how to turn ignition without key

How To Turn The Ignition Without A Key? 3 Ways

Is it possible to start your vehicle without your car key? Without a key, how do you start the ignition? Your car cannot be started without a key. If you lose your key, you should only try to bypass the ignition lock to start the car. Utilizing the ignition, hotwiring, and a screwdriver will allow you to operate the vehicle. It’s also crucial to be aware that every vehicle has a unique key. Thus, there may be a small difference in the ignition process. Please read on for more information.

Reasons For Turning The Ignition Without A Key

Lost Key

Most car owners scramble to find the ignition when they misplace their keys. They can start their cars without a key, but only half of them are aware of this. They become anxious as a result, and they are late for their intended destinations.

Faulty Ignition Switch

Additionally, the engine’s condition is good and you have your key. But if the car is not starting up, your ignition switch is faulty.

In addition to starting your car, the ignition switch serves as an essential power source for it. You must fix the wiring system because it is how your car receives electrical and ignition energies.

Broken Key

Having a broken key can be problematic. If you continue to use a damaged key in the ignition switch, it could also sustain damage. Determining ways to repair it is therefore preferable to adding to the harm already done.

Damaged Smart Key

If you can start your car with a smart key, but you are unable to start it without one, the key is damaged. The smart key can still start your car through the ignition even if the battery is dead, so don’t freak out. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rush this procedure because it could harm your car permanently.

Whenever you need a maintenance check, always bring your cars to authorized auto shops. Additionally, make an effort to have an extra key on hand to handle this.

What Is Necessary To Start The Engine Without A Key?

You don’t need fancy equipment; just some basic ones. You need a few sets of frequently used tools or equipment that can currently save you time and effort in order to start the ignition without a key.

  • A screwdriver with a flat head compensates for the key’s absence
  • Gloves for safety
  • A pair of protective glasses for the eye safety
  • A cordless drill machine along with some electrical tape
  • Some jumper cables

How To Turn The Ignition Without A Key?

Screwdriver And Hammer Or Screwdriver And Drill

The most straightforward and popular method for turning your car’s ignition without a key is the screwdriver and drill technique. To avoid harming the ignition switch, you must be cautious when applying this.

When you need to remove the lock pins, this method is perfect. The vehicle key mechanism, however, will be permanently harmed. This method requires you to drill the keyhole from the point where the inner flaps begin. It must be about 2 inches by 3 inches.

The drill and locking bits should then be taken out. Now you can try inserting a screwdriver head to start the car.

If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can try any key or flat piece of metal that will fit. Your car should start easily after this.

If you don’t have a drill, you can successfully use this method with a hammer. You must do this by placing your screwdriver in the keyhole. Afterward, begin hammering. The locking pins in the ignition should be broken using this method.


Hotwiring a vehicle is another way to start it without a key. For vehicles made in the 1990s, the hotwiring method is recommended. It alludes to the process of disabling the ignition system.

You must remove the steering wheel column’s plastic cover before using this technique. Both of its sides are screwed. Therefore, you must make sure to get rid of them first. You will have access to the ignition system if you do this.

how to turn ignition without key

Before moving on to the next step, put on your protective or insulated gloves. Have a keen eye for recognizing the starter and battery wires, as well. The red wires are usually the battery wires. However, the ignition is also powered by yellow and brown wires.

At the end of the battery wires, trim a small piece of insulation. The power wires that are coming from the cylinder should also be cut at that point. Last but not least, twist the battery wire end and the power wires together.

Red Coil Wire

People with sufficient automotive technical knowledge should use the Red Coil Wire Technique. For instance, if you possess the skills of a skilled mechanic, you could start your car without a key.

You must crawl underneath the hood to look for the red coil wire in order to accomplish this. Take hold of the jump starter cable first. Next, connect the red coil wire to the positive terminal of the battery. A different name for this wire is the coil’s “positive side.”

The dashboard should already have received some power by this point. Continue using this method by opening the steering wheel to locate the starter solenoid. In that case, the positive terminal of the battery should be connected to this solenoid.

