how to pick a bedroom door locks

How to Pick a Bedroom Door Lock? 2 Methods

You should learn how to pick a bedroom door lock if you’ve ever been locked out.

If your home has many interior doors that lock, eventually you’re going to lose the key, lock it inside the room, or realize your toddler has locked himself in and is unable to escape. It’s inconvenient (and expensive) to call a locksmith each time; instead, you can learn how to pick bedroom locks on your own.

Method 1: Using a Paperclip

Make sure you have everything prepared before using a paperclip to unlock a bedroom door.

Paper clip, thin metal wire, bobby pin, or tiny screwdriver. The paper clip needs to be substantial and strong so that it won’t easily snap under pressure.

A bobby pin, a thin metal wire, or a small screwdriver are other options if you don’t have a paper clip. However, make certain that they can easily pass through the keyhole and won’t easily bend or break as you exert pressure on them.

Step 1: Check What Type of Lock Your Bedroom Has

You must first determine what kind of lock your bedroom has before continuing with the tutorial. Your strategy for opening a locked bedroom door will depend on the type of lock. Take a look at the lock’s slot. It’s a push button if it has a ¼-inch diameter. A twist button locking mechanism is present if the item is ½-inch long.

Step 2: Straighten the Paper Clip by Bending It Apart

The paper clip must be bent apart in order to make it straight. It must resemble a thin piece of metal that you can insert into the lock’s keyhole. Some locks would require a tension wrench, but a pick tool is enough to open a “bed and bath” doorknob.

Step 3: Insert the Paper Clip Inside the Lock and Move It According to the Lock That You Have

  • Put the pick tool straight inside the hole if your lock has a push-button design. If you experience resistance from the lock, you are in the proper position. When you’re ready, use your pick tool to push the lock until it makes a clicking sound, which unlocks it.
  • You must turn the doorknob as the pick tool is inserted if your lock has a twist button locking mechanism. Do this repeatedly until you sense that you are able to hold onto something. Put pressure after that. A clicking sound will signal your signal to wait.
how to pick a bedroom door locks

Method 2: Using a Card

This is yet another keyless method for opening a bedroom door lock. To avoid any inconvenience, you can get ready the item listed below.

Sturdy card – It is advisable to use a laminated card because it is robust and prevents damage to the card itself. The space between the door and the door frame, though, must be large enough for it to fit.

If you don’t have a laminated card, you can substitute another sturdy card that you don’t mind scratching as you follow the tutorial.

Avoid using important cards like your credit card and identification card because they might get scratched.

Step 1: Insert the Card Between the Door and the Door Frame

Using a card can help you open an interior door lock if your bedroom door has a spring lock. To easily swipe the card, tilt it and bend it before inserting it between the door and the door frame. Additionally, it needs to be put over the door handle.

Step 2: Move the Card Back and Forth

Put your weight on the door before inserting the card into the lock. You will have a better chance of successfully opening the lock with your first swipe if you are in this position, which will help force the card into the lock. Move the card back and forth after you’re finished until the door opens.

Should I Learn How to Pick a Door Lock?

This can be a challenging question. There is no excuse for not learning how is the simple response. After all, anyone with a clear mind and a good heart can learn anything they desire without abusing their position of power.

Don’t learn to pick locks, though, if it makes you feel bad. Anytime, day or night, you can contact the local lockpicking business. It is always a smart idea to call them because they can handle any lock at any time.

You should always have their phone number handy because you never know when you might need it. Put a name on it and save it to your phone. Save both local numbers if you have multiple residences.


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