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How To Open A Lockbox Without A Key? 8 Ways

When you can’t get into your cash box, key box, personal safety box, etc., you need to figure out how to open a lockbox without a key or code. But how do you open a lock box without a key?

A lock pick must be acquired or made. Place the pick in the gap at the first number after that. Once you have finished, search for the wheel’s loose component. To successfully unlock the lockbox, repeat this procedure using the other numbers.

Fortunately, there are seven ways in which you should be able to easily and quickly regain access to your property. I ask that you carefully read this article.

What Is A Lockbox?

A lock box is a safety measure akin to a safe. But the level of security that separates safes and lockboxes is what makes them different. A locking metal box qualifies as a lock box if it is made of steel that is any thinner than 12 gauge. 12 gauge steel or thicker often classifies the device as safe.

How Safe Is A Lockbox?

A lockbox is considered a low-security item, so the object will give the impression that it is intended to provide protection. If they have the right tools or steal the lockbox itself, a determined criminal can quickly open it. The locking mechanisms are straightforward, and the metal is thin.

How To Open A Lockbox Without A Key?

Breaking The Lock

Breaking a Master Lock open is one of the conventional methods of opening one. You’ll need a big hammer to pry a Master Lock open.

Take your heavy hammer, and use it to strike the top of the lock downward. The secret to using this technique is to exert enough pressure to overwhelm the locking mechanism and force the lock open.

Utilizing this technique occasionally may result in the locking mechanism becoming jammed, effectively breaking the lock closed. If this occurs, you will need a pair of bolt cutters to open the lock because the key will no longer function.

Bumping The Lock

When attempting to open a lock, a bump key will be required. If all of the key’s cuts are at their deepest point, the key is said to be bumped. Since nine keys have the deepest groove, bump keys are also known as 999 keys.

Get your bump key and put it in your Master Lock after that. After inserting the key all the way, slowly slide it out until you feel it pass one pin. When you do this, you’ll feel a little tension build up before it releases.

You’re going to need something to strike the key for the next step. This technique, known as bumping, involves hitting the key, and either a hammer or rubber mallet will do.

The key should now turn toward unlocking by being lightly tapped with your hammer. As a result of this bump forcing all the pins upward and exerting turning pressure, the pins will become stuck in the open position.

You must try once more if the lock won’t unlock. With some practice, you can quickly open a Master Lock using this technique.

Picking The Lock

how to open a lockbox

The proper tools are necessary when picking a lock. A pick and a tension wrench are required. Although you can make a tension wrench and pick from paper clips or bobby pins, the best results come from using a lock-picking kit.

Take your tension wrench and place it inside the Master Lock. While picking the pins, you must apply torque to the tension wrench.

Use your pick to insert it into the lock’s back. As soon as you feel something push up, depress the selection. When something pushes up, your pick is lined up with a pin.

To raise the pin into position, press down on your pick. The pin will avoid dropping back down thanks to the tension wrench pressure.

Next, slightly extend the pick to locate the pin after it. Push pins upward repeatedly until all of the pins are released. Your Master Lock will open once the last pin is removed.

Bypassing The Lock

A bypass will only work with a specific lock or item, but any lock box can be used with a few of the standards. The bypass can be achieved by directly operating the actuator if you’re trying to figure out how to open a lock box without a key.

You can try reaching through the keyway to operate the actuator of a lock. Put something longer and thinner than your key inside the back of the lock. You might be able to get to the component that the cam and tailpiece engage with and turn it to simulate a rotating tailpiece.

The factory reset bypass could be all it takes to open a lock box without a code. Some combination lock boxes with standard reset codes can be opened using this method. Look in the manual or other written materials that come with your lock box for information on how to reset the code.

Larger lock boxes might have pre-drilled holes so that they can be bolted to the ground. Some electronic locks come equipped with rest levers or buttons that are located inside the lockbox. Simply inserting a tool into a gap and flipping the reset switch may be all it takes to figure out how to open a lock box without a code.

Shimming The Lock

If your lock box uses a padlock, it might be a product that only provides the appearance of security. By inserting two thin pieces of metal into the space between the shackle and lock body, it is possible to open the majority of inexpensive padlocks.

With a pair of scissors, you can improvise a shim out of an aluminum can. Just draw an arrow. The lock’s point should be inserted into the space between the shackle and the lock’s body. Move the shims so they are inside the “U” and press down.

A keyed padlock or combination padlock can be broken by shimming, which is the process of figuring out how to open a lock box without a key or how to open a key lock box without a code. Be aware that even if you are not using one of the best padlocks to secure your lock box, you may have a product that cannot be shimmed.

Decoding The Lock

The topic of this section is how to open a lock box without a code. For the decoding, we’ll discuss only functions with wheel combination locks. These locks have a row of observable numbers that rotate on separate wheels. This kind of lock can be found on padlocks or built into lock boxes.

  1. Pulling on the padlock shackle or opening the box a tiny bit will tension the lock.
  2. One number at a time, spin each wheel.
  3. Feel the wheel’s range of motion for a particular number.
  4. The combination includes the number with the most play (or freedom of movement).
  5. The lock ought to unlock once all of the numbers are correctly arranged.
  6. If the lock won’t unlock, proceed number by number through the entire combination.

Both visually and physically, it should be clear when the right number is moving compared to the wrong one. If you can feel the correct combination and the padlock still won’t open, the lock may be damaged or the sequence may be correct but not the combination.

how to open a lockbox

Although there are other ways to decode locks, this one is the easiest and requires no tools. Professionals could theoretically use decoding techniques to open a lock box without a key, but most people won’t benefit from techniques like lock impressing because they’re too complicated.

Prying The Lock

Prying is the most practical and straightforward way to open a lock box without a code or a key. You’ll need a sturdy tool, like a crowbar or a pry bar, with a flat end to wedge between the lock box’s door and frame to accomplish this.

A lock box will be simpler because in many instances you can open a safe without a key in this manner. This method of opening a lock box without a key does not require much knowledge. Only leveraging and maintaining the box in place could be challenging when prying.

Prying is going to be very difficult if you can’t secure the lock box in a vice or stop it from moving. The best positioning for leverage might not be possible in situations where the lock box is bolted down or otherwise securely fastened.

Drilling The Lock

By drilling out the lock cylinder, one can easily learn how to open a lock box without a key. This type of destructive entry has the advantage of requiring no replacement of the lockbox. The only component of the lockbox that is broken is the lock, which can be changed separately.

This destructive entry method has no advantage over the others if the lock on the lockbox cannot be changed. This won’t work if you want to know how to open a lock box with a code. Only keyed cylinder locks should be drilled by beginners; leave combination locks alone.

Although the procedure is very straightforward, you can prepare a little bit before drilling a lock. Spray lubricant (WD-40 works well) in the keyway and remove any weather covers by prying. For the best outcomes when drilling metal, collect a brand-new drill bit.

  1. Put the drill through the keyhole.
  2. Increase the bit size little by little until the pins break.
  3. The cylinder should be turned with a flat-head screwdriver.

The initial drill bit’s diameter ought to be a little bit larger than your keyway. If the keyway is small or the lock on your lock box is very inexpensive, you might not need to use more than one drill bit. This is the most difficult way to open a lock box without a key and without doing any damage.

Final Thoughts

The type of locking mechanism and the tools you have determine how successfully you can open a lock box without a key or a code. Due to the number of lock variations and the low security of these devices, it is comparable to dealing with a lost mailbox key but with a few more options. Though no lock is impervious to picking, some locks are extremely difficult to open.

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