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How to Find Lost Car Remote Key – 8 Tips

You will inevitably lose your car keys at some point if you own one. If you have a remote key, you might be wondering if there is an electronic way you can quickly locate the key without having to search the entire house. These steps will help you locate your lost car remote key, according to automotive experts.

When it comes to cars that have keyless entry, keys can be tracked. You can track the signals that these keys produce. Your car’s keyless entry system will determine how this works, though. Aside from that, consider the kind of technology that the manufacturer has incorporated into your specific car model.

Continue reading this post to learn more about how to locate a lost car remote key and get more information on the aforementioned answer.

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Tips on How to Find a Lost Car Remote Key

You can quickly locate your remote key by using the steps listed below.

Check Yourself

When you lose your key, you might become anxious and forget to leave it nearby. Calming down yourself will be the first step. It is more likely that the incident took place at home than in a public setting, making it simpler.

The best places to start in circumstances like this are the ones that are most obvious, and that includes you. So start by looking through your pockets and any bags you might be carrying.

Retrace Your Steps

Second, go back and retrace your steps to the most recent instance of using your key that you can recall. Find the lost car remote key wherever you think you may have left it after getting out of the vehicle.

This would apply to any place inside and close to your parking lot where your keys might have fallen or been accidentally left, such as the grassy area or the bushes surrounding it.

Ask for Assistance

You can ask a friend or member of your family who lives nearby for assistance in locating a lost car remotely. If you dropped the key somewhere, the other person might have noticed it or even found the key itself.

Additionally, it’s possible that they will revisit the areas you already checked and discover them there.

Check Inside Your Car

The best place to return to is always inside your car after exploring all other likely locations. Additionally, the likelihood that your key is lying somewhere in your unlocked car increases. To find your missing car remote key, look under the seats, the floors, and any nooks and crannies.

Clean Up

An additional helpful tip is to perform an emergency clean-up, which will ensure you visit unexpected locations you might otherwise have missed. If your key was lost in the office or a workshop, this is especially helpful.

Go through Common Spots

This would entail a thorough and methodical search of frequent locations where you keep your car keys. You might have dropped it there unintentionally and forgotten.

Use a Key Finding Device

Tile Mate

Your best option at this point would be to use a sonic key finder to benefit from your car’s electrical system. The key finder will react with a glowing light and a distinctive sound whenever the button is pressed.

Additionally, if your key is nearby, the sound and light will help you quickly locate a misplaced car remotely.

Replace Your Lost Remote Key Or Fob

You can order a new key if you’re unable to find the original. However, since they must program your new key, you must visit the dealership. Bring your title and registration with you because you will need to show proof of ownership to receive your replacement remote key fob.

  • If you have a backup working fob, some locksmiths might be able to make a new key for you.

Is There a Way to Locate a Missing Key Fob?

There is currently no other way to track your car’s key fob, despite the fact that they are renowned for being technologically advanced. If your key fob disappears, you have a number of third-party options at your disposal.

One of those possibilities is key finders. Your key fob can be equipped with a tracking device called a key finder. Bluetooth is used to pair these key trackers with your phone. The range of even the least expensive key trackers is several dozen feet.

Your key finder may include one or more of the following features, depending on the manufacturer you choose:

  • Make some noise to help you find things.
  • Discover its location using GPS.
  • The system will alert you when you have covered a certain amount of distance.

the key finder device to your key fob after downloading the key finder app. The key finder can be synced to your phone using the app, and then you can use your phone to hear the sound the key fob makes to determine exactly where it is.

How Can I Track My Keyless Car Key?

The two most common kinds of keyless remotes operate differently: passive and remote keyless entry. You only need to press one button on a remote keyless entry device in order to send a signal. These devices typically only have a transmitter. Sadly, this implies that you won’t be able to operate the remote.

Possession of a PKE remote will increase your chances. PKE devices allow you to lock or unlock your car without pressing any buttons. The remote is turned on by a signal from the car, which also prompts a request for an authorized number that can open the car.

A PKE remote, for example, has both a transmitter and a receiver, unlike a remote keyless entry device, enabling it to hear you when you call it with a particular radio device. Making a device that doubles as a radio transmitter and receiver allows you to record and retransmit the signal from your car while simultaneously listening for a signal from your keys.

How Does Key Finder Work?