Remove the ignition switch wire from the solenoid switch, then use a screwdriver to short the positive post of the solenoid to the location where the ignition switch is attached.

The Red Coil Wire Technique enables you to automatically apply 12 volts to the battery. When the solenoid is turned on, the starter can start the car.

Risks Of Turning Your Ignition Without A Key

Undoubtedly, ignition without a key can help you escape your current predicament. However, there are a number of risks that you cannot overlook as a result.

Car Damage

Many drivers are not aware of how risky it is to start your car without a key. Your engine and spark plugs could sustain long-term harm if you start your car with something else, like a screwdriver or other tool. It might even cause the car to stall and shake erratically.

Despite the fact that no two ignition systems are exactly alike, there are a few typical dangers that can result in incorrect ignition.

Engine Damage

Your engine may suffer long-term harm as a result. You run the risk of severing off crucial engine components if you start the car using a tool other than the key, which could require expensive repairs or even replacement.

Spark Plugs Damage

Poor engine performance could result from spark plug damage. The internal mechanism may become damaged or warped if you turn on your car using something else. It may result in difficult starting, idling problems, and excessive fuel usage.

Unusual Shaking

The car may stall and shake ferociously if you turn the ignition without a key. When you start it with a device other than your key, the engine does not receive the proper amount of fuel and air mixture.

Usually, when this occurs, the car will shake or jerk before completely stalling. Even though it might not result in any long-term harm, doing so while driving at high speeds or in heavy traffic can be very risky.

Different Types Of Car Keys

The Classical Key

A standard key was the first step, and older models had them more frequently. It is a metal object that has been sculpted into a particular form. On them, there is no security encryption or encoding. Because conventional keys are simple to duplicate, the vehicle is only minimally protected.

Transponder Key (chip Key)

Transponder keys were created in the 1990s as demand for a more dependable method of vehicle entry grew. Although it resembles a typical key, it has a signal-emitting chip that connects to the receiver of the ignition coil.

how to turn ignition without key

Every time you need to access or start the car, these two components—the transmitter in the key and the receiver in the car—send the exact same code. The ECU will start the vehicle if the code on it matches the code on the key; otherwise, it won’t.

Traditional Key With A Remote Control

After years of using the conventional method of accessing vehicles, a different method of accessing vehicles was created: opening the doors remotely with remote control. These remote controls work with infrared signals to activate and deactivate the alarm system.

Smart Key/keyless Start

The introduction of the new S-Class by Mercedes-Benz in 1998 marked a significant advancement in the design of car keys because it featured a smart key feature. Smart keys were developed with the goal of improving the driving experience.

The smart key can be used without having to remove it from your pocket. The vehicle immediately unlocks when it recognizes the key. The driver simply needs to press a button on the door handle as soon as he approaches the car.

In addition to the immobilizer being turned off, the car will unlock. Depending on the car model, more options will be implemented, including chair settings, AC activation, and many others.

For the vehicle to start, the driver does not have to remove the key from his pocket. Press the start engine button to start the car while the key is still inside.

Rolling Codes Hip Key Or Transponder Key

These transponder keys are designed for experienced users. A new code is generated each time the unlock button is pressed or the key is attempted to be turned in the ignition.

Because no one can predict the code the key generates and because it is impossible to copy, this increases the security of the vehicle. A key chip is also required to start a car.

Digital Key

In 2020, BMW introduced its digital key system. Using your smartphone, the digital key can lock, unlock, and start and stop the engine. You can distribute the scar key to your trusted contacts using the BMW mobile app. This feature is implemented using NFC technology.


For a brief period, keyless ignition can save your life, but it’s not recommended to do it again unless absolutely necessary. A particular key is required for the ignition system in your car to operate.

There are a number of methods you can use to start your car’s engine even without a key. One approach involves using a hammer and a screwdriver. Using the red coil wire and hotwiring are additional techniques. What kind of car key you have, though, also affects the technique.

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