Lock With A Hammer

How To Break A Lock With A Hammer? Step by Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to break a lock with a hammer? Pull your fingers inside the shackle loop to provide pressure. After then, continue beating the side of the padlock with a hammer until you successfully bump the lock open. If the lock is still functional, re-use it.

You can unlock a padlock with a hammer by following this guide. This is handy if you are locked out of your house because you have misplaced your key or have forgotten the combination to your lock. It will also save you money on professional assistance.

What You Will Need

There are a few things you’ll need before you can shatter the lock with a hammer. You don’t have to be concerned because the materials you require are easily accessible. They could already be in your toolkit. If not, you may buy them at hardware stores or borrow them from a friend or neighbor.

1. Hammer


The bump hammer is the type of hammer that is ideal for the job. It’s intended for bumping a lock. It’s constructed of high-density polymer and has a rubber grip. The advantage of utilizing this hammer is that it prevents damage to the lock by applying the appropriate amount of force. It can also deliver the force needed to ramp the lock.

If you don’t have a bump hammer, a mallet will suffice. Because of its soft head, it is a sort of hammer used for hammering without inflicting any harm. Rubber, wood, soft metals, rawhide, and plastic can all be used to make mallets. Its large head makes it easier to aim when striking an item.

If you don’t have a mallet, a ball-peen hammer will suffice. It has two heads, one spherical and the other shaped like a typical hammerhead. It is also available in wood, steel, and fiberglass. The size of the hammer will be determined by the size of the lock. Size 4 is appropriate if it is tiny.

2. Safety gloves

You may protect yourself by wearing hammer-proof gloves. Its design makes it resistant to hammer attacks. The exterior layer can be destroyed, but below is a thermoplastic layer that protects the hands. Only your fingers, however, can be protected.

There are two types of gloves available: leather gloves and kevlar gloves. The benefit of leather gloves is that they give a solid grip. Kevlar gloves, on the other hand, are thick enough to protect against cuts and abrasions.

Choose the appropriate glove size. Make certain that they are a great fit for your hands. Gloves that are too big or too little might make you uncomfortable throughout the instruction. It is also preferable if the gloves have sufficient ventilation to keep your hands from sweating.

3. Protective Goggles

You must shield your eyes from any flying items. A little particle can harm your eyes and briefly impair your eyesight. Depending on your environment and preferences, you may pick from a variety of goggles.

You may use a pair of power tool goggles since they have a thick and big lens that will not shatter easily. It also has a little depression on the bridge of the nose. It also normally comes with a comfortable headband that you can tighten and fasten around your head. The goggles also contain anti-fog technology.

If you don’t have a set of power tool goggles, a pair of welding goggles will suffice. Its design will undoubtedly shield your eyes from any particles. Welding goggles, unlike power tool goggles, feature distinct lenses enclosed by strong borders. Because the goggles contain air vents, you won’t have to worry about fogging.

A face shield is the final choice. However, be certain that it has a thick cover and that it correctly suits your skull. Aside from that, the cover must be transparent enough to avoid striking your hands.

How To Break A Lock With A Hammer

STEP 1: Prepare your hammer and put on your gloves and safety glasses.

To avoid any mishaps or injuries while carrying out each step. Check that you have the necessary tools and clothes. You may encounter various hazards when carrying out the instructions. Metal particles can injure your eyes or accidentally strike your hand.

If you don’t have a hammer, a screwdriver or other hard item will serve. However, aiming will be difficult if you don’t have a firm grip on the instruments. Use the tutorial’s essential items as often as possible.

STEP 2: Using your fingers, pull the Shackle Loop to create tension.

You may apply pressure to the lock by inserting your fingers within the shackle’s loop. With adequate force, remove the shackle from the padlock’s point. Using this method, you will be able to properly position the pins inside the lock.

As a reminder, you must eliminate all extra shackle leeway. You will not be able to open the lock if you do not meet this requirement, no matter how hard you try. To avoid harm, avoid putting your fingers on the padlock’s body.

STEP 3: Using a hammer, repeatedly strike the side of the padlock until you are successful in bumping the lock open. 

To open the lock, pound the fixed end of the shackle where the pins are located.Strikes must be brief and effective. Pound on the lock until the pins are released and the lock is unlocked. Avoid applying too much force on the lock, since this can either destroy the lock or harm you.

STEP 4: Reuse the lock if it is still functional.

You may still use it as long as the lock’s pins are not destroyed. Examine the lock to verify if it is in excellent working order. It must be properly secured. However, if it can no longer be used to lock, you should throw it away and replace it to ensure your safety.

Lock With A Hammer


Do you find the lesson on how to break a hammer lock useful? Follow these methods to break a lock using a hammer and screwdriver. You don’t have to contact a locksmith to get into your house if you’ve misplaced your key or forgotten your code.

If you found this information useful, please share it with your friends so they may learn how to break a padlock with a hammer as well. You are also welcome to leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the instruction.

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