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How to Turn Off Mykey Without Admin Key: Guide with Video

A security feature called Ford MyKey gives your vehicle an additional layer of defense and security. However, there might be times when you want to turn the software off.

If you have an admin key, you can use it to activate Ford MyKey and use the menu on the instrument console to clear one or more MyKey units.

However, there are a few methods you can use to disable the feature if you only have one MyKey unit.

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  • While pressing the engine start button repeatedly, disable the RFID chip on your Intelligent Access (IA) key.
  • Use the remote starting function.
  • Utilize an OBD2 scanner and software.

Would you like to learn more about the various methods for deactivating the MyKey feature on your Ford? Continue reading because we have a ton of advice for you.

How Does MyKey Work in Ford?


Ford MyKey operates by connecting to the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port of a vehicle. All contemporary vehicles have an OBD port, which is the same port used to identify issues with those vehicles and is located under the dashboard.

By taking off a cover, you can physically access the car’s telematics system. It is located in the engine compartment close to the battery on one of several metal plugs that run beneath or behind a rubber seal on many Ford models.

In order to connect to a vehicle for programming and diagnostic purposes, a USB drive is inserted into any USB port on a computer.

Ford MyKey integrates with these systems to control specific driving operations, such as seatbelt tightening and, occasionally, limiting specific speed settings when off-road or in an area with lower speed limits than usual.

The MyKey in Ford has features that:

  • enables you to place time and speed limits on specific vehicles that have MyKey installed. You can set a speed limit that will alert you when you accelerate or a brake.
  • Pushing the MyKey button will temporarily turn off driving and other features if the car is moving and you have the key in your possession.
  • Using MyKey, drivers can prevent access to a variety of entertainment features while operating a vehicle. It includes forbidding using a phone or a radio while driving.
  • MyKey allows you to lock doors and set a remembrance alarm while parked.
  • Ford MyKey enables drivers to easily adjust speed, volume, seat and mirror positions, and engine block heater usage. You can choose between 4 levels of restriction to manage the driving MyKey feature. Pressing the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time will unlock the top level.
  • Drivers can use the MyKey system’s interface on the Ford website to remotely monitor vehicle behavior. With MyKey activated, you can keep an eye on your teen while they drive for the duration of all registered keys for that vehicle type and model year.

How Do I Deactivate Ford MyKey?

You will require your admin key to deactivate or clear any of your programmed Ford MyKey units, per the Ford owner’s manual.

  1. Turn your ignition on using your admin key
  2. To navigate the digital menu in the instrument cluster, use the steering-wheel-mounted information display control. This menu can be accessed on more recent models by using the infotainment screen in the center.
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. Select “Vehicle Settings”
  5. Go to “MyKey”
  6. Select “Clear All MyKeys”
  7. Select “OK”

When everything is finished, the MyKey will revert to being a regular admin key with no limitations. Check out this quick video to learn how to activate, set up, and deactivate MyKey.

With an admin key, the procedures are fairly simple. To access the full MyKey menu, you may occasionally need a MyKey unit that has already been programmed.

How Do I Disable Ford MyKey Without Admin Key?

For many years, the Ford F-series has been the most popular pickup truck in America. You might find yourself picking up the incorrect key when rushing out of your house, just like many car owners.

You might only have a pre-programmed MyKey with all the previous restrictions set up in either scenario. When you can only drive at 60 mph or are unable to answer calls through phone pairing, this may be frustrating.

Fortunately, there are a couple of methods you can use to disable the MyKey feature even without the admin key.

Block the RFID Chip

Our first method of disabling MyKey without the admin key involves “tricking” your Ford into believing that the car is keyless. Here are the steps:

  1. Start your Ford vehicle normally with your MyKey, but don’t get behind the wheel just yet.
  2. On your screen, you will see the MyKey restrictions.
  3. Stop the RFID chip in your key from communicating with your car while the engine is running. There are various approaches to doing this.
    • Hide your MyKey unit inside a tin can
    • Wrap your MyKey in tin foil
    • Ask another person to take the MyKey and walk a few feet away from the vehicle
  4. The door of the car is opened and closed. The absence of the key in the car will be indicated on your screen.
  5. Using your MyKey, turn the ignition off and back on again.
  6. Even though the car will start, your MyKey won’t be recognized.
  7. As if you had an admin key, you can use this to access the MyKey menu.
  8. Navigate your MyKey menu and select “Clear MyKeys”.
  9. Once completed, your key is once again an admin key.

Use Remote Start to Disable MyKey

If your remote start system is compatible, you can use it to disable MyKey without an admin key. These authorized aftermarket remote start systems are treated as extra admin keys by default in Ford vehicles equipped with MyKey.

Here are the steps:

  1. Close all of the doors before getting inside your Ford.
  2. The remote start button should be used to start your engine. Ensure that you have your MyKey on you as well.
  3. Because doing so will cause the engine to shut off automatically, avoid opening any doors or shifting into any gear.
  4. The digital menu in the instrument cluster can be accessed by using the information display control on your steering wheel. This menu can be accessed on more recent models by using the infotainment screen in the center.
  5. Go to “Settings”
  6. Select “Vehicle Settings”
  7. Go to “MyKey”
  8. Select “Clear All MyKeys”
  9. Select “OK”

Your MyKey will subsequently transform into an admin key. You can use your remote start system to disable MyKey by watching the following video.

