Are Car Keys Waterproof? Definitely Not!

You may be wondering if your keys will nonetheless work or if they need to be changed properly away. So, are car keys water resistant? Car keys, like many different digital devices, are not waterproof. What should you do if your car key fob gets wet? Keep reading.

Are Key Fobs Waterproof

Forgetting to remove your key fob from your swimsuit fund before springing into the drink is a common vacation season error, and it has the capability to upset a really great day, but don’t fear. I’ll bet we can figure this out right now!

key fobs aren’t waterproof. The traditional, machine-cut keys used in older vehicles can survive a submersible trip without detriment. Still, ultramodern electronic keys similar to the transponder key or smart key fobs are susceptible to water damage.

What Happens To Your Key Fob If It Gets Wet

Still, you must get it out of the water immediately, if your key fob gets dropped into some water or you realize you forgot to take it out of your pants pocket before starting the washing machine. The longer the fob is submerged, the more likely it’s that your fob won’t work presently. You’ll probably have to buy a potentially-expensive replacement.

There are several ways your fob can be damaged. The problems begin when the circuit board inside the fob gets wet. Parts of the circuit board can get shorted out or rust and corrosion could set in briskly. In more severe cases, the battery can die, leak, or explode.

What Do You Do If Your Key Fob Gets Wet

Once you’ve immediately taken the fob out of the water, you have a couple of options. You can either try to repair it yourself or get relief. We’ll bandy both of those options in detail later in this post. It’s possible your car manufacturer hid a traditional mechanical key in the fob that you can use in the meantime.

Examine the fob for any catches or levers. However, push it and also pull the mechanical key out of the fob, if you see one. Once you’re inside your car, look for a plastic cap near the steering wheel. Remove it and you’ll see a key niche. We’ve formerly bandied unlocking and starting a key-entry car without a fob in our post Lost Car Keys? Then is What To Do. So, read that if you want further information.

This method isn’t as accessible as a remote control or smart key. still, you’ll still be suitable to unleash and start your car until you decide whether or not you want to replace the fob.

How Do You Fix Water Damaged Key Fobs

Step One

After you immediately take it out of the water, hold the fob button-side down. Shake it a bit to get as much water out from its innards as possible. Place the fob button-side down on top of a clean, dry towel or cloth and let it rest there for many minutes. Also, use a towel or cloth to get as much water out of the crevices as you can.

Step Two

Next, you have to open up the fob since some water might have gotten inside it. Use the system we preliminarily described to do so. Remove the battery and use a clean cloth to dry it, the fob’s innards, and the circuit board. However, safely dispose of it and get relief, if the battery is oohing or damaged. You might want to replace your battery indeed if there’s no visible damage since any serious contact with water can harm it.

Step Three

Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the circuit board and the fob’s innards to remove any battery acid residue or other impurity. Let all the corridors sit until they’re fully dry. Also, you can install the new battery and assemble the fob.

Step Four

Test each button on the fob. However, also the fob is good as new! also, if some buttons work but not all if they all work. However, you’ll either need to get the fob reprogrammed or replaced entirely if none of the buttons work.

Whatever you do, don’t try to dry your fob with either a hairdryer or a microwave oven. The former option will fry your key’s circuitry and insure it never works again while the ultimate could start a fire. You should also know that indeed if you follow this method precisely, there’s still a chance your key won’t work presently and you’ll need to buy a replacement.

How To Protect Your Key Fob

Still, you can hold your electronic key in your bathing suit swatch while keeping your phone safe as well, if you have a waterproof case. Despite their splash evidence and floatation parcels, these cases mustn’t be submerged or subordinated to prolonged water exposure. Doing so puts the contents at threat of severe water damage.

What To Do With Key Fobs When Swimming

It’s an awkward problem, I don’t want to leave them before and don’t want to bring them with me. Anyway, here are a few simple solutions that work.

Magnetic Box

Invest in a magnetic box that clings to your car’s lattice in a separate position. The box is fitted with a combination lock, so each you need to carry is the info.

Hide Your Keys Under The Car Or Near It

This is a great classic, but its prosecution depends on where you’re and how numerous people are around when you hide your fob. There’s quite a bit of hiding space under or near a car, from the fenders to the inside the wheels, over the tires in a chassis rail. It’s a simple result, but be quick and discreet when hiding and retrieving your keys.

Use A Waterproof Pocket

A waterproof pocket allows you to take your keys safely into the soup. Just be sure it’s duly closed( watch out for the fold), I have seen some get caught out by this.

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