Why Won't My iPhone Lock Button Work

Why Won’t My iPhone Lock Button Work: 7 Solutions

It’s difficult to do much with an iPhone if the Power button is stuck or damaged. This is obviously a widespread issue because Apple has even been sued over it. To find out more about the causes of and solutions to an “iPhone power button is not working” problem, read this article.

Why Won’t Your iPhone Power Button Work

You won’t be able to solve the problem until you figure out why the iPhone lock button isn’t functioning. Here is a list of some of the typical causes for your phone’s button not functioning.

The Phone Case Is Causing Interference With The Power Button

Some inexpensive phone cases have a reputation for interfering with the iPhone buttons’ functionality. You run the risk of the button on your device being blocked if you use one of these cases.

This causes the button on your iPhone to not work.

An Issue With The iPhone Operating System

Your iPhone’s operating system may occasionally be the cause of the problem. Your iPhone’s iOS operating system might contain bugs or flaws that are preventing the Power button from functioning.

The software of your device is most likely to blame if you updated your device’s software and the Power button stopped functioning after that.

A Physical Issue With The Button

The Power button on your iPhone could have suffered physical damage if you dropped it and it landed on something hard. The button will not work and you won’t be able to use it until the connections are fixed if they are damaged or loose.

Why Won't My iPhone Lock Button Work

How To Fix Your Power Button

Check And Clean The Power Button

  1. To check if the button is completely or partially covered, take off the case or any protective film.
  2. Examine the Power button to look for any damage.
  3. Look for dirt or debris near the button.
  4. It can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab dipped in some rubbing alcohol.

Restart Your iPhone Using Assistive Touch

If the Power button looks clean and undamaged but still won’t work, software issues may be to blame. You can restart your phone with the AssistiveTouch® feature and potentially fix the issue without pressing the Power button. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings Accessibility Touch.Tap the AssistiveTouch button, then tap the switch to turn it on.
  2. Your screen ought to now display a small circle. Tap it.
  3. Tap Device > More > Restart. Then, confirm your desire to restart your iPhone.
  4. Check your Power button to see if it is functioning properly after your phone restarts.

Lock Your iPhone With Assistivetouch

If the Power button is still not functioning, you may have a hardware problem and should have your iPhone repaired by a professional. While AssistiveTouch locks your phone and keeps it secure, you can still use it.

  1. Activate AssistiveTouch by tapping the tiny circle on your screen.
  2. Go to Device Lock Screen.

Try Adjusting The Click Speed Of The Side Button

Does the Side button on the iPhone X and later models with Face ID function, but not always in a convenient way? The double and triple click speeds can be altered to suit your preferences.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Side Button.
  3. Choose one of the three options – ‘Default,’ ‘Slow,’ ‘Slowest.’

Visit Apple Store For Repair Options

If nothing else works, you should take your device in for a physical checkup and repair. You can get started by getting in touch with Apple Support and scheduling a visit to the local Apple Store or authorized Apple Service Center.

If you take your iPhone to the Apple Store, make sure to backup your data because they will probably delete everything.

Replace The Power Button Yourself

Repairing the Power button yourself is a cost-effective option if it has physical damage. If you have some smartphone experience, you ought to be able to open your iPhone, take out the damaged button, replace it, and resolve the problem.

Pull Off The Protective Case

Many people use protective covers or cases for their iPhones in order to shield the device’s body from harm and stop the screen from breaking in the event of an emergency.

If the case isn’t well-made, doesn’t snugly fit your iPhone, or is the incorrect type, your iPhone’s power button might not function.

Please remove the case from your iPhone and check that the power button functions properly to check and fix this. If the power button functions after you’ve taken the case off, it doesn’t properly fit your iPhone.

Do not reattach it. Alternatively, you could purchase a superior one from a reputable retailer.

How To Turn Off An iPhone With A Broken Lock Button

Even if the lock button on your iPhone is broken, you can still turn it off. To do this, tap the grey accessibility button, then tap Device, Lock Screen, and finally tap and hold. As a result, you can slide to power off and the standard power off screen will appear.

However, keep in mind that if your iPhone’s lock button is broken, you won’t be able to turn it back on unless you plug it into a computer or a power outlet.

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