How To Break A Padlock? With 5 Methods

Do you want to learn how to open a padlock? Before you pay money for a professional locksmith, you may understand the many methods for breaking the padlock on your door. You can shim, pound, or freeze the lock with a canister.

The procedures are simple and easy. All you have to do is select the method that is most convenient for you. Prepare the essential objects at the same time before beginning the instruction. It is also critical to properly follow the stages.

What You Will Need

The goods required may vary depending on the technique you pick. Fortunately, the items are simple to locate. You can borrow from a neighbor or buy from the nearby hardware shop. There are various options if you do not have the necessary goods.

  • Two metal U-shaped clasps/ Sharp scissors – If you wish to shim the padlock, prepare two metal U-shaped clasps. They could be tiny enough to fit between the padlocks. If you don’t have any U-shaped clasps, an aluminum can of soda be used to produce shims. Also, get a pair of sharp scissors ready to create your shim. Six shims may be made from one can of soda.
  • Hammer/Screwdriver – A tiny sledgehammer is the ideal type of hammer to use. An 8-pound sledgehammer with a fiberglass handle can be used. If you don’t have a sledgehammer, you may use a bump hammer, mallet, or ball-pein hammer instead. A screwdriver, in addition to a hammer, can be used. You will, however, require a lot of power to bump the lock. The bigger the screwdriver, the more power it can exert on the padlock.
  • 2 Cans of Compressed Air and Safety Gloves – You will need two cans of compressed air to break the padlock by freezing it. This chemical is commonly used to clean computers. 1,1,1 trifluoroethane may chill a metal to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Because you will be working with a hazardous substance, you should wear safety gloves. Any gloves will suffice as long as you are at ease wearing them. They must also be thick enough to protect your hands when spraying compressed air on the padlock.

How To Break A Padlock

METHOD 1: Tap Your Padlock With A Hammer Or Other Similar Tool

Get a good hammer if your lock is made of hard metal. Your objective should be to free yourself from the shackle. It is not necessary to permanently disable the lock. Hold the U-shaped shackle first to provide enough tension. Two fingers, for example, can be inserted there.

Don’t place your hands on the body; instead, keep one finger on the shackle and the other on the top of the lock. Because you will be tapping the lock’s body, you should not be holding it. Take one of its sides and start tapping it. Because you will be tapping the lock’s body, you should not grasp it.

Remove one side of the shackle and gently tap it with the hammer until the shackle opens. However, your problem has been temporarily resolved. You should not use it until you have a key. Because smashing does not break the lock while unlocking the shackles.

You can use it once you’ve created 1-2 replacement keys. This is the simplest method since it is quick and simply involves the use of a hammer.

METHOD 2: Using A Gas Compressor To Break A Padlock

Bring a hammer and a gas can with a nozzle to break the lock; the compressor will function as a chiller. The difluoromethane makes the lock fragile and easy to break. Spray for at least 20-25 seconds with the nozzle above the keyhole point.

Make sure the lock is sufficiently cold and brittle before using the hammer. Remember that regardless of the ambient temperature, the lock should be set at -13°F. Start hitting the padlock in the center with medium pressure and keep going until it cracks.

It didn’t take long to do the job. After a few interactions, the lock will most likely shatter. When knocking, take care not to disturb the lock. Instead, grab it by the side and make sure the hammer strikes the center.

If you wish to unlock a padlock without breaking it, do not use it in this manner. This method is very easy to implement and affordable. As a result, you can use it in place of the first. Now that you know how to smash a padlock with a hammer, go the simple route.

You must follow all instructions and avoid injuring yourself. Regardless of the remedy you choose. However, losing and breaking the key is a bad habit to develop. Hammers should not be used.

My coworker once broke his nails while pounding a lock, which you don’t want to happen, do you? Every problem, however, has a solution. So, read about the therapies and use the suggestions to fix your problems.

METHOD 3: Breaking A Padlock With A Pair Of Wrenches

Take two open-ended wrenches and join them. Any sort of wrench will do. The bigger the head, the better the operation of the wrenches. Because they will be able to apply more pressure on the lock.

Make certain that equal force is applied to both sides of the shackle. Otherwise, the lock is secured with a U-shaped metal clasp. Both wrenches should be around the same size. Hook the open ends of the wrenches over either side of the shackle.

Once the wrenches are in position, get the handles as close together as possible. As a consequence, the two internal arms of the wrench heads should butt up against each other. Put the wrenches in the center of the vertical shafts of the shackle.

If you apply too much or too little pressure to them, they may fall off. Squeeze the wrench handles briefly before attempting to break the lock. To prevent them from slipping, shifting, or losing their grip on one another. Twist the wrench handles until the shackle splits in half.

Squeeze the handles together as tightly as you can toward your midline. Be patient and don’t quit up if snapping the shackle requires a lot of muscular effort. When it finally gives way, it will split down the center. Tighten your grip on the handles if necessary. So you’re pressing with your flat palms rather than your fingers’ edges.

If the arms of a large lock or a small pair of wrenches do not quite touch. Make a shim out of folded paper or a similar material and slide it between them.

Remove the lock by removing both sections of the shackle. After properly cracking the shackle, all you have to do now is pull out the shattered portions. Because the lock’s locking mechanisms will still trap the end.

It may be necessary to twist or wiggle them a few times before they come loose. If the lock is made of plastic, the shackle may come off in one piece. If you’ve tried everything and the shackle still won’t budge. Save your energy and try an alternative strategy. For example, a few well-placed hammer whacks.

METHOD 4: By Shiming To Break A Padlock

Figure out what sort of padlock you have. The number of shims required is determined by the type of padlock you have. A single-lock shackle is used on the majority of numerical padlocks. When using this kind, you just need to engage one shackle.

If you have a double-lock padlock, however, you must use two shims to unlock the locking mechanism.

Make shims. If you don’t have a U-shaped clasp, a can of soda can be used to make shims. Trim the top and bottom of the can to create a long piece of aluminum. Six shims can be made. Each shim has an estimated width of 2.5 inches and a height of 1.5 to 1.75 inches. On each piece, make an “M” form. Fold the shape’s top quarter in half, then fold its legs up and around.

Secure the padlock. If you use two U-shaped clasps, you simply need to place the tools between the padlock’s shackles. Pull the wenches closer together until their handles contact to release the locking mechanism from the shackle and padlock.

Put it in the gap between the padlock and the handmade shim. Check that it is on the opposite side of the shackle’s locking groove. Adjust the shackle up and down.


METHOD 5: By Freezing To Break A Padlock

Spray the padlock with compressed air to freeze it. Wearing gloves before beginning this approach is recommended for your protection. The padlock will be easier to break with a hammer and screwdriver if it is frozen. Begin by turning the air canister upside down. Spray it on one end of the padlock after that. Repeat this process for 20 to 30 seconds.

Using a hammer, strike the padlock. Carefully but firmly tap the padlock on the location where you sprayed the compressed air with a hammer. A few strikes will successfully shatter the metal around the padlock’s locking mechanism.

Please keep in mind that this approach will no longer work with your locks. Purchase a new one to keep your home secure.


Have you decided on a method for breaking a padlock? You can sneak inside your property without spending a dime if you follow this advice. The steps are straightforward. You will not additionally require any sophisticated tools.

You can share this content with your friends if they need to learn this life trick. We also want to know the approach you prefer to use. Simply write a remark below.

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