Lock A Door Without A Lock

8 Easy Ways to Lock A Door Without A Lock From the Outside

The majority of bedroom doors lack a solid lock that is operable from the outside. However, there are times when locking your bedroom door is necessary to keep unwanted eyes out.

Fortunately, there are numerous easy methods and hacks you can use to safely lock your bedroom door from the outside, so you usually don’t need to hire a locksmith.

In reality, many of my clients and friends regularly employ the techniques I’m about to demonstrate with great success.

And I’m going to show you the greatest movable, transient, and long-term options for locking your bedroom door in this article.

Let’s get going!

Return of a Chair

Because they may be adjusted to fit the top of the chair under the door handle while the feet are firmly planted against the ground, sturdy chairs can be a suitable option for keeping a door closed. Due to the pressure created between the door and the floor along the chair’s back and legs, the door cannot open. Lever-style door handles can also be prevented from opening downward by the back of the chair. This approach is less effective if the door may also be opened by turning the handle upward. In order to prevent the lever handle from moving downward or upward in this situation, it may be a good idea to fasten it to the chair with a belt or rope.

Locking Portable Doors

For renters and tourists who cannot set up more permanent solutions, these useful devices are fantastic. A movable door lock can be used and taken off as needed, as the name suggests. The usual component of these locks is a metal piece, commonly called a “claw,” which fits over the original doorknob’s bolt or latch and a lock that snaps into the claw to prevent the door from opening. These locks, however, are ineffective for externally opening doors.


Doorstops are generally intended to stop doors from closing, but when placed behind an inward-opening door, this inexpensive object really makes it impossible to open the door, even if the doorknob can be turned. It’s a quick and easy way to help safeguard the house if the door lock is damaged. However, it won’t work on doors that open outward, and with enough force, a burglar could be able to get past the doorstop. If you want more security, use a method from this list that isn’t already being used.

Barrier on the floor

A base and a brace that can be inserted into or withdrawn from the base make up floor barriers. Screws should be inserted through the base and into the floor to install a floor barrier. When the brace is taken off, the door should still be able to open over the top of the base and remain usable. Simply insert the brace to keep the door from opening inward when you want to lock it. People who can modify their homes should use a floor barricade, although tenants and vacationers are not permitted to do so.

Rope or Belt

Because a belt or rope can be used to restrain the physical movement of the handle, lever-style door handles are typically simpler to lock than doorknobs. Simply fasten the belt’s or rope’s handle end to the other end, which should be fastened to something. When the handle can open both above and downwards, think about utilizing two tethers to entirely prevent movement.

An outward-opening door can also be safely fastened with a belt or piece of rope because the tether can be fastened to a large object like a couch or refrigerator. Wrap the tether around both handles of the French door to prevent it from opening.

Security Fence

Security bars can provide stronger defense against powerful force, such as an intruder trying to kick down a door or break it down with their shoulder. Depending on the product, security bars or barricades are made of a pair of sturdy brackets that are attached to the wall or door frame. The full width of the door is then blocked by a heavy metal or wood bar that is placed in the brackets. When you need to use the door, you can lift this security bar up and out of the brackets, and you can quickly and easily reinstall it after you’re done. Security bars are ineffective for securing doors that open outward.


A simple fork can be used to momentarily shut a door that opens inwards in a pinch. Bend the fork’s tines so that the tips of the tines fit into the door latch and the remaining fork may easily stay in the space between the door and the doorframe when the door is closed to secure the door. Break off the fork’s handle after opening the door and taking it out. Close the door by inserting the fork’s head once more into the door latch as before, making sure the bent tines are firmly attached to the latch. Slide the fork handle between the tines while the door is closed to create a horizontal barrier.

Locking Strike Plate

The little device known as a strike plate lock can be fitted to the door frame where it is attached. The strike plate lock functions similarly to a typical door chain with the exception that it features a metal loop that fits over the door handle to prevent opening. This approach is safer than relying on a door’s backing screws to keep it secured against break-ins. In order to prevent future harm to the door frame, users can also install a strike plate lock using the existing strike plate screw holes.

Lock A Door Without A Lock


As you can see, there are several ways to lock the door to your bedroom. Since every circumstance is unique, you must select the course of action that best meets your requirements.

Use a variety of techniques in conjunction with one another to increase security (for instance, a portable door lock with a security cam).

The local fire safety codes must be reviewed and followed when making any adjustments to your door.

If your bedroom door serves as an emergency exit, do not lock it. Never change a fire door. Additionally, you should never lock a door without the owner’s consent.

If you alter your bedroom door in any way, ensure sure you can always open it from the inside to avoid becoming trapped. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a professional for guidance or assistance.

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