Can You Mail Keys In An Envelope?

There are a number of motives anyone may need to mail keys. Since you can’t deliver the keys in person, you need to ship them somehow. You can mail keys in an envelope or a field and ship them by carriers like USPS, FedEx, or UPS. These carriers provide expedited delivery selections like overnight and next-day transport and fashionable 1-3 days delivery. You can additionally mail keys via courier carrier providers.

Can I Mail Keys In An Envelope


You can mail a key or a bunch of keys in an envelope, but you must use one that isn’t flimsy. Also, make sure to secure the key to a piece of thick cardboard to help it from jiggling around inside the envelope.

Here’s how you should mail a key in an envelope: 

Use an envelope that the key can’t tear through. The standard envelope used to send letters, bills, or chatting cards might be too thin for a key or a bunch of keys. Use a padded or a thick cardboard envelope or a jiff bag, like this one set up on Amazon. You can buy these thick envelopes at your local mail office.

Wrap the key in a small plastic bag. You can skip this step if you’re sending a flat key. However, a bunch of keys, or a key fob, If you’re mailing a chunky key.

Fix the key to a piece of cardboard. Attach the key to a piece of thick cardboard with masking tape to prevent it from rattling around inside the envelope.

Don’t put your home address on the envelope. However, don’t use your home address as the return address, If you’re mailing your house key or auto key. However, whoever gets it’ll have your house keys and your address, If the envelope is stolen. You can use your friend’s home address or your work address instead.

Use A Box

You can mail your keys in a small box as well. The shipping costs increase as the dimensions of the package and its weight increase. So, mailing your keys in a package makes financial sense if you have to send a bunch of keys or several keys.

Then are some pointers on how to pack your keys if you’re mailing them in a package

Still, you can send your keys together with these items, If you’re dispatching particular things like clothes or books.

Still, pack in cushioning material like crumpled paper to fill the empty spaces, If you’re sending several keys in a cardboard box. This will prevent the keys from jiggling around inside the box.

Use a box where the keys just fit in. A larger box will cost you more in shipping costs, and you’ll have to use more cushioning material.

How Many Stamps Do I Need To Mail Keys

Your local put-up workplace can tell you how many stamps you want to mail keys. The charges vary based on the package deal weight and dimensions, transport time frame, and distance between the point of origin of the package and its destination.

You can additionally calculate the mailage price through the usage of online calculators provided by using USPS, FedEx, and UPS on their websites. You have to enter the following data to calculate the value of mailing:

  • Destination country
  • The ZIP code you are mailing from
  • The ZIP code you are shipping to
  • The date on which you intend to mail
  • The approximate time when you will mail
  • The kind of item you are mailing

After entering the records listed above, you have to specify whether or not you desire to know the mailing costs for envelopes or boxes.

How Much Would It Cost To Mail a Key

The process is slightly distinctive if you have a community or cluster mailbox that is related to the main office. In the absence of a spare, you will want to: Locate the website for the United States mailal Service (USPS) and publish work that is responsible for your mailbox. Complete the shape for the new keys replacement and pay the price (which is typically $20 or more).

What Is The Cheapest Way To Send Keys

If your package weighs much less than two pounds, USPS will commonly be the most inexpensive a single-day transport alternative among all the three most important US carriers. That’s because USPS operates local routes each day, so they don’t have to go out of their way to deliver your package to the last customer.

The cheapest way to ship small, mild items like a key is to use the USPS First-Class Mail, which will supply your package within 1-3 days and begins at $0.39. You can additionally ship a key in a single day for $26.35 if you ship by USPS Priority Mail Express.

The cheapest way to shoot small, heavy items like many keys is to use USPS flat-rate pricing.

The UPS Sure mail is a cost-efficient shipping option for packages that weigh between 2 lbs. and 10 lbs.

You can avail of discounts on the shipping rates if you ship through third-party logistics( 3PL) providers.

FedEx shipping options are generally the most precious among the three major US carriers. still, you can reduce shipping costs with FedEx using any of the following ways: 

  • Open a FedEx account and get up to a 30 discount.
  • Ship with FedEx Express.
  • Use FedEx One Rate for envelopes that weigh less than 10 lbs. and packages that weigh less than 50 lbs. 

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