what is a parcel locker

What Is A Parcel Locker? A Complete Guide

Although the parcel locker delivery system has been around for a while, it has recently gained popularity because it provides a safer and more practical contactless option for parcel delivery and picks up. Shippers can place them in a parcel locker, where they will be kept for the recipient to pick up, as opposed to making multiple delivery attempts. For your benefit, we will go over the parcel locker in this article. Please keep reading.

What Is A Parcel Locker?

A parcel locker is essentially a lockable storage box where packages can be left and stored for pickup by a mail carrier, delivery service, residents, and/or customers. A parcel locker offers a quick, easy, and safe method of delivery. In what ways are parcel lockers unique from mailboxes and cluster box units (CBUs)?

The purpose of CBUs, also known as cluster mailboxes, is the same as that of a single mailbox: to receive mail. Multifamily residential properties frequently have CBUs. On the other hand, a parcel locker is a larger compartment made to fit bulkier packages.

A lot of the time, parcel lockers are underneath or side-mounted to cluster mailboxes. Depending on a complex’s needs, the size of a business, or the needs of commercial space, a cluster mailbox may have one or two parcel lockers.

A wall of branded parcel lockers, for instance, can be found in some grocery and retail stores for patrons.

Benefits Of Parcel Lockers

Guaranteed Delivery

Being absent when your important package is delivered is the most frustrating situation. having to walk across town to get it.

Never make another tiresome trip to the post office again with a parcel locker service. To find your package waiting for you, just open the nearest locker. You will always receive your package on time thanks to its smoothness and simplicity.

Secure Storage

Even in “good” neighborhoods, leaving valuables on your porch or behind your trash can is not a good idea. Particularly if you don’t check your mail every day, a parcel locker is a much safer substitute that will give you more peace of mind.

Secure storage options come in a variety of forms and dimensions. Locks on USPS-approved parcel lockers are stronger, and the lockers themselves are built to last. There are many office locker solutions that include security cameras.


You can only pick up items at post offices during business hours. Contrary to a parcel locker, you can access your safe deposit box whenever you want as long as you have your key or access card.

Gopost self-service kiosks are a well-liked brand operated by USPS. For orders shipped by Amazon, Amazon Lockers are another well-liked category. There are various other outside solutions available. Together, they lessen the administrative burden on post offices and improve mail delivery.

The Operation Of Parcel Lockers

Greater efficiency in package delivery is made possible by parcel lockers. As personal receipt of and signing for a package is no longer required, mail carriers and delivery personnel are no longer required to make multiple delivery attempts.

Packages are securely stored inside the parcel locker, which is only accessible to authorized people, i.e., pick-up and delivery staff, and can be made at any time., the delivery person and the parcel recipient.


USPS mail carriers may use a special master code or key to access a parcel locker and place the delivery inside, while other delivery personnel may obtain the key from the property manager. Traditional parcel lockers require a key.

On the other hand, electronic parcel lockers could come with a keypad, barcode or QR code scanner, or both. The locker cannot be opened unless the delivery person enters a special code or scans the package.


For a conventional parcel locker, a USPS mail carrier will leave a numbered key inside the recipient’s designated mailbox. Alternatively, the recipient can get the parcel locker key from the property manager.

When a package is delivered using an electronic parcel locker, the recipient is notified by text, app, or email. They are also sent the code necessary to unlock the locker and retrieve their package.


The recipient enters the special code (which may be an alphanumeric code, QR code, or barcode) to access an electronic parcel locker or uses the specific parcel locker key to retrieve their package from a traditional parcel locker.

what is a parcel locker

Where Can I Find A Parcel Locker?

In addition to office buildings and residential complexes, parcel lockers are frequently positioned in heavily trafficked commercial locations like supermarkets and shopping malls. To enhance the shopping experience for customers, many retail stores, for instance, have begun utilizing parcel lockers.

In some universities, parcel lockers are now utilized in libraries, bookstores, and athletic stadiums in addition to mail rooms and centers.

International shipping firms have developed their own network of parcel lockers. To name a few, these businesses include DHL, FedEx, UPS, InPost, and Hermes.

How To Choose The Best Delivery Locker For Packages?

Reputable Companies

A reputable company will further ensure that all of the advantages of using parcel lockers are also delivered. Parcel lockers can help eliminate the typical issues related to deliveries.

Even after the lockers have been installed, a reputable business emphasizes providing excellent customer service and sufficient security measures. Look for a package locker provider that is respected by significant e-commerce sites like Amazon and reputable carriers like FedEx.

Security Solutions

Choose a parcel locker with an automatic lock option, i.e., after the package is placed inside, the door locks automatically when it is shut. Learn how the locker is only accessible to those who are authorized, i.e., the courier and recipient.


Is the package locker open round the clock? Is there a window of time you can pick up a package? How does the business ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the locker?

Safeguards For USPS Parcel Lockers

Yes, using a parcel locker is much safer than just leaving your package in an open space.

Therefore, the security and safety of parcel lockers act as an immediate deterrent to opportunistic package pirates.

Locks on parcel lockers are they pickable? Yes, but it requires some work and would likely garner some attention, particularly in crowded cluster box areas.

What Happens If You Lose Your USPS Parcel Locker Key?

You must visit your delivery Post Office if you misplace your USPS parcel locker key (for a specific parcel locker).

Keep in mind that until the situation is resolved, you won’t be able to access your parcel locker.

Simply visit the Post Office with proof of what transpired, your name, address, and parcel locker number to obtain a new key.

The lock will then likely be changed, and new keys will be provided, according to USPS.

However, USPS won’t just give you new keys for the existing lock for safety and security reasons.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can also read our posts on how to deliver a package using USPS, whether or not USPS packages are insured, and what happens if a USPS package is stolen.


For both deliveries and pick-ups, parcel lockers are a very practical choice. When the delivery system is centralized with parcel lockers, shipping issues are greatly reduced, a ton of time is saved, and costs are reduced. These larger-size mailboxes, which are frequently found in apartment/condo buildings and shared residential communities, are probably going to continue gaining popularity.

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