Walmart Key Machine Price

Walmart Key Machine Price: $2 To $6!

Nothing is impossible to find at Walmart. You can probably find anything you need to buy. But what about keys? Does Walmart produce keys? Yes, Walmart provides key copying services at its self-service Minute Key kiosks for the majority of home and office keys. The price range for the service is between $2 and $6 per copy. Read on and find more information about Walmart’s key machine.

Does Walmart Make Keys

Yes, Walmart makes keys; as of 2022, they offer a key copying and cutting service. Like all reputable locksmiths, customers can have their keys cut at MinuteKey Kiosks for $2 to $6 per key, and they will quickly receive a new key. 

Keys That Can Be Copied

Home and business keys can be duplicated using Minute Key kiosks.

Brands and styles that are acceptable include:

  • Kwikset KW1, and KW10
  • Schlage SC1
  • Weiser WR3, and WR5 (at select kiosks)
  • Baldwin, Titan, and clones of the above key types
  • Padlock key Master Lock M1 (at select kiosks)

Keys That Can’t Be Copied

Car keys, keys for educational institutions, public buildings with high security, and other restricted properties cannot be copied by Minute Key.

Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy” cannot also be copied by Minute Key.”

How Much Does Walmart Key Copy Price

So, how much does it cost to make a key at Walmart? 

If you buy your first key from one of Walmart’s stores, there are no additional fees. If the customer chooses not to buy them there and instead uses an in-store kiosk MinuteKey, Walmart key copy price ranges between $2-$6 per cut, with payments being made by either credit/debit card only.

Walmart Key Machine Price

What Kind Of Keys Can You Make At Walmart

The response is yes if you’re looking to create office or home keys. A car key doesn’t contain any programming chips, but you can still duplicate them at the MinuteKey kiosk without any problems.

If you’re wondering, “Does Walmart make extra keys?””, the answer is no since the Any duplicate keys or keys that are too complex technically will be rejected by MinuteKey kiosks. 

To mark keys that cannot be duplicated, such as those for schools, security facilities, public institutions, or other restricted property, MinuteKey kiosks also have a “Do Not Duplicate” feature.

How Can I Make Keys At Walmart

Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosks are a fantastic time-saving option for people who need accurate and quick key copies. After starting the process one minute ago, the robotic machinery used by the automated technology copies your key. 

Additionally, they offer a touch screen display and walk you through the key copying process step by step. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, such as those with nature or animal themes or even logos for specific sports teams.

The laser printer will begin creating the image once it has been selected in order to print an exact replica. Last but not least, wait for your superb and top-notch key from the MinuteKey kiosk.

Follow the detailed instructions below to begin creating keys with the MinuteKey kiosk:

  1. Press the “Start” button on the machine to get started.”
  2. Put the key you want to copy into the “Self-Service” slot.
  3. Choose a key design.
  4. Choose your method of payment.
  5. Decide how you want to pay, then wait while the machine copies your key.
  6. Take the newly copied key, and don’t forget to throw away the original.

Walmart Key Maker VS. Locksmith


When comparing the two sides, locksmiths are usually more expensive, but in many instances, this is not a disadvantage due to the variations in the quality and service they offer. You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” which couldn’t be more accurate in the world of key duplication.

Walmart is a massive company for a reason, but their focus is on automation rather than providing excellent customer service. In theory, having a machine handle our key copies sounds great, but because it removes the human element from key creation, the right key is occasionally not produced.

When you need to make a specific request, there is no reason to reason with a machine that only has a few general menu options. The cheap and, more importantly, poorly constructed metals used in Walmart key copies should raise a red flag.

Longevity Of Keys Made

Holding a key gives the impression that it is made to last forever, but this is untrue and poses a serious problem for those that are used frequently. When choosing the kind of metal and materials to use to create your key, locksmiths have much more discretion.

The material used to make the key may be easily bent, which is a bigger concern than the fact that cheap key copies can weather and become warped over time.

When the grooves stop lining up on one, you have a serious issue because the key is then useless. In order to ensure that the key copy you need is the best option for you, locksmiths must exercise common sense and judgment based on your preferences.

More Options

Does the key duplicator at Walmart produce universal keys? No, and most people are surprised by how few situations the retailer can support. Keys are all around us, but older doors, safes, and lawn equipment won’t be able to successfully use a machine to create the proper grooves.

The “bank” at Walmart has a very small selection of key shapes and sizes. You won’t realize how many different types of keys there are until the duplication machine at Walmart keeps rejecting them, which is fine if only a simple front door house key needs to be duplicated.

Because adaptability is the foundation of the profession as a whole, locksmiths provide the broadest range of solutions.


You can make keys at Walmart, yes. A key-cutting kiosk is typically found in Walmart stores. It only takes a few seconds to use these machines, which are entirely self-serve.

You should expect to pay between $2 and $6 per key. Check ahead of time to see if the Walmart location you’re visiting has a key-cutting kiosk because not every Walmart has one.

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