Vending Machine Keys

Are All Vending Machine Keys The Same? Certainly Not!

Manufacturers of vending machines construct their machines with tubular lock systems to protect the contents when the machine is unattended. By preventing direct access to the internal locking mechanism, tubular locking systems prevent traditional lock picking and key bumping. Not all the vending machine keys are the same.

Vending Machine Lock

It is crucial to understand the precise procedure for opening vending machines because it differs significantly from opening a regular door.

A key is provided when you buy a machine to ensure that only the owner has access to the insides (both money and goods).

Due to its tubular shape, this key—generally referred to as a barrel lock key—is very special.  

Are All Vending Machine Keys The Same

You should be aware that there is no single key that can be used to operate all devices.  The keys to vending machines are all keyed differently for security reasons. 

These machines’ locks can only be opened with a key that has the right “key code.”  Different keys can be identified by their key codes.  There isn’t a key available that works with all key codes.

Types Of Vending Machine Keys

Keys for vending machines are typically either flat or tubular.

The tubular version sometimes referred to as a barrel key, has a hollow, cylindrical shaft with grooves of varying lengths cut into the exterior surface at the end of the shaft. The lock is opened by these grooves, which allow the lock’s pins to move to the groove’s end.

The flat key looks like your typical house key and can have teeth on one or two sides, the latter being more secure.

The Carousel Gumball machine is a special case because no longer are the customary lock and key sets for these machines made.  Instead, Carousel Industries has installed a “screw lock” in place of the lock.   

With a flathead screwdriver, these screw locks can be opened.

Steps For Opening A Vending Machine Lock

The tubular key must first be inserted into the slot and rotated to unlock the vending machine. As a result, the key slot or T-handle will protrude. You can pull in either a vertical or horizontal fashion due to the T-handle’s design. When stocking the machine or collecting cash, carefully open the door.

There are a lot of keyless vending machines on the market right now. You can insert the pin or card into the device with a pin-code system or a card-based lock. Your door will open for you to use based on the programming of the device.

The most secure option is regarded as a hybrid key locking system with a dual security feature of a pin-code. However, it might be a bit pricey for owners of small vending machines.

Vending Machine Keys

How To Make A Key For A Vending Machine

the key to the vending machine. If you misplace your key, you can get a new one from the distributor who sold the vending machine you bought when it was new. You can find a list of distributors online. Tell the distributor you need a new vending machine key when you get in touch with them. They’ll ask you for the model information and for a four-digit number that can be found on the tubular lock assembly.

 This quantity is associated with the key configuration. You’ll receive the key via mail from the distributor.

Create the vending machine key using a tubular key duplicator. To create vending machine keys, various methods are used by each tubular key machine. Other machines measure one key and require the key to be replaced with a blank before they can begin cutting.

Some machines can copy one key while cutting another at the same time. Read the instructions that come with the tubular key duplicator to learn exactly where and how to insert your two keys into the device.

Then verify the key to the vending machine.

How To Change A Vending Machine Lock

The ability to change a vending machine’s lock is a crucial skill that every person who handles vending machines must possess. The following steps can assist for the same:

Start by using your key to unlock the door. A small pin can be seen sticking out from behind the T-handle of the device as soon as it has been removed. Once you’ve located the pin, all you need to do is firmly insert your key into the slot with one hand while inserting the pin with the other.

 You can use a screwdriver or even a car key to pushing the pin inside. Your key is released from the tubular lock frame as soon as your pin is inserted inside.

Put the key in the tubular lock and turn it to depress the tab at the end of the lock to reinstall it. When the lock is properly positioned inside the T-handle, you will hear a click. Your machine is securely fastened when you push the T-handle back into the machine.

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