Honda Key Fob

How to Replace Battery in Honda Key Fob – Step-by-Step

Any car, but especially your Honda, benefits from remote entry systems. They make it simple to lock and unlock your car, and in an emergency, they can even sound a panic alarm.

You’ll notice a reduction in range and eventually no response if the battery in your keyless entry remote is getting low. Your Honda key battery can be changed quickly and easily in under five minutes.

Five simple steps are provided below to replace the battery in your Honda remote entry fob.

Honda Key Fob Battery Type

You must be aware of the battery your Honda key fob requires before you can replace the battery. Most Honda vehicles use a flat circular 3-volt battery for the key fob, but this can vary depending on what kind of Honda you drive.

How to Open Up Your Honda Key Fob

Honda Key Fob

The first step in changing the battery in your Honda key fob is to learn how to open your key fob. To open up the key fob to your Honda, follow these steps:

  1. Find the button on your key fob that releases the metal key.
  2. Pull the key out by sliding that button open.
  3. Insert the key’s edge into the key fob’s slot at the top.
  4. The back of the key fob should pop off if you lightly tap it twice and wedge the key in.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Replacing Your Honda Key Battery

1. Determine Your Battery Type
Check the battery type on the back of your keyless entry remote by flipping it over. Do not be concerned if the battery type cannot be read. The type of battery is written on the existing battery once you open the fob.

2. Open your Honda Key Fob
A jeweler’s screwdriver should be used to remove any screws on your keyless entry remote. Use a tiny flathead screwdriver to pry apart the remote’s two halves. Use light pressure to prevent the key from being harmed.

3. Remove the Dead Battery
When you take the battery out of the remote, make a note of where the positive and negative sides are located. You can install your new battery correctly by doing this. Make sure your fingers don’t come in contact with the battery terminals. Your skin’s natural oils have the potential to corrode the terminals of your remote control, shortening its lifespan.

4. Insert the New Battery
The new battery ought to be installed in the same spot as the old one. If in doubt, check your keyless entry fob for the positive (+) and negative (-) marks.

5. Reconnect the Two Halves of Your Honda Keyless Entry Remote
The remote will snap together once you align the two halves of the fob and apply light pressure.

Check the operation of your remote by testing it. If you bought more than one battery, tape the extra batteries inside your glove box while keeping them in their packaging. Tape’s adhesive will affect the battery’s conductivity if you apply it directly to it.

How to Program Your Honda Key

The only thing left to do is program your Honda key fob now that you understand how to change the battery in it. Fortunately, programming is simple and can be done by any Athens driver. Here are the steps:

  1. Step inside the cabin and check that all of the doors are closed.
  2. Key fob in hand and prepared to go
  3. Insert your key, and turn it to the “On” position.
  4. Press and hold the “Lock” button for about a second.
  5. Release the button, and turn the key to the “off” position.
  6. Repeat this procedure two more times.
  7. Turn the key to the “On” position, and hold the “Lock” button for a second.
  8. The doors should automatically lock and unlock as you approach.
  9. Your Honda should be in remote programming mode after the locks have been cycled.
  10. Hold the “Lock” button for one more second.
  11. Your key fob needs to be paired with your vehicle after the locks have cycled.

How the Honda Key Fob Works

By enabling you to remotely unlock your car from a close distance, the Honda key fob enhances the convenience of your driving experience. This eliminates the need for you to manually unlock your car door with your keys. It’s also useful if you’re leaving your car quickly and want to make sure you remember to lock it when you’re planning to leave it parked for a while without having to go back and get it.

The fob communicates with your car through radio waves. The radio transmitter in your fob has a short range. When you depress the trunk release, lock button, or unlock button, a coded signal is sent to the proper receiver to cause it to carry out the action you’re requesting.

How Far Does My Honda Key Fob Work?

While being able to unlock your car from a distance is useful for times when your hands are full or you’re walking up to it, these radio signals have a maximum range. Furthermore, you shouldn’t unlock your car from far away for safety reasons.

A locking/unlocking distance of 5 to 20 meters is provided by your key fob. Beyond that, it will be challenging to get a signal. The distance of unlocking, however, might be shorter or the frequency of unlocks might increase as your battery starts to lose power.


The ability to remotely lock, unlock, and start your Honda is a useful feature, but over time, the battery inside the key fob will deplete and need to be replaced. Now, follow this guide to replace the battery in your Honda key fob. I sincerely hope you find this post useful.


Can You Use CR2032 Instead of CR2025 in Key Fob?

For as long as either fits in the battery compartment, the CR2025 and CR2032 may be used interchangeably with minimal effect although the Considering that CR2032 has a higher capacity (mAh), it will probably last a little bit longer.

Will Honda Start If Key Fob Battery Dies?

There’s no need to freak out if the key fob’s battery dies. You will still be able to unlock, lock and start the vehicle. The traditional key can be removed from the key fob by sliding the tab on the back of the key fob over.

How Long Do Key Fob Batteries Last?

Between three and four years

Typically, a car fob battery should last between three and four years. Additionally, there are a number of indicators that will let you know when your fob battery is running low. Signal strength loss is the first symptom. The majority of contemporary fobs can communicate with your car up to 50 feet away.

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