Use An OBD2 Scanner and Program to Clear MyKey

To disable your MyKey, you can also purchase an OBD scanner and a program. We do not advise this last method, however, because the earlier ones are free. But we’re here to give you all of your options.

What If There is No Clear MyKey Option?

If you turn your Ford on and can’t find a “Clear MyKey” option in your menu, then it means you’re not using an admin key. Depending on the settings made by the admin key user, you as a MyKey user might be able to access certain MyKey options.

Configurable settings that MyKey users can modify include the following:

  • 911 Assist
  • Do Not Disturb feature
  • Advance Trac

How to Turn Off MyKey Volume Limit

You’ll need an admin key if you’re a MyKey user and want to disable the audio volume limiter. Here are the steps if you have the admin key (and the owner’s permission) to use it.

  1. Using your admin key, start the ignition.
  2. The digital menu in the instrument cluster can be accessed by using the information display control on your steering wheel. This menu can be accessed on more recent models by using the infotainment screen in the middle.
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. Select “Vehicle”
  5. Go to “MyKey”
  6. Scroll down to “Volume Limiter”
  7. To disable the restriction, slide the slider button on the volume limiter to the left.

Turn off the ignition and remove the admin key from the car to see if you were successful. Ford vehicles with push-button ignitions will only recognize the admin key and not the MyKey unit if both keys are inside the car.

Test your audio volume by starting the ignition once more with the MyKey device.

How Do I Get a Key Made for My Ford F-150?

It’s always a smart idea to have at least two keys for your car. You are aware that you have a backup key at home or with a family member, so even if you lose one key, you are still protected.

We advise two options for getting a new key for your F-150.

  • Contact your Ford dealership
  • Call up an automotive locksmith

If you only have one key or key fob left, we advise choosing the dealership option. You might have to spend $400 to $500 for a new set of keys for newer Ford models.

You can get a replacement key from an aftermarket supplier if you already have at least two functional keys or key fobs. The mechanical key will need to be cut by a locksmith, but you can program the key yourself.

Wrapping Up: 3 Ways to Turn Off Mykey Without Admin Key

Despite helping to encourage safe driving, the Ford MyKey feature occasionally causes frustration. Using or not using the admin key, you can disable the MyKey feature.

  • Cycle through your ignition while “hiding away” your MyKey’s RFID transponder
  • Use a Ford-approved remote start system
  • Use an OBD2 scanner and software

You can use the guidelines above to disable MyKey. To avoid accidents, just be careful not to drive too fast or perform risky maneuvers.


What is Ford MyKey?

MyKey Technologies developed the enhanced safety system known as Ford MyKey, which enables a car’s owner to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle using an app on their smartphone.

Drivers can modify the vehicle’s driving restrictions using MyKey for Ford. It is a setting found on a few Ford Motor Company vehicles.

You’re never in danger of getting left behind with this device. It’s just one of the many ways MyKey can keep you safe while you travel.

Drivers can constantly be aware of what is going on around them thanks to the Ford MyKey’s additional features, which include hazard alerts and theft prevention.

But getting a MyKey isn’t just about convenience; it’s also about safety. If you don’t fasten your seatbelt, MyKey on some models may prevent your car from starting.

Ford MyKey is the ideal tool to help make regular driving safer and more convenient when used in conjunction with its other features.

By pressing a button, MyKey enables adults or parents who are in charge of teens or inexperienced drivers to command them to drive on and off-road.

To enhance the vehicle’s features and encourage safe driving practices, you can buy the tool. These limitations can be set by parents using a code registered with their local Ford dealer.

What Cars Have Ford MyKey?

The following Ford vehicles come equipped with MyKey:

  • 2015 Escape S Four-cylinder
  • 2015 Fusion Four-cylinder
  • 2015 Fusion SE V6 Four-cylinder
  • 2015 Mustang EcoBoost V6 Four-cylinder
  • 2016 Focus SE Four-cylinder
  • 2016 Mustang GT V8 (including the Shelby GT350)
  • 2016 Taurus SHO V8 (including the Shelby GT500)
  • 2017 F-150 Raptor SuperCrew Cab–4×4 MY17 & Earlier, Regular Cab – MY18 & Later
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Lincoln MKZ
  • Lincoln MKX
  • Lincoln Continental

Will Disconnect the Battery Reset MyKey?

MyKey can’t be returned to its factory settings by unplugging the battery. The car’s MyKey feature is computer-controlled and independent of whether the ignition is turned on.

If you need to reset MyKey, you will require a new key and an alternative method of configuring everything. Contact Ford Technical Support or return the key to your dealer.

How Do I Override Ford MyKey?

In order to change the restriction settings, vehicle speed minders, and Ford MyKey volume limited or audio system controls, simply start the car with an admin key and navigate back to the “MyKey” menu. From here, simply select the feature that you’d like to change the settings for, and make adjustments as necessary.

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