How to Change a Car Key Battery: a Complete Instruction

How to Change a Car Key Battery effectively

The key fob battery is likely dead if the range of your car key fob has decreased, the buttons aren’t responding to your touch, or the car is having trouble detecting its proximity. Your key fob’s battery can be changed, and it’s simpler than you might imagine. The only tools required are a new battery and a small flat-tipped screwdriver. Learn how to replace a car key’s battery by reading this article.

How to Change a Car Key Battery: a Complete Instruction

Preparations for Changing a Car Key Battery

1. Notice the Symptoms

The key doesn’t simply stop working; instead, it gradually gets weaker until it finally shuts off, just like all other battery-powered devices.

The car key battery is running low if the car door won’t close when you press the button, if the car key hasn’t completely stopped working but you need to be closer to the car than usual, or in any other circumstance. Replace the key fob battery as soon as possible to prevent emergencies. Replace the car key battery by following these steps.

2. Ensure the Battery is the Problem

You can perform a number of quick checks to help confirm that the issue is with the battery.

Check to see if the car’s manual locks still function. If they don’t, there’s a chance that the problem is with the car locking system rather than the key or battery.

In the event that security restrictions have disabled the remote entry feature, reprogramming will be required.

Naturally, if your car came with more than one fob, try another one. You can assume that a dead battery is the problem if the other key successfully unlocks your car.

3. Get a New Battery

The first step in changing the car key battery is to purchase a new battery. To find out what battery your automatic car key uses, consult the owner’s manual. To read the correct battery number needed for a replacement, you could also open the key.

Order the battery type that is in your car’s key. In certain circumstances, a nearby department store may have the battery. This won’t be the case, however, all the time. Ordering a new battery is the best course of action to take before the current one completely expires.

How to Change a Car Key Battery: a Complete Instruction

Steps to Change a Car Key Battery

Step 1: Open the Key

Opening the car key itself is the first step in replacing a car battery. Of course, you’ll need to put the new battery in the spot where the old one was once you have it. Prior to attempting to open it, carefully inspect the car key.

Others are firmly held together by a tiny screw, while some car keys can simply be pryed apart. For the latter, you will need to remove a screw or screws before opening the car key.

Once this is complete, locate a small slot on the side of the key; it will be located in the center of the line separating the two halves. The two halves can be pryed apart with a butter knife. To avoid harming the key, just be cautious and avoid using anything too sharp.

Step 2: Remove the Old Battery

When the key is opened, you will find some electronics on one half and the battery on the other. Remove the clip that is holding the battery in place. Once the old battery has been removed, check to see if the car key battery is facing the positive or negative direction.

Step 3: Install the New Car Battery

The old car key battery should be substituted for the new one to complete the key battery change. Use the same positive or negative orientation as the battery that was in the previous, broken car key. Replace the new battery with the holding clip.

Step 4: Reassemble the Car Key

Keep the two key halves affixed to one another, and then snap them together. If you had taken any screws out, replace them and tighten them.

Step 5: Test the Car Key

To test the remote function of your car key after reassembling the battery, walk up to ten feet away from your vehicle. The car ought to lock and unlock, hopefully. If this does not occur, it may be necessary to reset your key’s electronic coding because it may have lost it. Read this detailed guide to programming car keys for more information.

Usually, this occurs after the car key battery has been dead for a while. There is no need to be concerned, however, as you can visit a specialist and request that they reset the coding on your car key so that it will function.

Important Tips

To save money, purchase several batteries in bulk and keep them on hand for quick replacements. If the battery is left out of the fob for an extended period of time, the fob may occasionally cease to communicate with the car. It will now require reprogramming, which might call for expert assistance.

Consult a professional for advice if the batteries in your car key seem to be running out quickly; you may need a new fob. Keep in mind that batteries ought to last for several years.

Additionally, enlist the help of a professional auto locksmith if you are unable to open your fob for whatever reason and searching online has turned up no results.


Up to this point, you have mastered some tips and precautions for replacing car key batteries. If you need it, follow the instructions in this article to replace your battery. Of course, if you encounter some technical problems, it is better to consult a professional car company or repair shop to ensure that the car key is not damaged as well as to ensure the normal operation of the car. I hope this article has inspired you. Also, different car brands and models have different key designs, so please pay attention to distinguish their differences!


Can I Change My Car Key Battery Myself?

Yes, you can. DIY is simple, quick, and affordable. To accomplish this, pry open the key fob and swap out the coin battery inside with a fresh one.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Key Battery?

It shouldn’t cost more than $10 to replace a car key battery, so convenience is typically the deciding factor when deciding between professional and DIY installation. If you’re unsure, switch out your batteries professionally the first time and learn from the experience.

What Kind of Battery Do I Need for My Car Key?

The CR2032 button cell is the one that’s used in key fobs the most frequently. CR2450, CR2025, CR1616, and CR2016 are some other button cells that are frequently used. The type of battery that your fob requires can typically be found in your vehicle owner’s manual if, for some reason, you are unable to locate the number on your old battery.

Can Your Car Key Drain Your Battery?

It’s not a good idea to leave your car key in the ignition or even on a hook next to the vehicle overnight. If the fob is too close to your car, it can continue to communicate with it, which could drain the battery.

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