How to Erase Key Fob Memory -- a Complete Process

How to Erase Key Fob Memory — Version 2023

Over time, car keys have evolved to become more advanced. Most contemporary vehicles come equipped with key fobs. Despite being small and lightweight, they are crucial to the security of your car. However, there may be times when you need to remove your fob from your car’s memory. Information on this service is provided in the guide below.

What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs are electronic gadgets with software that manages a car’s remote entry. Each one has a special code that goes with a specific set of car doors. To communicate with a reader in the door latch, they use radio frequency identification. Pushing a button will quickly unlock the door’s locking mechanism once the fob is in close proximity to the reader. In addition to allowing entry, key fobs have additional functions such as trunk opening, remote ignition start, panic button activation, alarm arming and disarming, and alarm system arming and disarming.

The Need for Erasing Key Fob Memory?

Despite how remote the likelihood may seem, if you purchase a secondhand automobile, the previous occupant may still be in possession of a set of keys. You would feel uneasy knowing that someone, possibly someone you do not exactly know, could break into your car. The record of your keys in your vehicle may need to be deleted for a number of different reasons, this being just one of them. You must delete keys from your vehicle database if you lose all of your vehicle keys, along with buying a used car and replacing the vehicle keys.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to remove a lost or stolen key from your car’s database. If your car is still running, the keys could give someone else access to it illegally. You might also consider doing this if you purchase a used car because the previous owners may still have the keys. You can drive with the assurance that your car will only be controlled by the remotes you have.

It might be safer in the situations described above to remove the keys from the car’s computer. By doing this, you’ll be able to contact the car’s owner and feel more at ease both for yourself and for those around you.

How to Erase Key Fob Memory

Erase Key Fob Memory

Key fobs are electronic devices that can control remote vehicle access. Everyone has a distinctive pattern that corresponds to a particular set of car openings. They communicate wirelessly with a sensor inside the door lock. The door handle can be quickly unlocked by pushing a key once it is in close proximity to the scanner. Key fobs have a number of functions, including the ability to open the tailgate, start the car wirelessly, activate a kill switch, engage and deactivate the security system, and unlock the doors.

It can be annoying to leave a car key behind, especially if a thief can use it to search until they find your car if they know where it might be kept.

How to Erase Key Fob Memory -- a Complete Process

Delete Data from a Car Key

Send your car and any extra key fobs to a dealership or a local mechanic first; the latter is typically less expensive and will be able to help you more quickly.

A mechanic or dealership, however, might only replace the keys you’re carrying with the ones you’re carrying and removing all the other keys from your vehicle’s database. If you don’t have a backup key, a mechanic can give you one, but they will need to come to your house. It is suggested that a technician also produce a set of keys in order to avoid having to repeat this process after programming a key pair.

One drawback, though it is extremely unlikely, is that the burglar might still use the standard keys to unlock your car. It is always possible to replace your physical key barrel so that the keys no longer function, although this is rarely required. Furthermore, even if the physical key were used to unlock your car, your alarm system would sound, sending the burglar running.

When the burglar poses a threat to your physical safety or you are certain they are aware of how your car looks exactly, you will need to take all of these precautions.

Disable a Lost Key Fob

To learn about the quirks of your vehicle, first read through the owner’s manual. Every car might have unique specifications; for instance, what works for a Porsche might not work for a Chevrolet.

If you don’t know anything or can’t find the information you need, one option is to personally contact the dealership or the manufacturer of the vehicle. You can purchase a key pair from an auto dealer, but the price is steep. If you are unable to deactivate a car key on your own, it is best to get in touch with a mechanic. To prevent key fob hijacking, they can offer you advice on reprogramming it.

Reprogram a Used Key Fob to a Different Car

Given that the key is identical, users may reprogram a car key to a different car as needed. In this situation, assuming the key may open the door locks, you would be required to take the subsequent actions:

  • Replace the batteries in the key remotes.
  • Enter the car by taking a step.
  • Begin the vehicle’s engine.
  • Take advantage of the lock feature on the wireless key.
  • Watch for the clicking sound of the lock.
  • There would be new remotes that had been programmed.
  • Put the engine in park.
  • Check the outcome after getting out of your car.
How to Erase Key Fob Memory -- a Complete Process


When you purchase a vehicle, whether new or used, there is a chance that the previous owner may still have a spare key on hand. The possibility that someone else could access your car would make you feel unsafe. You may need to remove keys from your car’s memory for a variety of reasons, and this is just one of them. Whatever the reason, erasing keys from your car’s memory after they have been lost or stolen is always a smart move. When keys are stolen or lost, it is usually a good idea to delete them from your car’s memory. The key can allow someone else unauthorised access to your car as long as it is still in operation. Because the previous owners of a used car might still have the keys, you might also think about doing this after buying it. You can drive with confidence knowing that only the fobs you have in your possession will function on your car.


Can You Erase a Key Fob Programmed?

It is possible to delete your key fob from the system if you lose it. This will prevent the key fob from being used if it is picked up by another individual. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions because the specific procedure for deleting the key fob will vary depending on the security system.

Can You Track a Stolen Key Fob?

Unluckily, it is impossible to find a crucial FOB. The good news is that you have a few other choices to think about if you want to locate or prevent losing your key. You may want to invest in a key finder if you haven’t yet lost your key FOB but are concerned that you might.

Can Someone Block My Key Fob?

Due to their metallic lining, signal blocking pouches can prevent access to your car by preventing your car key fob from transmitting its code to the vehicle.

What Information Does a Key Fob Hold?

In more recent use cases, these companies have the ability to read the VIN, mileage, the most recent time the car was driven, and even the fuel level from your key fob. If that isn’t terrifying enough, newer versions also have the ability to store GPS data.

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