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How To Change The Battery On A Nissan Key Fob? With 6 Easy Steps

Nissan drivers have been using a 4- or 5-button key fob dubbed the Intelligent Key for some years. There have been some minor adjustments up until 2021, but the unit stays basically same. Obviously, the key fob is critical to the car’s daily operation. You can have problems accessing or starting your automobile if you don’t have a functional key fob. You also won’t be able to lock it remotely.

In other words, it’s always a good idea to have your key fob charged. The good news is that newer Nissan key fob battery packs have a flashing light on the casing. When the light stops blinking, it means the battery needs to be replaced. It’s intended to serve as a warning: if there’s not enough electricity to keep the light flashing, there won’t be enough power to connect with your Nissan.

In today’s column, we’ll look at Nissan key fob battery replacement, how it’s done, and how often it may be necessary. We’ll also give some more key fob information.

How to change the battery on a Nissan key fob?

It’s all extremely clever and technological, but it, like any other technology, has a finite battery lifespan. It is therefore critical to understand how to replace the Nissan key fob battery. It may appear difficult at first, but it is actually lot easier than it appears, and you will surely become very adept at it with time.

The following are the major stages for replacing the Nissan key fob battery:

Step 1: Turn off the mechanical key.

In your palm, turn the Nissan key fob over and check for the little release catch on the back. Pull it down, and the stored mechanical key will be released from its location in the fob.

This key isn’t required for the battery replacement operation, but it should be kept out of the way.

Step 2: Pry the fob open into two halves.

Two little slots are visible at the top of the key fob. These are suitable for inserting a tiny flat-head screwdriver into before rotating it clockwise to open the shell safely and evenly. You should then be able to separate the fob into two parts.

Step 3: Discard the old battery.

The battery is a 3-volt Panasonic CR 2032 round battery. Its metal disc may be found in one side of the key fob. To carefully remove the battery, use a little flat-head screwdriver. There should be a little space under the battery that is ideal for such a maneuver.

Step 4: Replace the battery.

Place your new CR 2032 battery with the inscription on the battery pointing down. Slide it in from the side, towards the spring visible in the casing. Push the battery toward the spring and make sure it snaps into position.

Step 5: Change the key fob housing.

The two halves of the key fob case must then be reassembled. Simply align the two parts and snap them back into place. It should create a loud or at least visible click, so check sure all pieces are linked equally.

Step 6:Replace the mechanical key 

Finally, just replace the spare mechanical key in its slot, and your Nissan key fob batteries should be operational.

How Often Should You Replace the Nissan Key Fob Battery?

The good news is that your Nissan key fob battery should last between three and four years before it has to be replaced. If you use the fob and its remote features frequently, the battery may drain quicker overall, but it should still last three to four years, protecting you from tragedy.

You may take the fob to a dealer and have them replace the Nissan key fob battery, however this service is usually expensive and unnecessary. It is quite simple to replace it yourself, and the batteries are as little as $5 for a pack of four.


The Nissan key fob will continue to function as long as the battery in the fob remains healthy. Aside from battery care, you should also make sure your fob doesn’t get wet or come into touch with magnets, since both might harm the internal components. It is also susceptible to physical impacts, so avoid dropping it or applying too much pressure to its outside.

You’re mistaken if you assume it’s simply a cheap piece of plastic. Going back to the dealership to acquire a replacement key fob when one breaks might cost you up to $400. You might be able to locate a different locksmith on the outside to assist you obtain a better rate, but the dealership-dealt 100% genuine McCoy will cost you. That being said, take care of your key fob and everything will be OK.

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