Pick Car Door Locks

How to Pick Car Door Locks? With 7 Methods

If you find yourself locked out of your automobile, you may require a method to unlock the car door locks without the key. This is a frustrating condition for many automobile owners, especially those who have self-locking vehicles. In addition, during cold weather, the key may shatter in the lock. Rather than calling a professional, you might attempt unlocking the door yourself by picking the manual locks or by utilizing a Slim Jim vehicle opener.

How to Pick Car Door Locks?

Bobby pin to pick car door locks

If you have classic automobile door locks, you should be able to unlock it with a paperclip or a bobby pin. If you’re using a paperclip, open it up so that it has two prongs, similar to a bobby pin. Move your lock picking tool up and down within the automobile lock. Because you’re attempting to replicate turning the keys in the automobile door locks, you may need to practice moving both barrels at the same time for a while.When you locate the correct combination, you should be able to turn the lock and unlock the door, just as if you had your keys. However, because it can be difficult, you may opt to give up before you can achieve that magical combination.

Screwdriver to pick car door locks

You may also be able to unlock the lock on your automobile with a screwdriver. In this situation, you’ll need an ancient automobile and a little, sharp, flat-headed screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver head into the space between the lock and the automobile door. Then, press the lock forward until it falls out of the hole. This will allow you to remove the lock and open your automobile door. If you are successful with this procedure, you will need to replace the locks.

Jiggling to pick car door locks

Jigglers and bump keys are two methods for picking an automobile lock.

The picking and jiggling approach is our first way for learning how to pick an automobile lock. To unlock a locked automobile door, you’ll need an automotive bump key tool first. These can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For starters, they differ greatly from model to model and brand to brand. Manufacturer-specific keys are frequently available, however this does not always imply that they will not function for other manufactures. However, if you buy the right ones, they may be highly useful at opening automobile doors.

Although there are many other types of auto jigglers on the market, the most common is the double wafer. This approach works well with most automobiles from 2005 and earlier, but it will also work on newer models as long as they do not have a digital lock chip system.

Using these jiggler picks is equivalent to using a rake in traditional lock picking. Be patient as this will take some practice. Insert the jiggler all the way to the back of the lock and rock it up and down while applying tension in the cylinder rotation direction.

Continue to try the other vehicle bump keys and repeat this method until you find out how to open a car door with a little technique and a little luck.

Slim Jim to pick car door locks

If you can’t get inside the door after attempting to open the lock in this manner, you may require a more effective method of unlocking the lock. You’ll need a Slim Jim or a little piece of metal with a minor hook on one side, similar to a coat hanger. Bring it to your car and push it against the back door panel and the light rubber strip on the side of the front door where it meets the glass.Push the gadget through, squeezing it to advance it forward. The Slim Jim should then be hooked onto the side of the lock and pulled to the unlocked position. This may take some time and effort, and you may not have much luck, but if you keep trying, you should eventually be able to pick the lock. After you’ve unlocked the lock, you may enter into the car and retrieve your keys.

To avoid illicit and fraudulent usage, several governments limit private use of lock picking techniques such as Slim Jims. In certain areas, owning one might also be deemed evidence of criminal intent, so be careful to research your local laws and legislation surrounding the ownership of lock picking equipment.

Wedge to pick car door locks

The best aspect about this procedure is that it has the least chance of causing damage to your car’s interior or external components. The disadvantage is that you must have it ready well in advance of having your keys locked in your automobile. As with the screwdriver procedure, put the inflatable wedge between the door and the body of your automobile. Simply inflate the wedge until a space is formed. You may now use a metal rod, coat hanger, or other long device with a hook to unlock the car from inside. Please be patient, my buddy; we will open the automobile door.

Shoestring to pick car door locks

As you may know, one of our favorite things to do is go Mac Gyver on it! This is one of the most pleasant ways for us to learn how to pick a vehicle lock since it is just awesome. This solution, like many of the others we’ve discussed, only works with automobile doors that use upright locking systems. It’s no surprise that you don’t see many of those in new automobiles these days. You may be wondering, “Can you really open a locked vehicle door with a shoe string?”

The answer is emphatically yes. Begin by tying a small slipknot precisely in the centre of the shoelace – knowing how to make a slipknot is vital since you’ll need this loop to tighten here in a second. Slide the shoelace in from the upper corner of your door, gripping one wide of the string with one hand and the other side with the other. Move the loop around until it is laced around the upright style lock. Pull up on both sides of the shoe string until the loop closes around the lock. Kaboom! That’s how you open a locked car door with a shoestring!

Coat hanger to pick car door locks

So, how can you pick a car lock without a jiggler bump key? In this approach, we’ll be employing a plain metal coat hanger (yeah, like the one you hang your clothes with). So, let’s learn how to open a car door using a coat hanger. Like any lock picking, this will take some time, but with a little perseverance, you will be able to open a car door without a key in no time. Plus, all you need for this strategy is a wire coat hanger to get into your automobile. When a locksmith arrives, they frequently use this approach to gain in.

It sometimes makes you ask, “really, that’s all it took?” Yes, the answer is yes. It really is that simple.

Take a wire coat hanger and untwist it to make a hook at the end. The depth and angle of the hook will be largely dependent on your vehicle, but make it at least a couple inches long. Insert the hanger carefully between the weather stripping of the window. You’re looking for the locking mechanism inside the automobile. You actually have to feel for it, so take mental notes when the hanger strikes various portions of your door’s interior workings.

Continue to move the hanger around until, voila! You successfully learnt how to pick a car door lock by hooking the locking mechanism inside the door. Be delicate and careful since you might significantly damage your automobile, but that’s how you unlock a car using a coat hanger!

Pick Car Door Locks


It truly is that simple to get back into your automobile. We’ve all been there, man, searching locked keys in car and thinking how much money this is going to cost us. However, if you’re handy, you can find out how to pick a car lock. If you have any concerns or are worried to the point of panicking, it may be time to call a locksmith. Don’t be a douche and make sure you’re just studying how to break into your car and not anyone else’s.

That brings us to the end of our thorough list of strategies for learning how to pick a vehicle lock! This is one of the most frequently requested questions we receive. You won’t have to contact Triple A or pay a fortune because of this article. Similarly, if the zombie apocalypse occurs, you will be protected. I’m kind of joking. Have you tried any of these methods? Please let us know, and keep choosing.

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