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Does Home Depot Copy Keys? A Complete Guide

The biggest home improvement retailer in the world is Home Depot, and for many of us, it serves as the only place to go for all of our project-related needs. But does Home Depot create or reproduce keys? Key duplication services are available on-site at Home Depot. The only exception in which the Home Depot does not copy keys is when the key has a “do not duplicate” sign.

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What Is Key Duplication?

The process of copying a key based on another key is known as key duplication. A key duplicator, also known as a key-cutting machine, is used to copy or cut keys.

These key-duplicating devices frequently function by securing your original key in a vice and using it as a template to carve out a new one.

But some key-cutting devices use a laser to produce extremely precise keys, which is necessary for more precise keys used in higher-security locks, like Medico.

If you only have one key, you won’t be able to use key duplication services and will instead need to call a locksmith who can decode your lock’s biting and create a new key for you.

As an alternative, you can decode the lock yourself and have a key made to your exact specifications, or you can buy a brand-new lock with brand-new keys.

Does Home Depot Make Or Have Keys Made?

For the majority of house locks, padlocks, and even automobiles, Home Depot does offer key duplication services. They provide self-service key kiosks in addition to traditional key cutting, allowing you to quickly duplicate keys without enlisting the assistance of a Home Depot employee.

Does Home Depot Make House Keys?

Home Depot sells and produces keys for a wide range of house locks, such as padlocks and exterior door locks. The price range for Home Depot house keys is $2 to $5.

They can make keys for quite a few brands of locks, including:

  1. Kwikset
  2. Schlage
  3. Master Lock
  4. Yale
  5. Segal
  6. American Lock
  7. LSDA
  8. Corbin Russwin
  9. and many others.

Home Depot can also create keys for padlocks, and cabinet locks, and even sell skeleton keys made for older locks.

For Home Depot to duplicate your key, you’ll need the original. A locksmith must decode your lock for you if you don’t have your original key, or you can do it yourself.

Does Home Depot Make Car Keys?

Car keys can be duplicated at The Home Depot. However, Home Depot does not make copies of modern car keys with transponders or chips. If a suitable blank is available, it is possible to duplicate older, chipless metal car keys. To make copies of modern car keys, it is best to consult a specialized auto dealer.

Home Depot Transponder Keys

Your car probably uses a transponder key if it was produced within the last 20 years.

Unfortunately, these keys cost more and take a little more skill to duplicate. Home Depot has, however, taken on this challenge head-on in recent years.

does home depot copy keys

For many different car brands, including Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, Chrysler, and others, Home Depot offers a wide variety of transponder keys. Home Depot can create a transponder key for you for $40 to $169 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Transponder keys operate by enclosing an RFID chip with a special code inside the head of the key.

When a key is placed in the ignition, an RFID receiver reads the code and, if it is accurate, starts the vehicle. The car won’t start when the key is turned, though, if the code doesn’t match.

Home Depot Non-transponder Keys

You probably don’t need a transponder key with a chip if your car was built before 1999.

Non-transponder car keys are widely available at Home Depot and range in price from $2 to $10 per key.

These less expensive keys work well as a backup in the event that you misplace your more expensive chipped key and require a template for a new one, even if your car uses a transponder key. Having a backup key to copy can be a lifesaver because replacing your only key is an expensive process.

They can also be useful if you unintentionally lock yourself out of your car and only have a key that can open the doors.

Does Home Depot Make New Or Special Keys?

Normally, The Home Depot won’t make extra copies of special keys for things like electronic locks and safes. To duplicate specialized keys, it is best to inquire with the lock’s manufacturer. Additionally, Home Depot doesn’t make extra PO Box keys. These keys are under US Postal Service control. Customers who require a copy should check with their neighborhood post office.

Does Home Depot Rekey Defiant Locks?

If the original key has been lost or cannot be duplicated due to wear, The Home Depot can rekey the lock. There are two ways in which defiant locks can be rekeyed:

  • New locks can be bought by customers and modified to fit an existing key.
  • Customers can bring in their old locks and have new keys made that fit them precisely.

Rekeying a lock cylinder can cost anywhere between $45 and $100, depending on the complexity and state of the lock. To find out exactly how long rekeying the lock might take, it is best to talk details over with the Contractor’s Sales desk.

How Long Does It Take Home Depot To Copy A Kep?

Using the manual key cutting machine or the Minute Key Kiosk, getting a key duplicated at Home Depot typically takes 5 minutes.

It could take up to 20 minutes, depending on how busy the store is if there is a line of keys that need to be cut before yours.

Home Depot Key Copy Hours

Home Depot key copy hours typically coincide with store business hours, which are typically 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 6 am to 8 pm on Sundays. However, depending on the location, store hours might change. Information on specific store hours is available from the handy store locator.

Alternately, automated Minute Key Kiosk devices are accessible throughout store business hours. When there is a long line or no key-cutting technician available, customers can use the Minute Key Kiosks.

If I Don’t Have The Original Key, Can I Get A Copy Of It?

Can Home Depot make you a new key without the original if you’ve lost yours or locked yourself out?

The original key cannot, sadly, be used by Home Depot to create a new key for you.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, you typically have options:

  1. You should get a new key made and have your lock decoded by a locksmith.
  2. Use this as an opportunity to replace your lock and get a new set of keys
  3. Find your lock’s bitting by decoding the lock, then give that to Home Depot or a locksmith so they can make you a new key.

What Happens If The Home Depot Key Copy Is Invalid?

In case a key doesn’t work, customers can return it to Home Depot. In order for the key technician to inspect and, if necessary, repair a known functioning key, the customer must supply one. In some cases, the original lock may be necessary to guarantee that the key fits the lock properly.

Customers must present proof of purchase, but the key-cutting technician won’t charge an additional fee.


When searching for a place to duplicate keys, The Home Depot is a great choice. They have many different key blanks in stock.

Home Depot is a great option and typically less expensive and simpler than going to a locksmith if you need to duplicate some of your keys.

Additionally, their self-service key kiosk makes copying a key simple and enjoyable.

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