How Do Key Cutting Machines Work?

Many people think of locksmiths and immediately picture cutting keys. They enable the exact replication of any key, in any size, shape, or appearance, for use in the same manner as the original. How does a key-cutting machine work? Read this article and you can understand how a key cutting machine works.

What Is Key Cutting

You shouldn’t be concerned if you don’t understand what key-cutting is because many people don’t. In the UK, key-cutting is without a doubt the most common method of making keys. There are two ways to go about it: you can either make a duplicate of an existing key, or you can produce a new key altogether.

Key-cutting machines are reliable, precise, and safe tools when used as intended. If you know how to use them effectively, they can produce replacement keys in a matter of minutes.

The key-cutting machine is still commonplace despite advances in technology and an increase in the use of electronic tools by locksmiths. Simply put, there will always be a need for security keys and backups for them.

A key cutting machine is a tool used to create a key’s distinctive profile. These machines come in a wide variety of designs, typically determined by the type of key being cut: car keys, skeleton keys, standard house keys, and tubular keys. To create a new key, most machines trace the profile of an existing one.

Automatic, code, laser, manual, and tubular key cutting machines are a few of the various types.

Types Of Key Cutting Machines

Key-cutting machines come in a variety of designs, just like any other technology. Fortunately, they frequently employ the same mechanisms. Key-cutting machines are typically very similar, even though there might be one or two parts that vary from one machine to the next.

key machine

The most common key-cutting machines in the business will be covered in our locksmith training courses. Additionally, you’ll have the abilities and knowledge necessary to quickly pick up on the subtleties of a different type of machine if you ever come across one.

One of the most crucial lessons we impart in our courses is to always consult the manual before operating a key-cutting machine you are unfamiliar with.

How Do Key Cutting Machines Work

The truth is that key-cutting machines have become quicker and simpler to use as locksmith technology has advanced. For locksmith students, this is fantastic news!

Key cutting machines work on the ‘copy’ principle. The replica teeth are simultaneously ground into the blank key that is being cut as you trace the teeth of one key with the key-cutting machine using a different component of the machine.

First, try to choose a blank key that resembles the original key in appearance. Make sure the teeth on the original key are visible and facing upward before inserting it into the first vice. The blank key should then be inserted into the second vice.

The cutting blade is situated here. Make sure that both keys are firmly in place and won’t move while being cut.

Make sure to close the protective cover before turning on the machine.

Your machine will automatically determine the cutting wheel’s proper speed and angle once it is turned on. Simply copy the original key’s teeth and grooves, then turn off the machine. Debris should be cleared away, and any sharp edges should be polished with a wire brush.

Check the key to make sure it has no sharp edges. The last thing you want to do right now is to use a sharp key to open the lock and cause permanent damage. in particular now that you have two keys!

Compare the two keys side by side. Do they match one another exactly? If so, then your key is functional. If you are unsure of the new key’s outline, you should try inserting the old one again, getting a new blank, and using the same technique to make a key that is more accurate.

What Can You Do With A Key Cutting Machine

Due to the variety of tasks a key cutting machine can perform, such as key duplication, replacement, and creation, it is crucial to have one in many different types of occupations.

If you know what you’re doing, a key machine can easily cut new keys to fit a variety of locks or duplicate keys. Even if your line of work doesn’t necessitate one, keeping a portable key machine nearby your home or place of business can be useful in an emergency.

It is crucial to choose the ideal key cutting machine for your needs because there are numerous varieties available. The manual key cutter is the common tool for cutting keys.

The cutting blades on this machine must be turned by hand using a crank. A manual key machine’s benefit is that it is inexpensive and simple to operate.

If you want to run a business or cut a lot of keys, you might choose a contemporary, electronic cutter that works quickly and can produce a lot of keys.

Even though they are more expensive, they are also much faster and more effective. They are also the key machine that is by far the most accurate on the market.

Additionally, consider the key types that you’re most likely to make. Most manual and electric key cutters are able to cut common keys, including house and car keys.

However, computer-aided electronic key cutters can make a wider range of keys, including high-security and automotive transponder keys. If you know where to look, you can even discover wireless or portable key machines.

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