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How To Fix A Broken Door Key?

Door locks are intricate machines with numerous tiny moving parts, and as a result, they occasionally break down. Instead of binding a length of broken metal, there are some much simpler solutions. In fact, it’s better to fix broken keys in almost every way possible than to attempt to put the pieces back together. We’ll look at ways to fix a broken key for you in this article. Please keep reading.

How Keys Break

When deciding whether or not a key can be repaired, the way it breaks is crucial. The problem must leave the key broken in such a way that it can be repaired successfully. Here are a few of the ways that various keys can malfunction.

With the knowledge of some of the most probable reasons why keys break, you can determine whether or not you can fix a broken key similar to the one you already have.

There are different issues for common house and car keys when finding options for repair. Broken car keys are frequently more difficult to repair than regular house keys. It’s crucial to distinguish between specific information on how to fix broken car keys and more general advice.

How To Fix A Broken Door Key

Key Breaking In The Lock

How It Happens

Nickel silver, which is more durable than older brass keys, is the material used for most keys. However, even now, when under stress, keys can still break, despite being stronger than they once were. An extremely old key that has been used in numerous locks is more likely to break.

Because you are applying torque to one metal while allowing another to slide past it, every rotation weakens the key and the lock. This is simply a part of a key’s and a lock’s natural life cycle. Keys do not last indefinitely, even with repairs.

Even more recent keys can still be misused to the point where they break. Most people will continue to turn a key even though improper key insertion prevents the lock from opening. This is very typical if you’re not in the right frame of mind, which various forms of stress can bring on.

But it’s also one of the reasons why drinking makes it more likely that you’ll require a locksmith. You can increase the lifespan of any key by checking to see that it is inserted into the right lock before attempting to turn it.

Fix Broken House Key

Many people want to fix cracked keys that split in half. It is hoped that once the broken key is taken out of the lock, a way can be found to rejoin the two pieces. Although technically not impossible, this is not the proper way to fix a broken key.

broken key

A key that has split in half cannot be repaired so that it works flawlessly and won’t break again in the same place after a few uses.

Take the broken key to your local hardware store or a locksmith, which is what you should do instead. The problem will be resolved by creating a new key using both parts of the key. When it comes to house keys, it will be simpler to have them cut if the key is not patentable.

If you have a lock that was made by a reputable lock manufacturer, such as Mul-T-Lock, Assa Abloy, Evva, etc., such as any type of key control, you will need a locksmith that is a licensed distributor for that specific company. The best way to fix a broken key that has fragmented is to replace it.

Broken Bow Cover

How It Happens

A key’s bow is the length of metal that protrudes from the keyway and allows the key to turning in the lock. In order to hide the metal from view, the bow of a key may occasionally be covered with plastic.

Fixing broken car keys is the main concern here. Many times, house keys don’t have any kind of cover over the bow. On the other hand, modern car keys require covers to protect transponder chips.

Car keys frequently suffer bow covers that break. The hard plastic casings are likely to first crack, before finally snapping and breaking. The more flexible key covers are made of rubberized plastic tear or snap.

Pressure causes the rigid plastic covers to break. Another length of metal on a keychain can exert additional force if you sit on them incorrectly. By naturally twisting against one another, the keyring itself has the ability to crack a hard bow cover.

The tougher plastic covers can also be broken by dropping your keys. The softer covers rip open, exposing the key. This can occur if you remove a key from a ring too frequently, stretching or ripping the soft plastic.

The likelihood of the soft plastic ripping will rise if it becomes overheated. You run a very real risk of losing your keys if the bow cover is compromised.

Fix Broken House Key

Your house key probably won’t have a bow cover, and even if it does, the key won’t likely be harmed. Without a doubt, metal will be punched to create the hole for the house keys.

If this metal does break, you could attach a bow cover to the damaged bow to prevent the key from falling out of the opening.

How To Polish Brass Keys

Wear latex or rubber gloves when cleaning or polishing brass with chemicals. This is not required for a natural paste.

Apply the cleaner as directed on the label, or use a soft cloth to spread the paste on surfaces. If the brass is severely tarnished, let the natural paste sit on the surface for about 30 minutes. Use a soft cloth to polish, then rinse with clear water. Repeat if required.

With a soft buffing wheel attached to an electric drill, you can buff for a higher gloss outcome.

Spray on a thin layer of clear lacquer or brass sealer to prevent future tarnishing of the finish.

If your hardware requires more than this basic cleaning, you must change your strategy. Then soak it for about an hour in undiluted ammonia, removing any seriously tarnished hardware. After rinsing with clear water, polish as previously instructed.


You can find the root of your problem when you are aware of why your key is broken and the type of key you are attempting to repair. If the key doesn’t work any easier when the door is open, lubricate and clean the lock.

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