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How to Change the Code on Kwikset Smartcode? With Easy Steps 

Kwikset manufactures a variety of sophisticated electronic locks for both home and commercial applications, including the Kwikset 919 Premis Touchscreen Deadbolts. Kwikset SmartCode locks have grown in popularity among those looking for electronic locks that can be configured with an access code to unlock the door.

If you possess one of these locks, you should know how to update the code on Kwikset SmartCode locks. Why? Because it improves your security by using programmable codes.

Types of Kwikset Smart lock resets

You may execute three types of Kwikset Smart lock resets.

  • Network Reset – A network reset deletes all WiFi settings, Bluetooth pairings, user affiliations, and the account lock.
  • System Reset deletes all access codes and lock settings, including lock handling. At the end of the System Reset, the lock will start the handling procedure.
  • Factory Reset – Resetting your lock will restore it to its factory default settings. All access code processing processes will be deleted. If your lock is linked to your smartphone or smart home security system, it will be disconnected.

How to Change the Code on Kwikset Smartcode?

Make certain that the door is both open and unlocked.

Make sure your door is open and unlocked before beginning the process.

Some errors in the procedure may cause your door to become stuck.

It happens seldom, yet it is still conceivable.

So, take this preventive action to avoid becoming locked out of your home.

This is especially important if you just have one entry/exit door.

If the deadbolt or latch bolt does not extend, the door is unlocked.

Remove the inside cover window.

Next, approach the rear panel of your lock.

Remove the inner cover window as well.

Check to see whether there are two screws on the rear panel’s sides.

If there are none, just raise the cover upwards to remove it.

If there are any screws, loosen them using a screwdriver. Then, take the complete back panel cover off.

To avoid losing the screws, make sure they are correctly stored.

Click the “Program” button.

For the third stage, press the “Program” button once.

It’s hidden behind the rear panel.

You’d only see one button. Depending on the model of your lock, it may also include a label.

As a result, you should have no trouble utilizing it.

To program a Kwikset smart lock 917 or 955, you’ll need to use a SmartKey tool or a paperclip.

Please keep in mind that this procedure only applies to Kwikset smart locks that do not have their program codes enabled. Changing codes with program code is a distinct procedure.

Enter your new access code here.

New Kwikset Smart Lock Access Code

Next, approach the lock keypad. Then, input a new access code to be programmed.

Make sure it’s between 4 and 8 digits long.

Make sure that the first four numbers of each code are unique for further protection.

Warning: The keypad automatically locks after 5 seconds of inactivity. So, input your new access code as soon as possible.

Prepare your new code before beginning the procedure to avoid failure. Make a note of it on paper or on your phone.

Toggle the “Lock” keypad button.

Press the “Lock” button on the keypad once after entering your new code.

It is often larger than the numbered buttons. It also has a “Lock” label or image.

“However, I don’t see a ‘Lock’ label or symbol…”

If this is the case, search for a button labeled “Kwikset.”

The lock button on certain versions is labeled “Kwikset.”

Examine the labels on your smart lock keypad.

You may hear two brief beeps after touching it once.

Test out the new access code.

Test your new code to check that it is functional.

Maintain an open and locked door. In other words, the latch bolt or lock should protrude outwards.

After that, input your new access code.

When the latch bolt retracts, the procedure has been completed.

If the door is still unlocked, the process has failed.

You may have used the incorrect digit combination. Or you did not correctly hit the “Lock” or “Program” buttons.

If this happens to you, simply repeat steps 1–5.

Double-click the “Program” button.

I’d like to alter my second access code as well. Is the procedure the same?”

Changing the second access code on a Kwikset smart lock is nearly identical.

However, instead of hitting the “Program” button once, you must do so twice.

So, to update the second access code, return to the front of the rear panel.

Then, twice tap the “Program” button.

Enter your second access code.

Then, input the new second access code that you wish to program.

Entering a code that is similar to your other code is not recommended.

Avoid using your birthday, anniversary date, or any other dates that are personal to you.

You may generate a unique code combination by using a random code generator.

Toggle the “Lock” keypad button.

Press the “Lock” button once to validate your new second access code.

You may hear 1 lengthy beep after hitting it.

This signifies that the procedure has been completed successfully.

After that, test your second access code as well.

Maintain an open and locked door.

Enter your new second access code and check to see whether the door opens.

If not, repeat steps 7 through 9.

Steps 2–4 should be repeated.

“Can I continue to add new access codes?”

Users of Kwikset smart locks can update or add access codes at least four times.

That is, you can configure your smart lock with at least four separate entry codes.

Changing the third and fourth access codes is nearly identical.

But here’s where it differs:

To get the third access code, hit the “Program” button three times.

Press the “Program:” button four times to get the fourth access code.

You avoid inaction, make sure to immediately push the “Program” button. Then, carry out the testing procedure.

Protect the inside cover window.

Secure the inside cover window after pressing the “Lock” button.

Make certain you replace the rear panel cover.

If you removed any screws, please sure you replace them.

The code-changing procedure is thus completed!

You should now be able to use your new Kwikset smart lock codes.\

Why Should Kwikset Smart Lock Codes Be Changed?

It is critical to understand how to update the code on Kwikset SmartCode locks. House visitors or close acquaintances may require a different security code. To strengthen security, you may also choose to update security codes after a set amount of time.

When you suspect that someone else knows your security code, it may be beneficial to update it. Unless you’ve shared your code with someone else, this is unlikely to happen.

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