how to open a locked bedroom door

5 Ways to Open a Locked Bedroom Door Without a Key

It can be useful to know how to get past a lock if you have young children in your home because it is common for kids to lock themselves in a bedroom. You can quickly and easily pick the lock on the bedroom door using the helpful, step-by-step instructions provided below.

We wager that you have come across a blocked interior door at least once. If that door leads into the bedroom, it is especially annoying. How do I open the door to my bedroom without a key?

The good news is that there are numerous techniques available to help you open a bedroom door without the need for its key, whereas the majority of people would consider breaking the door. You can enter the room by using the helpful advice in this article instead of destroying the entire door.

Determine the Door Lock Type

The type of lock that is installed on the bedroom door must first be ascertained. Bedroom doors and interior doors typically use one of two lock types.

To lock the door from the inside, the first type uses a push-in button in the knob. Using a twist button that can be turned to the right or left, the second kind of lock operates similarly. The type of slot, or hole, that is on the exterior doorknob will allow you to tell the two lock types apart.

The lock is a push button if the exterior knob has a tiny hole with a diameter of about 1/4 inch. The twist button locking mechanism is used by this type of lock, on the other hand, if you notice a tiny slot that is roughly half an inch long and an eighth of an inch wide.

What Do You Need?

We are aware that being locked outside of one’s bedroom can quickly cause panic. With the help of our techniques, you can open a locked bedroom door with such ease that you’ll be glad you refrained from destroying it. To complete the steps below, prepare these items:

how to open a locked bedroom door
  • Credit card
  • Small screwdriver
  • Allen key & paperclip/another house key

Instructions to Open a Locked Bedroom Door

Scrubbing Method

  1. In order to use this technique, push your paperclip just a little bit into the lower keyholes of your locked door.
  2. Push it and then lift it up and back.
  3. Continue doing this in circular motions while increasing the force being applied to the wrench.
  4. Pressure should always be increased.
  5. If the lock shifts, you will be able to tell because you will continue doing this.
  6. Stop raising the pressure when you notice this change, and maintain it at this level instead.
  7. Carry on doing this until the locks are released.

Pin by Pin

When you are certain that the scrubbing method has failed to unlock your locked door, turn to this technique. You’ll apply the same Allen wrench when using this technique. The wrench must now be held at an angle.

  1. You don’t need to raise the pressure; just keep it constant.
  2. Try gradually inserting the paperclip now. Catch the paperclip on the bend and lift it upward until you hear the click, which will occur when you can feel it making contact with the lock’s pin.
  3. Until you can unlock the lock, keep doing this with additional pins.
  4. A bobby pin works well for picking locks as well.

Use Credit Card

A spring lock in your bedroom can be opened with a credit card. Although it doesn’t open a deadbolt, you can be sure that this card opens a spring lock. Laminated credit cards function best in this situation, in our experience.

how to open a locked bedroom door

Insert your card between the door’s frame and the lock. This card should be bent backward after being brought up against the door frame. You can force your bedroom door’s lock back into place and open it by doing this.

If there isn’t enough room between these components, try inserting your card between your door and the frame above the bedroom door lock. Next, tilt your card in the direction of this frame and quickly swipe it down. For this, you might want to use a card that is thicker and more durable.

Use Small Screwdriver

Any bedroom door with a privacy handle can be easily fixed with a small screwdriver. By depressing a door handle’s button, these doors are frequently locked.

Look for a tiny hole inside the doorknob if you ever find yourself unintentionally locked out of the bedroom and without access to your key. Deepen the hole as much as you can with a tiny screwdriver. After that, rotate and twist your tool until it catches a groove and unlocks the door lock.

Call a Locksmith

The fact is that nothing in this world can replace your decision to work with a pro. Attempting to unlock a bedroom door is very likely to result in damage. You should call a locksmith if there is a chance that you will damage the door.

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