how to open sentry safe without key

How To Open A Sentry Safe Without A Key? 4 Methods

Your home’s guns and other weapons are safer with the help of Sentry Safe. These safes are fireproof, and ETL rates their level of security. In order to successfully defend themselves against any theft attack, they are stiff and strong.

You are missing the key to your Sentry safe, what should you do to open your Sentry safe? As long as you follow the right procedures and have the necessary tools, it’s simple to open a sentry safe without a key or combination. Read on to discover 4 methods on how to open a sentry safe without a key.

Method 1: Request A Key Replacement From Sentrysafe

Even though this method takes a little longer than others to open your sentry safe without a key, it protects both the lock and the safe itself. You must first know the model and a serial number of your safe in order to order a replacement key.

You can find these numbers on the safe itself or by consulting your owner’s manual. To find and read your model and serial numbers, SentrySafe has a very helpful guide on their website.

The process of recovering your safe’s keys can start once you have the model and serial numbers. Fill out the key recovery request form on the SentrySafe website. You’ll need to enter the key (lock) number, serial number, and model number in order to submit this form.

If you are unable to determine the key number by simply looking at the lock, you can call their customer service line at 1-800-828-1438 to continue.

You must indicate on the form how many replacement keys you want to get. The price for two is $30 (USD) plus tax, and the price for four is $60 (USD) plus tax. It may take SentrySafe up to 7–10 business days to process your request after you’ve submitted it before they send your new keys.

You can call their customer service number (listed above) and ask for either same-day or next-day delivery if you need the key recovery process to be completed more quickly. It is true that this premium service is more expensive. If you need your sentry safe replacement keys right away, plan to pay $50 per set plus tax.

To learn about some quick ways to open a sentry safe without a key, keep reading if you’d rather not wait or pay for a replacement key to come in the mail.

how to open sentry safe without key

Method 2: Open A Sentry Safe With Paper Clips

Step 1: Make A Tension Tool And A Picking Tool Using Two Paper Clips

Using a pair of pliers or your hands, bend the larger leg of the paper clip at a 90-degree angle to create a tension tool. After you’ve finished, shape the other paper clip leg so that it resembles a wrench.

The second paper clip should be used to make your picking tool, which will serve as a handle to enable you to twist the lock. Its first leg is bent 180 degrees, and the other leg is bent 45 degrees.

Insert the tension tool into the lower part of the lock then place the picking tool in the upper part

After finishing the picklock, place the tension tool in the lower portion of the lock. Put the picking instrument where its teeth are typically found, at the top of the lock. The next step can be taken after the paper clips have been properly placed.

Step 2: Turn The First Paper Clip Clockwise While Wiggling The Other One

Now, while jiggling the picking tool, turn the tension tool clockwise. As you wiggle it into the lock’s teeth, be certain that you are applying enough force. This step should be repeated until you hear a click. You’re about to unlock the lock, so this means you should.

Step 3: Press The Pins Thrice And Turn The Paper Clips Clockwise

Once you hear the lock click, begin pressing the pins three times before turning the paper clips in the opposite direction to unlock the lock. If it did not unlock, keep pressing the lock until the sentry safe has been successfully unlocked.

The lock won’t be harmed while you pick it up, so if you later discover your sentry safe lost key, you can still use it.

Method 3: Open A Sentry Safe With A Nail File

Unbelievable as it may seem, a nail file can be used to open a lock. You can use either a nail cutter with a nail file attached to it or a separate nail file for this technique, as long as it is made of metal. Once you’ve gathered your tools, adhere to these instructions to use a nail file to open a sentry safe:

  1. Grab a pair of nail cutters, and completely straighten the nail file before opening it.
  2. With the file sticking out of your hand, hold the cutter in the same manner that you would a key.
  3. The nail file may be sufficient on its own, or you can combine it with a small screwdriver, as you did with the two paper clips.
  4. Put the nail file’s point inside the lock.
  5. Try to turn the lock clockwise while jiggling the file. Try this motion repeatedly until it begins to give.
  6. Continue jiggling the nail file inside the lock after you hear a “click” sound to make sure you’ve drawn the last “click” sound from the safe.
  7. Your sentry safe should now be unlocked at this point!

If none of the aforementioned choices appeal to you, you can try the more aggressive approach described below.

Method 4: Open A Sentry Safe With A Drill

This method of opening a sentry safe without a key works well but completely ruins the lock. However, if you are unable to pick the lock with a paper clip or nail file, this might be your best option for quickly opening your sentry safe.

Power drills or electric cutting tools can be used for this technique. The safe must be opened by physically breaking the lock. Follow these steps:

  1. A power outlet should be plugged into before you even pick up your power drill.
  2. Make sure to drill only into the lock and not into any of the safe’s body in order to prevent ruining the entire safe.
  3. To force the lock to release so you can open your safe, exert pressure and drill directly into the lock.
  4. The lock can then be changed later on, or you can try getting in touch with the manufacturer to get a new lock to replace the damaged one.

The best choice is method #1 if neither this method nor any of the picking options work. You won’t risk damaging your sentry safe, you’ll get a new key, and you’ll have up to three backups in case you lose it again, so long as you don’t mind waiting a little while to get your replacement key.

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