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How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key? With 5 Easy Tricks

It’s never enjoyable to lock oneself out of your house. But don’t give up! You can use a few methods to open a deadbolt from the outside without a key.

Although classic doorknob latch locks have fewer weaknesses than deadbolts, they can nevertheless be easily hacked with the appropriate strategy.

In this manual, we’ll go over a number of well-liked methods for opening pin tumbler deadbolts, including as lock picking, lock bumping, and lock drilling.

You can use a little perseverance and practice to open almost any deadbolt without a key. So keep these pointers in mind the next time you are locked out, and you’ll be back inside in no time.

Let’s start now!

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key?

Pick the Lock

Using two bobby pins is one of the most well-known ways to open a deadbolt without a key. Start by placing one bobby pin’s closed “looped” side into the lock’s bottom part. Move the second bobby pin that has been cut in half back and forth toward the top of the lock. The deadbolt should unlock after this action sets the pins. Before continuing, take out the first bobby pin and re-insert it if this doesn’t occur in a few minutes.

You can use any little, thin piece of metal in their place if you don’t have any bobby pins on hand. For instance, you might try using a strong paper clip.

Knock the Lock A “Bump Key” is used.

For years, deadbolts have been opened without a key by “lock bumping.” A bump key set is available from several retailers, including Lowe’s and Walmart. Simply insert the bump key into the deadbolt lock and strike the bump key’s end against the door with a screwdriver or other sturdy-ended object. The door should unlock once the key turns as a result of the force.

Sadly, because this method doesn’t leave any indications of forced entry, it is also how many homes are broken into. This means that someone may use a bump key to break into your house and you might not even be aware of it.

If the door is opened by bumping it, the lock needs to be changed. Bumping a lock can harm the internal mechanism and make it more difficult to open the deadbolt with the original key, even if it’s not always necessary.

Using a drill, unlock a deadbolt lock

Your last resort for unlocking a deadbolt lock should be this one.

Keep in mind that drilling can harm your door lock’s internal components. The only time it should be used is in an emergency.

People should take safety precautions before drilling the lock.

Bring gloves and goggles first to prevent drilling-related injury.

Take a drilling device that is securely gripped at this point.

Put a strong, long, and well-sharpened drill bit there. such that it is simple to enter through the keyhole.

Ensure that the bit is securely fastened to the device.

Lubricate the drill bit’s top and the keyhole’s outer edge. It will lessen the friction that drilling causes.

The drill’s tip should now be carefully inserted into the keyhole’s center.

Next, flip the switch on and drill slowly.

To insert the bit into the keyhole, maintain minimal pressure.

After drilling for a short while, remove the device and lubricate it once more.

Repeat the technique now, carefully pushing the drill bit until the locks start to shake and eventually break.

Last but not least, turn the lock with a screwdriver inserted.

Speak with a locksmith

In the worst-case scenario, you might need to hire a locksmith to open the door. The majority of locksmiths have the equipment and expertise required to open nearly any door without causing any lock damage.

Shatter the Glass

You can break glass and reach through to disengage the lock if the door you’re trying to bypass has a glass panel or if the thumbturn on the deadbolt is close to a window.

Unless there is an emergency, I really don’t suggest this strategy. Reaching through a shattered window can result in more issues than you had before. Not to mention that replacing glass can cost more money than just calling a locksmith.


There you have it, then. Now that you know how to unlock a deadbolt from the outside without a key, you can use it whether you’re locked out of your house or just want to be ready in case of an emergency.

We’ve covered four strategies: picking locks, bumping locks, drilling locks, and shattering surrounding windows. You can always call a locksmith if everything else fails.

By keeping a key hidden outside, lending a spare to a friend or neighbor, or switching to a keyless entry system, you can avoid being locked out in the future.

Although we sincerely hope you never need it, it’s always a good idea to be ready!

Gratitude for reading!

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