Combination Locker Lock

How to Open a Combination Locker Lock Correctly?

Many of us have experienced it. It’s the first day of school, and as you approach your gleaming new locker, panic creeps in as you ponder, “How do I unlock my locker lock?”

Whether you’ve never unlocked a combination lock before or need a refresher, this quick and easy instruction will show you how to unlock your locker step by step!

We’ll start by talking about how to utilize a locker lock (both padlocks and built-in locker locks), and then we’ll look at a few techniques to bypass the lock in case you forget your combination.

Let’s get started!

What is a Combination Lock

A combination lock is a security system that unlocks a lock by entering a code consisting of a series of characters, letters, or numbers. As you engage with a single rotary dial or mechanical mechanism, certain lock points contact with depression carved into the cams. Only when you input the proper combination will the metal curve bar known as the shackle emerge when the cams align. The main difference between these and ordinary locks is that they do not require a key to open.

This device, constructed of weatherproofed plastic and vinyl or metal, is portable, resistant to weather, and may help reduce theft in schools, businesses, and public locations. This form of lock, however, is not a suitable option.

This device, constructed of weatherproofed plastic and vinyl or metal, is portable, resistant to weather, and may help reduce theft in schools, businesses, and public locations. However, this style of lock is not suitable for protecting larger items such as a gate, warehouse, or container.

How to Open a Locker Lock With the Combination

Step 1: Find the predetermined combination

Combinations regularly show up in many types. For new locks, they are normally printed on a label on the lower back of the lock. If they are not, then they are probable to be of the 2nd category.

In case you obtained an ancient lock from anyone besides understanding the mixture or have misplaced or forgotten it, observe these steps.

Step 2: Turn to your first number

Turn the knob a few turns to the proper to clear the caught segments, then cease at the first number. At 12 o’clock, there is a straight line corresponding to an arrow, commonly red. Rotate the knob till the variety mark joins the indicator in a straight line.

In the 2nd situation, use your finger to pull the shackle up as some distance as you can and maintain it there. Turn the knob till you hear a click on on the inside. Ignore the instances when it receives caught and simply cease at the click on when it’s smooth. Add 5 gadgets to that variety to get the first wide variety in your combination.

This system can take time and practice, so be patient. Continue analyzing for directions on how to rotate the entire combination.

Step 3: Turn to your 2d number

Now flip to the left side. Turn the knob one full flip to the left and make positive it’s previous your first variety earlier than stopping at the 2nd one.

For the 2nd case, proceed to pull the shackle and flip the knob to the left. Stop till you without a doubt can’t flip the dial anymore, which ability it is stuck. Your range is now round that position. Retry the identical undertaking many instances to sense the clicking interior and write down some viable results.

Step 4: Turn to your 1/3 number

Go proper again. This time rotate it immediately to the proper till the indicator factors to your 0.33 number. Now, you can open the lock through gently pulling the shackle up or the padlock down.

For the 2d case, you don’t want to pull the shackles anymore. However, it will take some time due to the fact we want to do some tests. Turn the knob to the proper through two units, 4 units, and 4 gadgets once more till you efficaciously pull the shackle out of the lock. That’s how you get your 1/3 variety and be successful in opening lockers.

Step 5: Lock your padlock

Remember to lock your padlock when you end the usage of it. For locking, all you want is to put the shackle again in place, then flip the knob a few turns to the proper as in step 1 so it can clear the numbers. If you don’t do this step, the dial can be without problems became to the 0.33 number. Then, the shackles can be pulled out through any person else.

Tips, Tricks, and Other Security Advice

  • The most secure way to defend your aggregate is to memorize it and defend these three digits with your life. While aggregate locks can be bypassed in a variety of ways, the most secure and most refined way for any individual to ruin into your college locker is the usage of the right combination.
  • Most times, you do not surely want to hit the right variety to liberate a locker lock. The inner gates of these low-priced locks are wide, so you can rotate the dial close to your range alternatively of hitting it directly. For example, if your first wide variety is 5, you may be capable to get away with hitting any variety between three and 7. Knowing this can assist you velocity open your locker!
  • Practice! Spend a little time training coming into your combination. Not solely will this assist you velocity open your locker, however it will additionally resource in memorizing your combination!
  • How to Open a Locker Lock Without the Combination
  • If you lose or overlook the aggregate to your lock and have no different ability of obtaining that combination, there are some choice approaches to open the lock except the combination!

How to Open a Locker Lock Without the Combination

If the lock got here with your locker, then the college owns the lock, and you can discover your self in some actual hassle tampering with college property—not to mention, it simply isn’t always the proper element to do. It’s usually less difficult to simply ask your college for the combination.

Step 1: Crack the Combination

Finding our closing variety to our combination!

You’ve possibly considered a film the place the excessive faculty hero is getting again at the neighborhood bully by means of tapering with their locker. He twists and turns the dial on the lock, and inside minutes—click!—he is in.

Is this film magic, or can it certainly be done?

The fact is, whilst cracking the aggregate on a locker lock takes a good deal longer than 2-3 minutes, it is frankly a lot simpler than you would think.

If you would like to supply this cool approach a try, I’ve already written a full-length information to cracking locker lock combinations.

Step 2: Trial and Error

Have you ever puzzled how lengthy it will take you to locate the aggregate of your locker via coming into each single possibility?

A widespread Master Lock has forty digits and 64,000 combinations. That will take you almost 200 hours to attempt out each combination.

However, if you have solely forgotten one quantity or have a normal notion of your combination, trial and error is an magnificent approach to use! Using pen and paper, write down all the viable mixtures that you suppose it should be and get to work! Additionally, if you have a prevalent notion of the combination, the cracking approach above would possibly assist drastically pace matters up!

Step 3: Shim the Lock

Shimming is an great lock bypassing approach that makes use of a skinny piece of metal—such as a cut-up soda can!

It’s completed by means of inserting the steel shim into the shackle hole, which compresses the locking mechanism that holds the Shackle closed.

You can without difficulty shim most lower priced padlocks the use of a soda can. Below is a superb video on foot you via the process!

Step 4: Cut the Shackle

If all else fails, you can usually pick out the damaging route and reduce the Shackle of your padlock.

While you will have to the front the cash for a new lock, it is higher than by no means having get right of entry to to your locker again. But then again, homework you can not get to is homework you can no longer do. And it is a way higher excuse than your goldfish ingesting your homework!


There are many other sorts of combination locks, ranging from mechanical to electronic, but the one I’m going to show you today is the most popular one that people use to lock lockers. Using this sort of key for the first time might be challenging. So, in addition to arming yourself with the above-mentioned strategy for opening locker combinations, you must practice alone until you are adept.

Remember to always remember “right, left, right!”

If you can remember these three phrases, you will never have to look at your locker with dread and shame because you don’t know how to unlock it again!

I hope you enjoyed this brief guide, and if you have any recommendations for improvements or questions, please send me an email! I always enjoy hearing from my readers!

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