Can Barn Doors Lock? Sure, Choose The Best One

For those who love to save space, barn doors are a close second. Inviting bedrooms or home offices can be outfitted with sliding barn doors. The interior design of these doors makes a strong statement.

Can you lock them with a key? Yes, you can; locks made specifically for sliding barn doors are available. Find out how to lock a barn door and select the best lock for your requirements.

Can You Lock A Barn Door

A lock is crucial, regardless of whether you want to keep small children out of a room or just have a little more privacy. So, can a barn door be locked? It’s a straightforward yes.

A sliding barn door lock can be used to secure interior barn doors. Some privacy locks for sliding barn doors are only on the inside of the door, while other locks let you lock the door from both sides.

An effective option for any room in the house is a barn door that can be locked. The majority of latch hardware kits on the market are simple to install, which is the best part. They take only a few minutes to install.


5 Barn Door Lock Options For Sliding Barn Doors

Fortunately, there is a simple method for locking a barn door. Choosing the best type of barn door lock for your needs is the first step. It is simple to install a lock on your sliding barn door because numerous various types of barn door locks and latches are offered as hardware sets.

Even though there are numerous brands available, they all tend to adhere to the same five basic fashion trends. It is crucial to remember, though, that some lock styles are only considered privacy locks, while others are security locks.

In contrast to a security lock, which is much more difficult to pick, a privacy lock allows you to undo the latch if necessary.  

Hook And Eye Latch

Maybe the simplest locking mechanism for a sliding barn door is a hook and eye latch system. Anyone can understand the mechanism because it is so straightforward.

The hook and eye latch are ideal for a bathroom barn door lock. The door’s design only permits locking from the inside, providing the privacy required for any bathroom.

However, should someone become stuck, there are methods to open the latch from the side of the door, making this only a privacy lock. This kind of lock for a barn door has a straightforward design that gives your door a rustic appearance. Wrought iron hook and eye latches can enhance this style, or stainless steel hardware can modernize it.

In any case, this is among the most basic styles of barn door latch locks.

Tear Drop Latch

An additional common choice for locking a sliding barn door is the teardrop latch. We sell a high-quality tear drop-latch that fits all sliding barn doors.

The tear drop-latch has a fairly straightforward mechanism. The door jamb receives one part, and the door receives the other. Once the door is closed the ‘tear drop’ part slides into the latch and your sliding bedroom barn door will stay shut.

The teardrop latch also works well as a bathroom sliding barn door lock. It can be opened from the side if necessary, but it is only a privacy lock, just like the hook and eye latch.

Barrel Slide Bolt

The barrel slide bolt is a good choice if you’re looking for a keyed barn door lock. The bolt is put into your sliding barn door directly. The door frame must first be present before using this sliding barn door lock hardware. In order to lock the door, the bolt must feed into the door frame.

You can use almost any barn door handle with the barrel slide bolt because it is separate, giving you the privacy you require wherever you need it. The barrel slide bolt does have the ability to be unlocked with a key from either side of the door. Locks with barrel slide bolts are categorized as security locks.

Surface Mounted Slide Bolt

A more modern privacy lock for your bathroom barn door is the surface-mounted slide bolt. Both installing and using this lock are simple processes.

A surface-mounted slide bolt is simply fastened to the inside of the door jamb, unlike other locks that call for drilling into molding, drywall, or wall studs. As long as you depress the lever to extend the lock, your sliding barn door will continue to function as usual.

However, if you want a little more privacy, you can do so. It is available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, brass, back, or oil-rubbed bronze, like the majority of other sliding barn door locks. This implies that your locking solution can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the sliding door hardware.

Cane Floor Bolt

A cane floor bolt is another option for your sliding barn door. This style of sliding barn door lock is distinct from the others because it is attached to the floor rather than the door jamb. It prevents the door from being pulled open and only operates from the inside.

The way this kind of privacy lock works is that the bolt is fastened to the door, and when it is locked, it is inserted into a hole in the floor to maintain its position. Also available in a variety of designs and finishes are hardware kits for this kind of lock.

Which Barn Door Lock Should I Use

For practically any room in your house, including your bathroom, bedroom, and even your closet, sliding barn doors are a popular design choice. You can now embrace the trend if you’ve been hesitating to do so out of concern for your privacy.

By adding some latching hardware, you can quickly transform any sliding barn door into a lockable barn door. The most crucial step in choosing the right lock for you is to take into account why you want the door locked.

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