How to Remove Laptop Key (Version 2023)

How to Remove Laptop Key (Version 2023)

Laptops are a different story from desktop PCs and PC accessories, which are designed to be upgraded and customized. The internal hardware of laptops is more difficult to upgrade or replace with new parts. However, laptop keys may have crumbs or dirt underneath them due to how frequently they are used in daily activities. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove laptop keys in case you need to clean out a dirty or worn key.

How to Remove Laptop Key (Version 2023)

Tools You Need to Remove Laptop Keys

Although keyboard key removal tools are available, removing laptop keys is just as simple and only requires a flat head screwdriver. You only need some compressed air, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs to clean your laptop’s keys.

How to Remove Laptop Key (Version 2023)

How to Remove Laptop Keyboard Keys

If you have the supplies you want to use and are ready to get started, follow these steps to safely remove your keyboard keys:

1. Make Sure Your Laptop is Powered Off

During the removal or cleaning process, be careful not to accidentally turn the computer on. Before starting the keycap removal procedure, it might be best to take the battery out of the device or let it run on empty.

2. Copy Your Laptop Key Layout onto a Template

Alternatively, you can take a photo with your phone and use it as a reference when you are attaching or replacing keys. To avoid having to swap keys later, make sure that all the keys are reinstalled in the proper places.

3. Take Your Tool

Put your tool of choice—a finger, a knife, a keycap-pulling tool, or a flathead screwdriver—beneath a key. Underneath the top of the keycap is the ideal placement location. Insert the tool close to the key’s center using the Enter, Shift, Spacebar, and any other large keys. You can pop the larger keys off using this because it gives you leverage on both ends.

4. Gently Pry the Key Off

It’s easy to remove the keycaps from laptop keyboards. If you need to use a lot of force, back off and try approaching from another angle.

5. Set It Aside

After removing a keycap, place it aside, preferably in the layout that it will be put back in. Before installing the keys again, you’ll need to reattach the scissor-switch if it does so, which it usually does.

How Do You Take Keys Off a Keyboard Without a Tool?

As an alternative to a knife or flathead screwdriver, you can shape a paperclip to work just like a keycap puller. Unbend the paperclip completely, then reshape it into a “U”, and then bend the ends inwards so that they can hook under a key in the same way a keycap puller works.

Substitute for a Keycap Puller

You could probably do it without using the small ones, but you could do it with a paper clip. You can mimic some key pullers by using two paper clips or simply bending something so that it has a flat edge that you can place under the key and pull up gently while holding both ends.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Keys

Once every key on the laptop keyboard has been taken out, you can begin cleaning each one individually as well as the keyboard board. Typically, debris lands and becomes entrapped near or beneath the keys. Debris accumulation can damage your keys or reduce the responsiveness of your keystrokes.

1. Rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip or cotton pad should be used to clean your keycaps on all sides. Make sure to clean up any grease or gummy stains. These are the hardest to get rid of with a simple surface clean.

2. The keyboard’s base should be cleaned. Apply the cotton swabs to the keyboard after dipping them in the rubbing alcohol. Avoid pouring or spilling any rubbing alcohol on the keyboard. You are merely wiping down the laptop’s bottom and the gaps between the keys. not the laptop or keyboard’s internal electronics.

3. To remove any last bits of dirt or dust, flip the keyboard upside down and tap it lightly.

How to Remove Laptop Key (Version 2023)

3. How to Replace Laptop Keyboard Keys

You have wiped everything down and taken out all of the laptop’s keys. You can now use the keyboard once more by replacing the keycaps. To replace laptop keyboard keys:

1. Verify that the keycaps’ scissor switches are completely seated. If not, depress to link them.

2. Put each key where it belongs using your image or a keyboard template. After that, firmly press down to lock the keycap in place. It must be clicked into place; you shouldn’t have to exert any force.

3. Consider the key’s feel and height in relation to other keys you’ve already installed to determine if it feels right after several presses. After replacing every key on the laptop keyboard, repeat this procedure.

4. Reinstall the battery, then plug your laptop back in and turn it back on. Then, launch a browser and verify that each key on your laptop is functional and placed correctly.


See how simple it is to take out, clean, and replace the keys on your laptop keyboard! You shouldn’t, however, repeatedly open the laptop keyboard. Save this for emergency cleaning of sticky spills. If you fiddle with your keyboard keys too often, the parts may wear out and break, or you may damage the keyboard membrane and need to replace the entire device.

Being prepared and methodical is key when removing and cleaning the keycaps on your laptop. Take a picture of your entire laptop’s layout for future reference and make sure to remove or drain the battery before beginning. To avoid damaging them, carefully remove the keys, and then arrange them in a neat pile. Before reinstalling the keys, thoroughly clean each keycap as well as the laptop base.

You can restart the laptop to perform a test once all keys have been securely installed and replaced. Check for responsiveness and look for any keycaps that don’t correspond to the keystroke. More than anything, be cautious to avoid future mishaps when using your laptops. Away from your laptop at all times, keep all food, beverages, and pets.


Are All Keyboard Keys Removable?

Yes, every key on a mechanical keyboard can be removed.

How Do You Put a Key Back on a Keyboard?

1. Make sure the key is oriented correctly before placing it. The letter side ought to be facing up.

2. Then, arrange the missing key in the desired position on the keyboard. When the key is in its proper position, press firmly until it locks. It won’t take much force to accomplish this.

Can I Take the Keys Off My Asus Laptop?

You can remove a key by placing a fingernail underneath it. Pry the key off gently. Check to see if the mechanism is now clean. Utilizing compressed air to clean it is an option.

Do Acer Laptop Keys Come Off?

The keys directly below the key you want to remove should be depressed using your thumb. Peel the key you want to remove back toward the keys you are depressing with your thumb by lifting it with your index finger from the top. With light pressure, the key ought to come free.

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