Ultimately provides a hole-in-lock, but it’s worth a shot. Any such tool can easily be used to pick hotel door locks.

Other Ways to Unlock

Disabling the System:

Simply make sure to turn off the entire security system before attempting to bypass a lock. Doors won’t serve as a barrier when there isn’t a system to get around.

Damaging the Lock:

One of the resorts, though not a suitable one, can be damaging the lock directly. To help with breaching, use a welding torch.

Master Keys:

A Master Key is required for every system with an electronic lock so that it can open locks in an emergency. These cards are available in hotels for daily tasks.

Copying a Key Card is Difficult:

It will only benefit someone if they are a skilled programmer or good at writing code. It is impossible to duplicate if not. Imagine you are carrying a card that allows you entry to a room. Using the software, access has been granted. If your key card disappears, you can still use this software. Everything will be secure after you simply restrict access to that key card.


Keycard is maintenance-free and uses a negligible amount of power; it can be used for any door. Many people who want a safe and secure home can afford this practical solution. You can use the above-mentioned tips and hacks if you ever find yourself locked out.


Is There a Key That Can Unlock Any Door?

With the warded portion of the key removed, a skeleton key can open all the doors in a system. One key will open all the doors in some applications, such as a building with multiple entrances, where there are numerous locks with similar keys.

How Does a Magnetic Key Card Give Information to Open a Door Lock?

The RFID card takes the place of the traditional lock and key system for entry in the context of key control. When you place the card on or close to the reader, the reader recognizes the signal as coming from an authorized user, and the door unlocks.

Can You Use a Keycard Online?

Online purchases cannot be made with a Keycard. The product’s Target Market Determination, which is available here, contains information on the target market for this particular product. Your objectives, financial situation, or needs were not taken into account when developing the advice on this website.

What is Inside a Keycard?

Keycards eliminate the need for users to put a metal or conventional key into a tumbler lock in order to open a door. Instead, the keycard reader reads an embedded access credential from the keycard’s magstripe or embedded in the card itself each time you try to unlock it.

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