How to Get a Car Key Copied: Things You Should Know

How to Get a Car Key Copied: Know These

Everyone should take the precaution of having an extra set of car keys. Having an extra set of keys will prevent you from having to hire a locksmith to retrieve your keys if you accidentally lock them inside your vehicle. You can avoid giving away your entire set of keys by sharing an extra set with a family member who drives only occasionally. Before you misplace your keys, make a copy of them and store it safely. With ownership documentation, a dealer can obtain replacement keys for you, though the copying process could take several days. Learn how to have a car key copied by reading this article.

How to Get a Car Key Copied: Things You Should Know

Can You Get a Car Key Copied?

It is challenging to copy modern key fobs. The reason for this is that contemporary key fob technology makes it difficult to duplicate car keys on purpose to deter thieves.

Many automakers let owners who already have one of the two keys that came with the car program a third key. This one is simple to duplicate at any locksmith service. You only need that if the key is a simple one. Some car keys, however, will require more work than simple duplication.

The majority of automobiles have electronic key fobs. This indicates that during replacement or copying, the key must be reprogrammed. The majority of owner’s manuals contain the steps you need to follow in order to help you program the key. Online resources abound that can assist you with it.

Alternatively, you can order a standard car key without the transmitter and keep it that way as long as you have a backup to start the car. This one is only useful for opening doors without the transmitter because it cannot start the engine.

How to Get a Car Key Copied: Things You Should Know

Can You Make a Copy of a Car Key Without the Original?

Even if you’ve lost the original and don’t have a spare, a reputable locksmith service should be able to make you a new car key. To help the locksmith complete the replacement, all you need is the vehicle’s VIN.

Your title, insurance documents, or cards, as well as several clearly visible locations on the vehicle, all contain the VIN. Look at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side, on the driver’s door, or behind the driver’s door on the “jamb.”

A trustworthy locksmith will request identification to verify that the vehicle belongs to you. Just be aware that not all locksmiths will have the equipment necessary to duplicate or program the key after it has been made.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Key Copied?

A transponder key replacement with integrated fob technology costs a locksmith between $20 and $30. A dealer will charge more, roughly $75 for the fob and $160 for a new key replacement. Copying a laser-cut key will run you about $250.

Costs for blank keys range from $3 to $6 at AutoZone, Home Depot, and Walmart. These additionally offer transponder and remote key fobs for $15 to $90. After that, you can program these blanks yourself by consulting the manual, online instructions, or even by taking it to Ace Hardware. The cost of a replacement car key at Ace Hardware is only $ 2.99. Less than $100 will be charged for the fob if the car needs programming.

Determine If a Car Key Has An Electronic Chip

It’s awful to discover that you’ve locked yourself out of your car. Matters are much worse when you only have the one key. In order to avoid this situation, you must first determine whether your car’s key contains an electronic chip.

Step 1

Examine the details in the owner’s manual for your car. Your car’s ignition system should be disclosed, as well as whether or not your car keys have an electronic chip.

Step 2

Call the auto dealer where you purchased your vehicle. You should be able to get information about your particular car keys from your salesperson.

Step 3

You can find out if your car key has an electronic chip by contacting a locksmith and providing them with the make, model, and year of your car.

Step 4

Take it for granted that your car has an electronic chip if it was manufactured after 1995. You cannot tell if your key has a chip based on how it looks because regular keys and electronic keys have the same appearance.

How to Get a Car Key Copied: Things You Should Know

Where to Get a Key Copied?

For the basic key types that don’t require programming, locksmiths can provide replacement keys right away. The dealer companies are another location where you can have the key copied.

You can ask the dealer or a locksmith for assistance if you are unable to program the key on your own using the manual. You can get free programming assistance from some dealerships for these kinds of car keys. Others will bill for the labor involved in programming it. A locksmith can also program transponder keys using the programming device, whether they are regular or laser-cut keys.

How to Get Your Car Key Copied?

1. Dealer Or Locksmith

If it’s a late model car key made since 2000 then I would strongly suggest the dealer or a locksmith because they are much better equipped to handle it. Anyone can cut a key, but programming it properly is a completely different story, and it can mean the difference between being able to open and start your car and being unable to do so at all.

2. Key Machine

The second option is to purchase a key cutting machine, learn how to use it properly to create double-sided car keys, then purchase programming tools and acquire knowledge of how to program your car key’s chip.

Final Thoughts

The world is not over if you lose or break your car key. The key itself is not that expensive, but replacing the fob can be quite costly.

I personally won’t purchase a car unless it includes at least one additional key fob. I still have two spare keys for my old Corolla, which I keep hidden away in two different places in case I misplace the original. I advise you to follow suit to ensure that this won’t happen again.


Can a Car Key Chip Be Copied?

A chipped car key can typically be duplicated in a few hours by a car locksmith. Before they can program the key, they must first locate it in their inventory. They’ll cut it once it’s been programmed, test it on your car, and then do it again.

How Much is a Car Key With a Chip?

A dealer or auto locksmith must pair the high-tech transponder chips found in many new cars’ keys with the vehicle. These transponder keys can cost anywhere between $75 and $200 when programming and cutting services are added in.

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key?

Auto locksmiths can unlock locked cars as well as make new keys, extract broken keys from locks, and even replace the locks on your car’s doors and the entire ignition system.

Why Are Car Keys So Expensive?

Modern keys have more sophisticated transmitters, codes, and programming, which drives up the cost because duplication takes longer and the hardware is more expensive. Finally, if you’re working with a luxury car brand, be prepared for higher costs.

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