368A Key Cutting Machine Review

368A Key Cutting Machine Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Key replacement is expensive and annoying, and renters seem to enjoy losing them. Is it worth paying $130 for the 368A Key Cutting Machine? Do you know anyone who has used that tool before? We’ll give you an overview of the 368A Key Cutting Machine in this article. Please keep reading.

Difference Between 368A And Other Automotive Key Cutters

368A and The Xhorse Condor key cutter is an entirely different device. 368A key cutter is the manual control version. Key cutting and calibration must be done by hand. The automotive version is the Condor key cutting machine. Keys will be automatically calibrated and cut by the device.

Features Of 368A Key Copy Cutting Machine

  1. Multi-functional practical machine, equipped with horizontal feeding movable handle
  2. Steel fixture with multiple uses that can duplicate different hollowness, wave, cylindrical, and key types for multiple locks, composite beads, and some car keys.
  3. Fixture with a pitch line for dark key duplication services and a function for assembling cylinder-type keys (multifunctional clamp).
  4. having a slide mechanism made of hardened ball bearings.

How To Operate 368A Key Copy Cutting Machine

  • Changing the leading needle and cutter:
  • To unclamp the standard screw in the counterclockwise direction, use the inner hexagonal wrench.
  • Separate the cutter and the lead needle from the axis by drawing them out and downward.
  • When the axis is suitable in its flexible position, insert the new cutter and leading needle, and then tighten the screw to lock in the clockwise direction with the inner hexagonal wrench.
368A Key Cutting Machine Review

Note: If the cutter and lead needle are not cut at the same angle (hole type cut) or the same diameter (wave type cut), accurate duplication is impossible.


  1. Place the machine on a level surface at the job site, four feet below the ground, to make sure it is stable and reliable and not shaking. If there are any foreign objects inside the rotor, make sure they are cleaned up carefully so as not to harm the machine. Inspect each component for leaks. No matter if they should be used or not, loose fasteners damage the switch line.
  2. Electrical connections must have leakage protectors installed in order to ensure safety, and there must be solid grounding in the grounding mark location!
  3. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to stick your hand further inside. Also, the switch instructs you not to use wet hands during the machining process.
  4. Disconnect the power before cleaning up as you normally would stop the machine from running.
  5. Every three months, a bearing needs to be replaced with calcium base grease.
  6. As soon as an abnormal circumstance arises during use, the power switch should be quickly turned off. Once troubleshooting has finished, the device should be put back into operation.

Locksmith Suggestions

  • You can buy a 386a cutter at a much cheaper price, for example only $79 in
  • Depending on how much you want to spend, I won’t recommend spending the $79 if you plan to do it for business. 368A is good for DIYers, but to keep your business running you’ll need cutting machines like the Condor, Miracle A7, etc.
  • The 368A is gear for cutting laser-type keys. 368A can cut/duplicate both home keys and vehicle keys for multi-brands, BMW, Honda, VW, etc.

Return Policy

Don’t worry if you order something online and it’s not everything you expected. We’re here for you.

You can return this item within 90 days from the day you receive your online order.

Returning this item is simple in two ways:

  • Return this item to a Walmart store
  • Return this item by mail

Customers Reviews

  1. As long as you use a high-quality cutter, I don’t have any issues. I substitute hss for carbide when using it because it seems to perform better. I’m also attempting to attach space and depth micrometers to it so that I can cut keys by dimension without using depth keys. Although not urgent, it would be nice to be able to do that.
  2. I currently own a 368A and have completed numerous keys using it. bought the carbide cutters and needed 3 of them for cutting a key. Although not very quick, using a titanium cutter is good. It is only being used for mobile cutting. Worth all the money.
  3. 368A works like a rocket with a titanium drill.

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