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How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key? You Need to Know

In practically any home, gas fireplaces offer warmth and a welcoming ambience. They produce no ash or soot to clean up and burn more efficiently than a conventional wood-burning fireplace. Some older gas fireplaces include a metal key that is placed into a keyhole to turn on the gas flow in order to start the fire, even though many modern gas fireplaces have a knob or ignitor switch to light the fire.

How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key?

Using a Fireplace Key to Light

Examine the user guide that came with your fireplace. Because every fireplace is unique, read the user manual for your particular type before lighting or modifying it. Knowing the ins and outs of your particular fireplace will help you prevent any hazardous, and potentially even fatal, incidents, even if the lighting process will probably be comparable.

If you can’t find the user guide, get in touch with the fireplace’s maker.

Remove the outer cover from your fireplace. Gas fireplaces have a front cover that divides the fire chamber from the rest of the room for both safety and aesthetic reasons. You must partially or completely remove this cover in order to start the pilot light.Since the majority of these panels are made of glass, place yours in a secure location to avoid further damage.

A gas fireplace cover is typically easy to remove by simply pulling it away from the unit.

Insert a fireplace key into the gas valve knob of the appliance. You must put a fireplace key into the gas valve knob that is to the left or right of the fireplace in order to start the pilot light on your device. Do not turn the key after inserting it until you have ready your lighter since doing so could cause a deadly amount of gas to be released into the room.

This key might be permanently mounted in the wall of some fireplaces.

Most home improvement businesses provide replacement keys if you don’t already have one. Verify the type of key the fireplace requires by consulting your user handbook.

Light the burner by holding a long lighter up to the surface. Grab a lighter with a long enough head to fit into the fireplace while keeping your hands totally away from the fire pit before turning the gas valve knob. Pull the lighter’s fuel trigger after positioning the lighter’s head next to the device’s burner. If the pilot light ignites abruptly, be ready to immediately move your hands back.

Before using the lighter, put on heat-resistant gloves for safety.

Insert a lighted match adjacent to the burner if you don’t have a long enough lighter to start the fireplace securely.

You might need a companion to hold the lighter or turn the key depending on how close the gas valve knob is to you.

Switch on the gas. Turn the gas valve knob counterclockwise by about a half turn while the lighter is lit. As a result, gas will be released into the fireplace, igniting the pilot light. If the fire ignites stray gas particles and flares out into the adjacent vicinity, be ready to retreat swiftly.

Remove the lighter and open your windows and doors to let the room air out if you detect a faint gas smell.

Remove the lighter and leave the house right away if you smell a lot of gas. then get in touch with your gas supplier. Call 911 or the fire department in your area if neither are open.

Replace the outside cover of the fireplace right away. Cover your fireplace with the front panel you removed earlier to prevent any extra gas from escaping into the space. Once the cover is fastened, you can safely operate the fireplace by twisting the gas valve key in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to enhance or decrease the flames.


If you have any problems with the gas line within the house, contact a qualified plumber. Make sure your plumber is prepared to work with gas lines before hiring them. Call the gas company as soon as you see a gas leak outside the home.

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