What Is Futura Pro Key Machine

What Is Futura Pro Key Machine?

The popular Futura’s successor, the Futura Pro, combines its distinguishing dual cutting stations with quicker cutting and enhanced software. For Edge-Cut, Laser-Cut, Cruciform, and Dimple keys, there is an electronic key machine called the Futura Pro. You can learn more about the Futura Pro Key Machine by reading this article.

Futura Pro Key Machine

Electronic key cutting machine Futura Pro is a one-of-a-kind tool that combines two cutting stations into a single, user-friendly machine. Thanks to the software-guided procedures, this lightweight and small machine are perfect for novice key cutters. It’s also ideal for seasoned locksmiths providing a roadside service. Futura Pro is notable for the quality of its key cuts, its small footprint, and its access to the largest key database available on the market via the integrated tablet. It is now even faster than before.

Technical Data:

  • Motors: 24V dc
  • Power Supply: 90/264V – 50/60 Hz
  • Movements: 3 axes (special bushings) driven by step motors on rectified roller guides
  • Carriage Runs: Axis X 1.18″ (30mm), Axis Y 1.97″ (50mm), Axis Z 1.06″ (27mm)
  • Dimensions: 12.52″ W (318mm) x 16.26″D (413mm) 20.47″ H (522mm) with tablet, 13.38″ H (340mm) without tablet

Features Of Futura Pro Key Machine

Exclusive Double Cutting Station

Futura Pro has two cutting stations: one for edge cut and cruciform style keys, and one for laser and dimple keys:

Edge Cut and Cruciform Station

• Decode via optical reader to OEM specifications
• Copy by original function via optical reader for an exact duplicate of the original
• the cutting station’s calibration under guidance.
• Durable, long-lasting HSS (High-Speed Steel) milling cutter
• Four positions, quick rotating jaw (clamp) accommodates a wide variety of keys
• Easily tighten the key in place with the ergonomic clamp handle.
• Cut in a single smooth pass are most residential keys and automotive keys.

Laser and Dimple station

• Decode and copy by electrical contact to OEM specifications
• Automatic Calibration • Interchangeable clamp jaws
• 01J, 02J, and 19J jaws included will accommodate all North American laser style keys with the exception of BMW and Mercedes (requires optional 04J jaw)
• Durable carbide laser cutter
• With optional accessories, capabilities can be expanded to include tubular, Tibbe®, and other keys.

Futura Pro

Practical And Easy To Operate

Futura Pro is operated by a detachable, 10-inch touch-screen tablet, which leads the user step-by-step through all key cutting operations (for instance, choosing the proper key profile for a cylinder key, the make, model, and year for vehicle keys, in addition to the appropriate cutter and clamp).).

The tablet incorporates all of Silca Software’s key features and information, including a wide variety of data cards and code tables for flat, cruciform, laser, and dimple keys.

Immediate Process Control

The key cutter can quickly see the process status thanks to the color-changing LED lights:

  • white: the machine is ready to proceed;
  • yellow: the machine is cutting a key;
  • green: the key cutting is complete.

Faster Cutting Cycles

Futura Pro has faster cutting cycles because of a motor that has up to three times more power and cutters that can run at speeds of 1585 rpm for flat keys and 12100 rpm for laser and dimple keys.

Faster response times and overall improved machine performance are delivered by a new tablet combined with upgraded electronics.

Improved Hardware And Connectivity With 2 Usb Ports

For better wear resistance and a longer lifespan, all exposed screws are made of stainless steel. 2 USB ports are available on the device at the back: one for the tablet battery charger and one for the tethering connection so that even when the Wi-Fi connection is broken or unstable, the tablet and Futura Pro remain linked and functional.

Additionally, the USB flash drive included with Futura Pro can be connected to the second USB port in order to import code tables or machine software updates.

Space-saving And Portable Solution

It is simple to carry Futura Pro because it is small and light. It is ideal for small shops and vans because it has a safety shield that slides inside the machine body and an ergonomic grip.

Functional And Stylish

Silca takes great pride in both the exceptional quality and distinctive designs of its products. The new “total black” appearance for Futura Pro is eye-catching and fashionable. The new tool holder mat on the machine’s top and the protective motor cover made of polished steel are two examples of updated details.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long-lasting components
  • Highly reliable
  • Silca precision and design
  • Tablet supplied
  • Fast cutting cycle
  • Best selling machine with double cutting station
  • Software updates are always available


Standard Accessories

  • Cutter: Edge Cutter 01F FUTURA PRO D747276ZB
  • Laser Cutter: Cutter 01LW D747838ZB
  • Dimple Cutter: Cutter 01D D742867ZB
  • Edge Cut Jaw: Clamp 01V D942846ZR
  • Laser/Dimple Jaw: 01J D943253ZR, 02J D943254ZR, 19J D744023ZB (Ford®, VW®/Audi® Porsche®)
  • Laser/Dimple Tracers: 01T D942565ZR, 02T D942866ZR
  • Tip Stop (pos 4) D946007ZR
  • USB PEN D947837ZR
  • Software Interface:  Instacode/Kreate-A-Key
  • 6-month free software upgrades (Futura Software Subscription can be purchased here)

Optional Accessories

  • Jaw: 04J D743256ZB (BMW®, Mercedes® laser style keys)
  • Clamp:  02V D743271ZB (ASSA® DP, CLIQ, D-12)
  • Clamp: 02R D743275ZB (for tubular keys)
  • Clamp:  03R D743276ZB (for Ford® Tibbe® keys)
  • Cutter:  03L D743672ZB (for tubular keys)
  • Cutter:  06LW D74784028 (Toyota®/Lexus®)
  • Tracer:  03T D943910ZR (Included with 02R kit)
  • Adapter: BD0725XXXX Lexus®/Toyota® Wallet Key
  • Futura Engraving Kit

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