Key finders use Bluetooth to connect with your device and locate your key. The finder needs to be close enough to the lost item to be effective. Depending on obstacles and the quantity of Bluetooth devices being used, this can be anywhere between 30 and 50 feet.

Since radio waves are electromagnetic fields that reflect off objects, your key finder can use this tracking technology to determine where the keys are using Bluetooth.

The range of a Bluetooth key finder is determined by the strength and signal strength. Getting a device with a larger range than the one you currently have is the best way to solve this problem when it occurs.

Is There a Device to Find Car Keys?

There’s good news if you’re tired of losing your keys: technology can help. Electronic key finders are tiny tracking gadgets that can be fastened to a keychain or other frequently lost item.

When you press the button, the finder will buzz, chirp, or otherwise sound an alarm to direct you to your lost object.

Here below, we’ve listed some of the devices that are highly rated:

  • Tile Mate: This tracker’s 250-foot tracking range enables users to look in a large area for the keys. Additionally, you can synchronize it with a Smart Home device to simplify the search. The cherry on top of this specific device is a robust battery that could last up to three years. However, there is no battery replacement available, so you will have to buy a new device when the battery dies.
  • Zen Lyfe SwiftFinder Smart Tag: It has an app for smartphones so that you can mark your lost car keys with the “Lost” tag. You’ll be notified as soon as the keys are within the device’s field of vision. Additionally, you can share the information with your friends and family members who have this app installed in order for them to locate the keys more quickly.
Zen Lyfe SwiftFinder Smart Tag
  • Tile Pro: a better version of the Tile Mate with a bigger tracking range (400 feet as opposed to 250 feet) and replaceable batteries. Both Android and iPhone devices can be used with this water-resistant gadget.
  • Chipolo One Spot: a small finder that can track objects up to 200 feet away, syncs with a mobile app, and responds to voice commands from Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The water-resistant casing ensures that the replaceable battery lasts up to 2 years and is protected from humidity. The ability to provide a 120 dB signal is another benefit of Chipolo One Spot, which simplifies the search process.
Chipolo One Spot

Is There An App to Find Lost Keys?

If your key goes missing, you can track it using a number of apps that can be synced with the key finder. These apps are also very compatible with phones, and they offer a simple way to find a lost key or key fob. Numerous apps exist that fit this description, including the Chipolo app with Tile Mate.

Once you’ve purchased your Chipolo app, all you need to do is attach the Tile Mate key tracker to your key and download the Tile app to your iPhone or Android device. Simply open the Tile app and choose the keys icon if you lose your keys. This will activate the key tracker on your keys, enabling you to quickly find them.

Are Lost Keys Covered by Insurance?

The majority of the time, the answer is no. In particular if the key is a transponder key, having car insurance would be a great idea. But if you lost your car keys, you’d have to deal with the repercussions. On rare occasions, however, you might have full coverage insurance that pays for a car that has been stolen but has the keys inside.

How Can I Track My Car With My Phone?

Using a built-in car GPS tracker is the most common choice. Typically, GPS trackers connect to the internet and place calls using technology that is similar to that of your mobile phone.

The data from the GPS tracker is sent to a smartphone browser or app via cellular networks after being collected by a network of satellites in space, where it is used to calculate the precise location of the vehicle.

A car tracking GPS assists you in tracking your vehicle’s location by providing answers to certain crucial questions such as;

  • How did my car get damaged?
  • What path did my car take?
  • How far has my car traveled this week or month?
  • Was my vehicle being driven too quickly?

Wrap-Up: Find Lost Car Remote Key

We hope that this post has given you all the information you need to proceed if you lose your car remote keys. The number of keys and key fobs will increase as technology develops, making it even simpler to find them.


How Can I Find My Lost Car Key in My House?

Simple Checklist to find the lost car keys in your home

  1. Examine your wallet and pockets.
  2. Check the area where your pillow is.
  3. Look under your bed.
  4. Look in the kitchen cabinet.
  5. The laundry room is worth a look.
  6. Check your trash bin.
  7. Look in the garage.

Is There a Way to Track Lost Car Keys?

If your key fob disappears, you have a number of third-party options at your disposal. One of those options happens to be key finders. A key finder is a tracking gadget that you can connect to your key fob. Bluetooth is used to pair these key trackers with your phone.

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