How to Remove Gas Meter Lock With Least Damage

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock With Least Damage

You might eventually need to remove the gas meter lock for whatever reason. If you need to shut off the gas because you’re moving or because of a natural disaster, you may need to gain access to the gas line. Whatever the reason, it’s essential that you know how to do it safely and without damaging the meter. In this article, we’ll show you how.

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock With Least Damage

What is a Gas Meter Lock?

Utility companies use gas meter locks to lock the gas meter and prevent anyone other than authorized personnel from opening it. Many are tempted to remove the waves themselves because the lock makes it impossible for people to turn off or otherwise tamper with the utility.

This, however, isn’t always secure and may result in harm, creating even more issues. Therefore, unless there is no other option, removing the gas meter lock yourself is not advised.

Why Can a Gas Meter Lock Be Applied?

The existence of a leak further along the line may be one cause. In order to keep the gas meter completely shut until the leak’s source can be fixed or replaced, the gas meter lock is then applied.

Another possibility is that failure to pay could be the reason why one of these is connected to your gas line. In this instance, the meter lock won’t be released until the debt is settled.

The most frequent cause of a gas meter lock is that you are far past due on your payments. A barrel ball locking mechanism is the most typical style of gas meter lock. A steel cylinder concealed behind ball bearings and held in place by a spring is the key component of these locks.

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock With Least Damage

Tools You Need

Wood Screw

A typical wood screw must be used to pick the gas meter lock. This kind of screw has a smooth top; however, its lengths and gauges may vary. The model of the gas meter lock will determine what size wood screw you require. The most common sizes are 6, 8, and 10 inches, and the most useful sizes are 4 through 12 inches.

To determine the length and width you require, it would be helpful to check the lock model and review its specifications. Just make sure that it is thin enough to be inserted into the lock and long enough to reach the bottom.

Protective Gloves

You must put on protective gloves out of caution because you will be working with a hazardous chemical. Use a pair of neoprene gloves for this kind of work. Although it is typically used for scuba diving, it can also be helpful for tasks involving chemicals, such as removing or fixing hoses and pipes.

Make sure the neoprene gloves you buy fit your hands. To know the size suitable for you, measure the knuckles of your hand using a plastic tape measure. Make sure they are sufficiently comfortable before selecting the color and style you want.

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock

1. Lift the Meter Cover

This will be located on top of the gas meter, on the front. Almost all meters are held in place by screws, so remove them with a flathead screwdriver and lift the cover.

2. Expose the Gas Meter Itself

You can see the gas meter inside the meter once the cover has been removed. You’ll need to lift it just enough out of its housing so that it can be turned because it might be protruding slightly.

3. Use the Wire Hanger Or Coat Hanger

Use your wire hanger or a coat hanger, straighten the end completely, and insert the end into one of the minuscule holes on the dial that displays how much gas you’ve consumed.

4. Grab the End of the Wire With Pliers

The end of it that protrudes through one of the holes in the meter can be grabbed using your pliers. This dial is linked to the gas meter lock, so turning it will allow you to unlock and remove the gas meter lock.

5. Unlock the Gas Meter Lock

Turn the wire clockwise to unlock the gas meter lock using your ratchet and socket set.

6. Turn Off the Gas

Please shut off the gas as usual, and when you’re finished, put the meter cover back where it belongs. If your lid isn’t screwed on and is just a regular one, push it back into position so that it sits snugly atop the meter.

7. Remove the Gas Meter Lock

Once you’ve turned it far enough, the gas meter lock should pop out. By pushing it into the hole you used to access it, you can quickly remove it. Afterward, you can turn off your gas at will.

8. Replace the Meter Cover

Replace the meter’s cover, tighten the screws, and then place the meter back where it was before.

That is the safest method for removing the gas meter lock.

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock With Least Damage

What Should You Do If You Break the Gas Meter Lock?

If you accidentally unlock your gas meter, call the gas company right away. Please don’t try to open the meter by yourself. They will most likely send someone out to fix it. Contact a locksmith and have them handle it for you if you’re looking for a way to unlock your meter lock without a key.

People can also contact an emergency plumber as a backup plan. Because gas and water combine to form combustible fumes, it is not advised that people attempt this on their own. Before using water, gas must be turned off in case any of those substances mix.


Do you like our instruction on how to open a gas meter lock? One of the safest ways to remove a gas meter lock is by using this technique. Avoid removing the lock on your gas meter as much as you can because doing so is illegal. You should only use this tutorial if you have no other choice but to unlock the gas meter lock yourself.


What Happens If You Remove a Gas Lock?

Unauthorized removal of a gas lock could result in theft or vandalism charges, which, depending on the jurisdiction, could be punished by fines and imprisonment for up to a year.

Can I Remove My Gas Supply?

It depends on the property and where the gas pipe is connected to the mains supply when disconnecting your gas supply, but it is a simple process that can take some time. Your outlet pipework needs to be disconnected from your gas meter and gas must be purged (rid) of it before the gas supply is turned off.

What Does Key Locked Mean on Gas Meter?

Your smart meter will be locked for 20 seconds if it says “KEY LOCKED” five times after you’ve entered the incorrect UTRN.

What is a Gas Lockout?

To prevent unintentional valve opening, gas valve lockouts surround the handles of the valves. Gas Valve Lockouts are specifically designed to withstand harsh chemicals and also extreme temperature conditions (-47°C to 177°C).

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